BlackFULLness app prioritizes culturally relevant mindfulness practices for stress reduction and healing justice

BlackFULLness app prioritizes culturally relevant mindfulness practices for stress reduction and healing justice
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OAKLAND, Calif. — You are just one download away from getting and keeping your mind straight. With personalized guidance from the BlackFULLness app, mindfulness and stress relief can happen in less than 15 minutes every day.

“BlackFULLness is a culturally relevant mindfulness app designed for and by black people with the black experience in mind,” explained co-founder and CEO Sonia Russell. “We are focused, not exclusive, we believe everyone needs what we have.”

Created in 2020 by wellness leaders Sonia Russell and David Lee Walker, Jr., the BlackFULLness app offers dozens of mindfulness practices, acting as a conduit for community connection and healing.

“It was 2020, and it was a time of multiple pandemics where stress was high,” described co-founder and CSO David Lee Walker, Jr. “So being presented with an opportunity as a solution to expand the people to stress reduction, especially black people because there were a lot of offenses against black people at that time. This app was an opportunity for us to bring something to life.

Russell and Lee Walker, Jr. believe that identifying, establishing, and maintaining consistent mindfulness practices can heal minds, bodies, and souls. The app offers a range of audio-guided practices that encourage deep breathing, grounding, joy, and more.

“We have an exercise called ‘I CAN breathe,’ we often hear ‘I can’t breathe,’” Lee Walker, Jr. said. “We remind black people that we can breathe.”

Russell adds: “And in fact, we breathe in honor of those people that we have lost and whose breath has been taken away.”

The app aims to decolonize, demystify and design mindfulness sessions by exploring what is, isn’t and what it can be. It’s about making mindfulness fun, intuitive, and informed by real-life experiences.

For more information on the BlackFULLness app, go here.

To invest and support BlackFULLness, go here.

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