When to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness – 4 Key Dates to Know

When to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness - 4 Key Dates to Know
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By next month, tens of millions of Americans should be able to start applying for student loan forgiveness.

For a number of reasons, experts say borrowers should complete their application as soon as possible.

These are 4 dates that should be on your radar, including three before the end of this year.

“Beginning of October”

President Joe Biden announced Aug. 24 that most federal student loan borrowers will be eligible for some remission: up to $10,000 if they do not receive a Pell Grant, which is a type of assistance available to low-income undergraduate students, and up to $20,000 if they did. (Not sure if you have one? We have tips to help you figure that out.)

Earlier this month, the US Department of Education said a simple application to receive this pardon would be ready by “early octoberIn the meantime, borrowers can register on its website for updates on the status of the form.

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Ideally, you’ll be ready to ask for help as soon as you launch the app, experts say.

Recent news that some Republicans may be taking legal action against student loan forgiveness means the relief could be in jeopardy. If you get your loans canceled before a lawsuit gets in your way, you might be able to keep it, said higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz, ‘even if the courts rule against the Biden administration’ .

To be ready to get started when the application launches, check that your income and loans are eligible, and gather documents that may be useful to support your application.

November 15

Federal student loan borrowers should aim to apply for forgiveness no later than Nov. 15, Kantrowitz said.

That’s because the Department of Education says it will take up to about six weeks for borrowers to get a cancellation after they apply, and you want your balance reduced or eliminated by the time the payment breaks. of the pandemic era on federal student loans expires on December 31. .

“If the forgiveness results in your debt being wiped out completely, you can avoid having to make payments on your student loans,” Kantrowitz said.

If your balance is lower, your payments may also be lower.

December 31st

If you are unemployed or in a difficult financial situation, you can apply for an economic hardship or unemployment deferment.

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If you’re unemployed or facing other financial hardship, you’ll have options when payments resume. You can file a request for deferment of economic hardship or unemployment. These are the ideal ways to defer your federal student loan payments, as interest does not accrue under them.

If you don’t qualify for either, you can use an forbearance to continue to suspend your bills. Remember that interest will increase and your balance will be larger, possibly much larger, when you start paying again.

If your situation looks different than it did almost three years ago, it may be a good idea to look at the different student loan repayment plans to find the one that best suits your current situation.

Government income-based reimbursement programs, for example, cap your monthly bill at a share of your discretionary income. Some payments end up being as little as $0, and any remaining debt after 20 or 25 years is supposed to be forgiven. The standard repayment plan, on the other hand, may come with a larger monthly payment, but if you can afford it, it allows you to pay off your debt in just 10 years.

Use one of the calculators from Studentaid.gov or Freestudentloanadvice.org to compare repayment plans, said Betsy Mayotte, president of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors, a nonprofit organization.

December 31, 2023

For now, the Department of Education says the deadline for applying for a pardon will be the end of next year.


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