a 4.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Santa Rosa; tremor felt throughout North Bay and area

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SANTA ROSA – A pair of magnitude 4.4 and 3.9 earthquakes shook a neighborhood in Santa Rosa on Tuesday afternoon and were widely felt across the region.

Preliminary data from the US Geological Survey showed the 4.4 earthquake struck at 6:39 p.m. and was followed less than a minute later by the 3.9 shaker in the area around Chanate Road and Hidden Valley Park east of US Highway 101 northwest of Santa Rosa.

There was no immediate word of significant damage or injury. On social media, residents posted messages of broken dishes and pictures falling from walls.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department issued a Community Alert: “Santa Rosa Fire responded to multiple reports of gas smells, gas leaks, fire alarms as well as blocked elevators. No reports of related injuries to the earthquake at the moment.”

Santa Rosa earthquake 4.4, September 13, 2022.

United States Geological Survey

The quake struck along the Rogers Creek fault and struck residents of the North Bay area and as far south as San Francisco and Daly City.

Several residents tweeted that they received phone alerts through the state moments before the earthquake hit.

Many on social media said they felt a pair of jolts just seconds apart.

On Twitter, Shaun Moran said: “I’m in Santa Rosa and felt 2 earthquakes about 30 seconds apart. It was strong and the shock was really good. Stuff fell off the shelves. J live near the city center.

Ambersonian tweeted: “Man. I’m not a rookie of the earthquake, but it felt MUCH bigger. Guess because the epicenter was here in Santa Rosa, it was even crazier. Plus, the line was ridiculous. Phew. Whatta rush.”

Lesa Tanner tweeted: “We felt the earthquake and aftershock in Graton. Felt like something rattled in my house. Everything shook but nothing fell.”

Tammy Hunter Beasley tweeted: “Oh my god my whole house felt like it was cracking. It shook. Mirrors and pictures came off the walls. Her son was hiding in my bed. Literally right under my bed. home”

Sarah Shaboon tweeted: “Wow! We really felt those 2 solid tremors. My cat is a bit disturbed at the moment. My adrenaline is pumping because I went into mum protection mode. Luckily they were tremors very short (but powerful) dirt. My kids were so I thought that was pretty cool. They never felt a b4.”

Motorists even felt the jolt.

Malinalli Lopez posted: “I was driving and my car started shaking really hard, not a good feeling. A good reminder of the power of mother nature.”


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