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Chicago Bears Q&A: Was Cole Kmet’s Week 1 usage a result of the miserable weather? When will Lucas Patrick be able to play center?

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Chicago Bears Q&Amp;A: Was Cole Kmet’s Week 1 Usage A Result Of The Miserable Weather? When Will Lucas Patrick Be Able To Play Center?
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After the Chicago Bears’ wet and wild win in Week 1, readers want to know what was behind Cole Kmet’s lack of targets, what’s the future of the offensive line and whether running back David Montgomery should be re-signed. Brad Biggs wrings out those questions and more in his weekly mailbag.

Was Cole Kmet’s usage and performance a function of the gameplan because of the weather and if so, do you expect a difference vs. Green Bay? — @dvd_carrillo

His usage was precisely what I would have expected going into the season opener. Kmet was on the field for 48 of the 58 offensive snaps (83%) while Ryan Griffin had 31 snaps and rookie Jake Tonges had nine.

You probably are referring to Kmet being targeted only once in the passing game. He didn’t have a catch. Yes, I would expect him to be more involved in the passing game, but you’ve got to keep in mind this was a different game. Justin Fields attempted only 17 passes, completing eight.

I’d be more concerned with wide receiver Darnell Mooney being targeted only three times (one reception, 8 yards). Mooney is the most explosive player in the passing game and the Bears need to be able to get him the ball and take advantage of his skills. In a game without heavy rain and a saturated field, I think you will see more opportunities for Kmet and Mooney.

Dominique Robinson had more snaps than Trevis Gipson. Was that in the game plan or did it just shake out that way? — @bigcelio

Robinson had 28 snaps and Gipson had 26 playing behind Robert Quinn (47) and Al-Quadin Muhammad (43). I wouldn’t read too much into the snap count from one game, and they basically had the same number of opportunities.

Quinn and Muhammad are the clear starters right now. Quinn is the proven edge rusher on the roster and Muhammad is a veteran the coaches are comfortable with from their time in Indianapolis.

I would imagine the snap counts for Robinson and Gipson are fairly similar in the weeks ahead unless there is an injury or something that forces a change on the depth chart. Robinson was very productive with 1½ sacks, five solo tackles and two assists. Gipson had three solo tackles, one quarterback hit and a pass deflection. They both maximized their opportunities.

Do you see the Bears adding any other wide receivers? — @schiele1532

I’m not sure there is much on the street right now that can really help the Bears and, no, I don’t see the Bears having interest in Odell Beckham Jr. when he’s healthy. I also don’t see him wanting to sign with a team in the early stages of a rebuild.

The Bears just brought in a new receiver, claiming Ihmir Smith-Marsette off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings after the cut to 53-man rosters. Coach Matt Eberflus indicated last week that rookie Velus Jones Jr. is close to returning from a hamstring injury, so he could be in the mix soon.

The Bears need to evaluate the wide receivers they have on the roster. Of course, they will always be on the lookout for players they believe can improve the roster at any position, but I wouldn’t be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next wide receiver to walk through the doors at Halas Hall.

Do the Bears envision moving their practice facility to Arlington Heights as well if/when they build a stadium there? — @jerryf642

No. The Bears have invested heavily in the facilities at Halas Hall, spending more than $100 million for the most recent renovation that made it one of the best headquarters in the NFL in terms of space, technology and more. If (when) the Bears proceed to build a new stadium in Arlington Heights, they will remain headquartered in Lake Forest.

Would you re-sign David Montgomery after this season or go with Khalil Hebert at RB1 next year? — @chicagonic

It’s really difficult to answer questions like that when the team is 1/17th of the way through the season. There is a ton of football remaining to be played.

As a general rule, I believe it is risky to invest heavily in running backs with a second contract. It’s easy to replace players at that position and durability concerns are legitimate whoever the back is.

As far as Herbert, he played well with the opportunities he had but what has he done at this point to anoint him as the starter next season? Could he be that guy? Sure. Let’s see what he does over the course of the season.

I thought Herbert looked better than Montgomery in the opener from the standpoint that he was more decisive with his cuts and got going north and south with more urgency. But it’s a small sample size and I expect offensive coordinator Luke Getsy to continue deploying both.

When do you think Lucas Patrick will be good to go at center? — @khanhoops

Patrick isn’t going to be able to play center and effectively snap the ball as long as he has a cast or protective covering on his right thumb. Patrick played with a “club” to protect the hand against San Francisco, rotating every two series with Teven Jenkins at right guard. It’s possible he will need protection on his hand for another week or two.

In the meantime, Sam Mustipher will remain at center. It’s possible the Bears keep Mustipher at center after Patrick is fully healthy and slot Patrick in at right guard. Maybe there are moves made at other positions on the line that necessitate a move. Maybe an injury forces a move. Let’s see how the line performs until Patrick is healthy enough to play center.

Thoughts on the rotation at right guard in Game 1? Do you expect that to continue for another week or two? — @mosconml

I thought Jenkins fared a little better than Patrick, but that’s just my opinion. Eberflus said the coaching staff was pleased with the way both players performed. Jenkins had a really nice combination block with Larry Borom to spring Herbert for a 10-yard gain in the red zone.

San Francisco defensive tackle Arik Armstead is a load for any offensive lineman to handle and his size (6-foot-7, 290 pounds) can make it even more challenging for a lineman essentially playing with one hand.

I imagine the rotation will continue because the Bears have invested in Patrick (two-year, $8 million contract) and Getsy was likely one of the driving forces in the team pursuing him in free agency. We’ll have to see how things play out on the line in the weeks and months to come.

Did Justin Fields play in the same weather as Trey Lance? It seems like the winning QB is being criticized and the losing QB is getting excuses. — @mo_slowmo

Both quarterbacks played in the same weather and both struggled. Fields ultimately made a wild, off-schedule play on a 51-yard touchdown pass to Dante Pettis that changed the momentum and jump-started the Bears after the offense had produced only 74 yards on its first 32 plays.

I’m not sure who you are relying on for an evaluation of the game, but both quarterbacks had a rough go and if you want to blame the awful conditions and standing water on the field, that’s fine. Anyone who isn’t criticizing both quarterbacks isn’t looking at that game with an objective eye.

Former Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was particularly harsh in evaluating both quarterbacks, saying he can foresee the 49ers turning to backup Jimmy Garoppolo.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go to Jimmy G. in the fourth week because they’re not going any place with where they are at now,” Martz said. “That second half of offensive football was really difficult to watch.”

On Fields, Martz said: “Less-than-remarkable would be the kindest thing you could say about him. I don’t know if I’ve seen such a bad performance by a quarterback in his opening performance of the season. He was just completely awful. When you get a quarterback who can’t do anything at all, and defensively, you shut him out basically for a half, you kind of lose hope. Right now, they’re a team without hope.”

I understand Bears fans probably are not interested in Martz’s assessment of Fields because he hasn’t been kind in his evaluation of the offense and roster. But Martz knows what he’s looking at, and you have a former head coach hammering both quarterbacks. Reality is you’re not going to win many games in the NFL completing 8 of 17 passes for 121 yards. Fortunately, the Bears will not have many (or any) more games this season in such dreadful conditions.

What position would you bring in players to try out for this week or next? — @bart_suchocki

I think people sometimes mistake the goal teams have when they bring in players for a tryout. Sometimes it is to fill a specific need created by an injury. Let’s say two linebackers suffer injuries in a game, maybe the team needs to go out and add a body at the position, so a small group of players will be brought in for an evaluation.

More often, however, tryouts are done so teams can update free-agent lists that they keep. Teams have comprehensive emergency lists of available players at each position. On occasion, there are players cut loose by other teams that a front office will want to get a closer look at.

The Bears brought in 13 players for a tryout last week and signed two — offensive lineman Michael Niese and defensive end Andre Anthony — to the practice squad this week. Niese is a rookie undrafted free agent from Temple who spent time in training camp with the Denver Broncos. Anthony was drafted in the seventh round out of LSU by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year and was part of the team’s final cuts.

Are the Bears bringing in any kickers for a tryout this week? — @bigsk68

I don’t believe the Bears’ faith in Cairo Santos is going to falter based on one game played in horrendous conditions, especially for special teams. Santos struggled with his plant foot in standing water and missed two extra points. If he starts missing routine kicks in normal conditions, then the Bears will have an issue. It’s a short list of players remaining on the roster that have been as consistent as Santos the last couple seasons.

I’m just curious why the Bears wouldn’t be trying Alex Leatherwood on the left side. Greg Gabriel said he thinks much of Leatherwood’s struggles come from moving to the right side after playing superior college football on the left side. Getting beyond that there seems to be a lot guys working on the right, with Teven Jenkins, Lucas Patrick and Sam Mustipher vying for two spots on the interior. Jenkins is a natural right tackle and veteran Riley Reiff is the backup. On the left side they seem to be thinner. — John R., Washington

The first thing I would say is don’t read too much into where the team has Leatherwood right now in practice. He’s been at right tackle and offensive line coach Chris Morgan said last week the Bears simply want him to learn the offense, playbook and calls along with how the team practices No determinations have been made at this point about where he will play or what position the team might try him at first.

My second reaction to your question is that Leatherwood was really bad at right tackle last season in Las Vegas, so moving him to an arguably more challenging position at left tackle might be a bad idea. He spent a full season playing on the right side — he moved to right guard after four games at right tackle for the Raiders — so saying he’s not accustomed to a stance on that side by now isn’t fair.

Most folks I chatted with considered Leatherwood a right tackle prospect entering the 2021 draft. Yes, he played on the left side at Alabama, but scouts projected him as a right tackle as a pro. If a team really liked him as a left tackle, he probably wouldn’t have lasted until the 17th pick and most thought he was overdrafted at that position. Could he eventually find a home on the left side? I wouldn’t rule anything out and I certainly don’t want to discount Gabriel’s opinion.

As a lifelong fan, I understand the Bears considering a move to a more updated facility. I lived in Chicago for 34 years before having to relocate. My only time seeing a game at Soldier Field was a Carolina Panthers/Bears game. Been reading a lot of negative press about Soldier Field lately, but I was very impressed at the time at how helpful the staff was, how short the lines were for concessions and restrooms and how quickly we were able to exit and get on our way after the game. Do you concur with the current reservations about the Bears staying at Soldier Field? — Victor E.

I’m not sure everyone shares your experience in terms of lines for the bathroom or concessions but I’m not in those lines, so I don’t speak from knowledge.

The Bears’ bid to build a new stadium in Arlington Heights is driven by the team’s goal to be its own landlord and have total control of the building to generate more revenue. It has nothing to do with the number of seats, fan experience, location, playing surface or anything else. It is 100% a business decision to make the Bears more profitable.

That being said, if the Bears can pull it off they should be able to create a setting that has greater fan appeal, more parking (that will generate more revenue), seats, concession areas, restrooms and more unique seating areas in terms of clubs and suites. With a dome, the Bears will be able to rent out the building year-round. Some fans might object to the commute — those who live closer to Soldier Field than Arlington Heights — but everything else could be improved with a new stadium.

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Before the launch of KCR’s National Day, chicken and alcohol distributed

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Before The Launch Of Kcr'S National Day, Chicken And Alcohol Distributed
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The party will probably be called Bharatiya Rashtra Samiti, or BRS.

New Delhi:

A day before Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, or KCR, is to launch his national party, a video of a leader handing out whiskey and chicken has gone viral.

In the video, shared by ANI news agency, Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief Rajanala Srihari was seen handing out liquor bottles and live chicken to residents of Warangal. With a large cutout of KCR on the transport vehicle stacked with the gifts, the leader can be seen personally handing it out to people who had gathered in a long queue. He also posed for photos.

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, KCR is about to announce its national party in Dussehra. He would have discussed the roadmap for the launch of the national party.

An expanded meeting of the TRS Legislative Party and the State Executive Committee is scheduled to take place in Telangana Bhavan on Wednesday at which a resolution will be proposed for TRS to become a national party. He is likely to be called Bharatiya Rashtra Samiti, or BRS.

The resolution to rename the TRS will be sent to the Election Commission. As a state-recognized party, the TRS can contest in any state.

Based on its performance in the upcoming national elections in 2024, the TRS may apply for national party status. Even before that, it can gain national party status by winning six percent of the vote in four or more states in assembly elections.

KCR reportedly told senior party leaders that the BRS would emerge as an alternative to the BJP domestically and that it would be a direct fight between the two in 2024.

The party is likely to contest assembly elections in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi.

The KCR is planning a massive rally in Delhi on December 9 when the BRS will be officially launched in the presence of organizations and leaders who support it.

The Chief Minister of Telangana has not hesitated to attack the BJP on several occasions. He also visited several opposition-ruled states and met with prominent leaders with the aim of forming a coalition of like-minded parties against the BJP.


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Dolphins Q&A: Does Bridgewater have QB job locked up regardless of performance? Should Dolphins be worried about Jets?

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Dolphins Q&Amp;A: Does Bridgewater Have Qb Job Locked Up Regardless Of Performance? Should Dolphins Be Worried About Jets?
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Here’s the latest installment of our Miami Dolphins Q&A, where South Florida Sun Sentinel writers David Furones and Chris Perkins answer questions from readers.

Q (1a): Does Teddy have the job locked regardless of his level of play — @RayF1nkle on Twitter

A: Probably not. Backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is the starter now, with Tua Tagovailoa (concussion protocol) sidelined. But we don’t yet know how coach Mike McDaniel operates in that regard. In general, I’d say very few backups have the job locked up regardless of their level of play. And that’s probably true for the majority of starters, too.

Bridgewater is a good backup because he’s got starting experience and he’s a veteran. I expect he’ll do well enough to keep the job until Tagovailoa returns.

Q (1b): Under what circumstances can we see Skylar Thompson?

A: If Bridgewater doesn’t effectively or consistently get the ball to wide receivers Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle, or if Bridgewater doesn’t give the team a chance to win. The former is self explanatory. You want to get the ball in the hands of your best players. The latter mostly means too many interceptions/turnovers or, perhaps taking too many sacks when he should be getting rid of the ball, things along those lines. Bridgewater is a good leader and seems to have the confidence of his teammates. If Bridgewater loses his hold on the job it’s more likely to be something tangible (interceptions, etc) rather than intangible (loses faith of coaches or teammates, etc).

Q: Should we be worried about the Jets? — @1972wasgreat on Twitter

A: Yes. But let’s not get crazy here. As a fan, you’re not as concerned as you were with New England, Baltimore, Buffalo or Cincinnati. But you definitely give the Jets (2-2) respect. And you worry about the game’s outcome because the Jets are a .500 team as well as an AFC East opponent, meaning they know your personnel very well. Plus, going on the road and starting your backup quarterback isn’t usually a recipe for success.

On top of that, the Jets, who got quarterback Zach Wilson back from a knee injury in their last game, have a decent receiving crew among Garrett Wilson (20 receptions, 255 yards, two touchdowns), Corey Davis (15 receptions, 261 yards, two touchdowns) and Elijiah Moore (15 receptions, 192 yards). Combine that with Miami’s injury concerns in the secondary and there are reasons to keep an eye on things.

If the Dolphins (3-1) play the way they played in the first four games they should be OK. But if they struggle to run the ball, and the defense gives up big pass plays such as it did at Cincinnati, things could get dicey.

Q: Can we see the offense incorporate the run game more while Tua is out? And if so can that lead to the run game being used more when Tua does come back? — @Davis_T94 on Twitter

A: Those are good questions. The Dolphins, who are 30th in rushing at 69.3 yards per game, are trying to get the running game going. Coach McDaniel had San Francisco’s run game No. 7 in the league last year (127.4 yards per game) when he was the 49ers offensive coordinator. And when the Dolphins acquired running backs Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds, and added center Connor Williams and left tackle Terron Armstead, you figured there would be a commitment to the run game. That’s still true, but the production hasn’t reflected that commitment.

One thing to remember, and a point I frequently make, is there’s a lot of “new” in the offense and the running game among the new coach, new offense, new offensive coordinator, two new running backs, and two new offensive linemen.

Having said all of that, yes, the Dolphins would love to get the running game going because that would mean they could force defenses to drop a safety in the box to stop the run, which would open up more deep opportunities for Hill and Waddle. Also, with a good running game the quarterback, whether it’s Bridgewater or Tagovailoa, could throw off play-action, which helps their production.

There are numerous benefits to getting the running game going, and the Dolphins would love to reap those benefits regardless of who is playing quarterback.

Q: With Cedrick Willson banged up, when are we gonna see Easy E? — @Dolphinsnation2 on Twitter

A: From listening to wide receivers coach Wes Welker two weeks ago, it appears Erik Ezukanma (Easy E), the rookie fourth-round pick from Texas Tech, isn’t yet ready. They like Ezukanma, but it seems he needs to be more detail-oriented.

Here’s what Welker said:

“I just can’t, I and our whole staff can’t, have that knot in your stomach when he’s out there and say, ‘Is he going to do the right thing? Is he lined up in the right spot? Do we need to call a timeout?’ ” Welker said on Sept. 22.

“All those things are so critical that he is starting to understand it’s not just being more talented. Everybody’s talented. But it’s all about the details and being on point with every single play that you’re out there because one MA (missed assignment) or anything out there can be the difference between winning and losing, and right now that’s just not something that we’re willing to do right now. He’ll get there.”

Q: Do you think target shares remain consistent at WR position with QB change? — @OverEsq on Twitter

A: I think Hill and Waddle continue getting the majority of the targets because they’re your best offensive players. As for who gets more each week, in general it’ll likely be Hill but it also depends on matchups. If they think they have a huge edge for the next two weeks with Waddle and his defender, they’ll go with Waddle. It appears McDaniel is very matchup-oriented in his game plans, perhaps more than any of the previous four Dolphins coaches (Brian Flores, Adam Gase, Joe Philbin, Tony Sparano). We still have a lot to learn about McDaniel, but he seems to be the type who goes with the matchup instead of automatically forcing the ball to a specific player (although you want the ball in Hill’s hands as often as possible).

The more interesting area to watch for targets is the No. 3 offensive option. You’ll never stop feeding the ball to Hill because he’s always a matchup advantage, and Waddle is your clear No. 2. But that third option among players such as Mostert, Edmonds and tight end Mike Gesicki could vary greatly.

Have a question?

Email David Furones, or tag @ChrisPerk or @DavidFurones_ on Twitter.

Previously answered:

Where has Miami’s pass rush gone? Can Greg Little take over as full-time RT?

Should we be sold on this O-line; what’s up with Mike Gesicki?

Is Mike McDaniel ready for the moment?

Which rookie could make biggest impact?

What should be expected of DC Josh Boyer?

Where will Dolphins add another veteran free agent?

Is Christian Wilkins next for multi-year extension?

Can Tua still be a top-10 quarterback?


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Tyler Herro extension viewed as both living in moment and a bridge to Heat’s future

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Tyler Herro Extension Viewed As Both Living In Moment And A Bridge To Heat’s Future
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For Tyler Herro and the Miami Heat’s front office, the four-year, $130 millon extension for the fourth-year guard announced Sunday came down to salary-cap economics.

To Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, it also came down to demographics.

That balance, in the wake of agreement with Herro, left Spoelstra both confident about living in the moment as well as looking ahead, now that Bam Adebayo, 25, and Herro, 22, are locked into long-term deals.

“I felt very similar about Tyler when we were able to extend Bam,” Spoelstra said, with the agreement with Adebayo reached in 2020. “The cool thing about it is yes, they are the future, but they also are the present and that’s what makes this group unique. We have a lot of different age groups.”

To some, the issue with the Herro extension is that, because of salary-cap rules, it effectively removes the winner of last year’s NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award from the trade table, leaving the Heat with limited avenues to upgrade alongside 36-year-old point guard Kyle Lowry and 33-year-old shooting guard Jimmy Butler.

But to Spoelstra, such is the tradeoff for having bridges to the future.

“I think we have a good balance of the veteran experience, the guys that have been around the league a long time,” said Spoelstra, with his team opening the preseason Tuesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves at FTX Arena. “We have the mid-vets. And then we have the youth movement and the future, who also are really contributing to the now. And then we have our younger development crew.

“And if you could map it out, this is, ideally, how you would try to map out a roster. It doesn’t always work out that way. But Tyler’s really come a long way. It’s really a credit to his drive, his ambition. But his work ethic matches that, and that’s what’s important. And that’s what you’re excited about, because he’ll continue to improve.”

While Herro’s extension doesn’t kick in until the 2023-24 season, he still can be dealt without his current “poison pill” trade restriction as soon as July.

But Herro signed with the intent and desire to stay.

“It’s a really good feeling,” said the No. 14 pick out of Kentucky in the 2019 NBA draft. “When I came here, I had a dream of getting paid by the Heat and being here for a while and bringing a championship here. And we came close, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

“And to be locked in for the next five years means a lot to me, because the goal is still to win a championship and we feel like we can do that.”

Adebayo said it is comforting knowing that the window to make championship runs with Herro has been extended.

“I mean, it’s dope,” he said, “because I felt like he deserved it. He got his bread now. So it’s good to have him around for five more years. You know, the future’s bright for us.”

For now, Herro will play out the season with the $5.7 million that already is on the books from his rookie-scale contract.

Then, Adebayo said, the pressure will rise, just as it did after Adebayo signed his five-year, $163 million extension.

“I told him welcome to the club of whatever we do wrong is his fault,” Adebayo said with a knowing smile. “He’s stepping into that realm now.”

Glad, Herro said, to have such an opportunity.

“To get the extension from the Heat after my third year and be one of the few guys out of my draft class to get extended, it means a lot,” Herro said of the exclusive extension club from the 2019 first round that so far includes himself, Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Darius Garland, R.J. Barrett and Keldon Johnson. And it’s just the beginning. We’ve got to continue to put the work in and continue to get better.”

To Spoelstra it is an investment on an investment already made.

“It is gratifying for everybody involved, everybody in our organization, for Tyler and his family, his representation,” Spoelstra said. “He’s improved every single year. And this is what we’re about, developing players and then hopefully trying to keep them in our program and to be able to take care of them and compensate them. His ceiling, we don’t know where it’ll be, the way he just continues to improve.”

No sooner was the agreement announced, than Herro posted a GIF of Bugs Bunny counting cash.

“I was just having some fun,” he said. “One of my boys had it ready for me. It was just fun, I was just having fun.”

But there also was a line drawn when it came to humor from one teammate amid the congratulations.

“They all reached out, which meant a lot,” he said. “And then Caleb [Martin] said I have to buy the whole team Rolexes now. I shut that down quick.”


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5 things to know about Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe

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5 Things To Know About Patriots Quarterback Bailey Zappe
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The rookie went from being buried on the depth board to leading the Patriots offense on Sunday, and his performance drew praise from his teammates.

Despite pressure from players like Green Bay linebacker Rashan Gary, Patriots rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe showed composure in his NFL debut. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff)

The plan for Bailey Zappe in her freshman year seemed pretty straightforward. As the Patriots third-string quarterback, he could learn from watching Mac Jones on Sundays, as well as veteran Brian Hoyer.

And while both were healthy this season, Zappe didn’t even think about getting dressed, let alone seeing the action in a game. He was listed as one of the inactive for each of the first three games of the season. But when Mac Jones was ruled out with an ankle injury for Week 4 against Green Bay, Zappe was brought up to support Hoyer.

He was then spurred into action when Hoyer came out with a head injury in the first quarter and put together a solid day, completing 10 of 15 passes for 99 yards while directing two second-half touchdown passes during of the 27-24 overtime loss against the Packers.

At the very least, Zappe could be in uniform again on Sunday when the Patriots host the Lions, as Jones may miss more action. If Hoyer isn’t cleared to play, Zappe could get the call again.

Here’s a look at the young caller the Patriots selected in the fourth round of the NFL Draft last April.

He draws praise from his teammates

Zappe’s ability to come off the bench despite having little practice time with the starters impressed his Patriots teammates.

“I just want to thank Zappe, man,” linebacker Matthew Judon said after the loss at Green Bay. “The way he intensified in that game, I don’t even believe he took that much [practice] reps with the [starters]. The way he played and the balance he had…it’s amazing for a rookie, it’s good for our team. Kudos to him for being ready.

It was a less than ideal situation for his debut – in the middle of a game, on the road, against one of the best teams in the NFC.

“Proud of the way he competed, man,” center David Andrews said. “He went very quickly from thinking he probably wasn’t playing much this year to getting thrown into the mix in a pretty hostile environment against a really good defence. I think he led us well, he did a really good job… just proud of how he competed.

He made progress in pre-season, but had his struggles

“Every day is a learning day for him,” coach Bill Belichick said in August. “He got better every day. Hopefully this will continue. But he’s been good to work with, he works hard, he’s smart and has good skills.

In the preseason opener against the Giants, he struggled early but finished 19 for 32 for 205 yards, including a fourth-quarter touchdown that culminated in a throw to Lil’Jordan Humphrey.

For the preseason, he completed 45 of 71 passes for 462 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. In Game 2 of the preseason, Panthers cornerback Tae Hayes returned one of the interceptions for a touchdown.

Zappe, who grew up in Victoria, Texas, played at Houston Baptist, making nine starts as a freshman and starting all 11 games as a sophomore. In 2019, he led the nation with 35 touchdown passes as a junior.

After throwing 15 touchdown passes in four games in 2020, he took advantage of the NCAA’s extra year of COVID-19 eligibility and dated Western Kentucky. There he was able to continue working with Zach Kittley, who had been his offensive coordinator at Houston Baptist before moving to the same position with the Hilltoppers.

In Western Kentucky, he completed nearly 70% of his passes for 5,967 yards and 62 touchdowns in 2021. He set FBS season marks for yards (previously held by BJ Symonds) and touchdowns (formerly owned by Joe Burrow).

He topped the Wonderlic test among QBs

Zappe scored 35, just ahead of Sam Howell (34) and Malik Willis (32) and well ahead of everyone else whose results surfaced in the league intelligence test.

He is considered a smart quarterback who makes smart decisions with football. Running Kittley’s Air Raid system played on his brain strength. He has excellent recognition skills and throws a very catchable ball.

He adjusts arm slots and can insert balls into precise windows without needing a ton of speed, The Globe’s Jim McBride wrote ahead of last April’s draft.

Screening report

Here’s his pre-draft scouting report, courtesy of Field Level Media.

The preview: Zappe has one of the best resumes in college quarterback history if based on production alone. He was a dominant force in the FCS in 2019 and 2020 but took his game to new heights as a member of the Hilltoppers. He earned Conference USA MVP honors in 2021, taking Western Kentucky to its first C-USA Conference Championship appearance since 2016 and earning a Senior Bowl invite.

The strong points : There’s no shortage of system quarterbacks in the record books with fast, fast upside down calls, but Zappe is more than numbers. He is able to make beautiful tactile throws, and knows how to change trajectory effectively. Zappe has an exit with no loss of movement, and he is a good short passer who leads his targets well. He is also incredibly confident and ready to take pictures.

The weaknesses: Zappe is an undersized passer who does not meet typical height thresholds (he is 6 feet tall). Arm strength is well below average for an NFL quarterback and will be a tough hurdle to overcome. He’s also a limited athlete who will struggle to make plays and survive in the pocket when the going gets tough.

Pro Comp: Gardner Minshew, Eagles

Zappe doesn’t have the same level of pocket feel as Minshew, but he’s a similar athlete with limited arm talent. Just like Minshew, it has enough precision to move strings.

Material from previous Globe reports has been used in this story.

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Aaron Boone pulls Luis Severino after seven no-hit innings; Yankees beat Rangers 3-1

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Aaron Boone Pulls Luis Severino After Seven No-Hit Innings; Yankees Beat Rangers 3-1
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ARLINGTON — Luis Severino was not happy and neither were most of the fans at Globe Life Park Monday night.

Despite the Yankees pulling out a 3-1 win over the Rangers, nobody got what they really wanted. Aaron Judge did not hit a home run for the fourth straight game and remains tied with Roger Maris for 61, the most ever hit by an American League player. Severino was throwing a no-hitter after seven innings when Aaron Boone had to take him out.

The Yankees (98-61) have three games left for Judge, who went 1-for-4 with a strikeout, to try and best the 61-year-old record with Maris’ children and his family watching. Severino may never get another chance at throwing another no-hitter, but it was the move the Yankees’ manager had to make.

While Severino wasn’t happy, he understood.

“I was trying to fight him, but you can do nothing about it,” Severino said of Boone’s decision. “He told me ‘What you think?’ I said I’m gonna die out there. But it was not a good idea to go out there and push it to 115 pitches.”

Severino was making his third start after missing two months with a lat strain. The right-hander insisted he felt good enough to come back sooner, but the Yankees have been very careful with him due to his previous bouts with serious injuries. Boone let him just go over the 90 pitches he was scheduled for, but wasn’t going to take him to 120-130 that he would need to finish the game.

After Severino struck out Nathaniel Lowe to end the seventh inning, Boone met him at the dugout stairs. With both his hands on Severino’s shoulders, Boone continued talking and Severino kept turning his head away and would not look at his manager.

“I mean, nobody wants to be taken out or take you out in that situation. I understand, you know, I’ve been out for a couple of months. I think I throw 90-something pitches. And the start before this one was like 70-something, so I think it was a good decision,” Severino said. “I don’t want to go out there and kill myself and not be good for the postseason.”

Severino walked one and struck out seven. He was brilliant throwing 94 pitches and getting 13 swings and misses. His fastball touched 100 mph, without much effort. He went to a full count just seven times all night and Josh Smith needed a nine-pitch battle before earning a walk in the third. He was Severino’s only baserunner.

And Severino believes he would have gotten the no-hitter if could have gone on.

“One thousand percent,” he said. “To get a no-hitter is tough. You need all your guys up there. How I was feeling, how the fastball was, I feel like I would have.”

He’s allowed three runs and struck out 17 batters over 16 innings for a 1.69 ERA since returning from the injured list.

“Terrific I mean the stuff was all there. His changeup’s become such a good pitch for him. I think that’s one of the things [to come out of] the injuries he’s had over the last couple of years,” Boone said. I think one of the beauties of that is it’s made him really develop that changeup to become a really good pitch for him and it’s a pitch he has a lot of confidence in.

“Obviously his fastball and slider are calling cards for him, but that changeup becomes such a good third pitch for him,” Boone continued. “And I just thought he was he was great again tonight. It’s been really exciting to see what he’s been off the IL with three, I think, really excellent starts.”

It was his final start of the regular season and it was a good prep for the playoffs, but it was a kind of disappointing night.

“I mean it puts a little damper on the night, honestly, that it’s not a fun thing to have to do when a guy is pitching the highest league in the land and he’s out there doing his job at a really high and special level,” Boone said. “And to have to be the one that shuts that down, it’s not fun to do.”


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Trump’s attorney refused to sign false statement about Mar-a-Lago Docs: Reports

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Trump'S Attorney Refused To Sign False Statement About Mar-A-Lago Docs: Reports
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  • A lawyer has refused to back Donald Trump’s claim that he turned over all government records in January, according to reports.
  • The attorney, Alex Cannon, was involved in negotiations between Trump and the National Archives.
  • Months later, the FBI recovered caches of government documents from Mar-a-Lago during a search.

Trump attorney Alex Cannon declined to put his name to a statement by the former president saying he had returned all government records held at Mar-a-Lago, according to multiple reports.

Former President Donald Trump wanted to release a statement in January saying there were no more documents after many were turned over, The Washington Post first reported.

The report was later confirmed by The New York Times and CNN.

Cannon had acted as liaison between Trump and the National Archives as the agency repeatedly asked Trump to return documents he kept in Florida.

Trump’s push to make the statement came after Trump voluntarily returned 15 boxes of material, months before the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago and found no more documents.

But Cannon refused to take the message to the archives because he didn’t know if it was true, according to reports.

According to CNN, Cannon decided not to confirm the statement because he had handled the issue from New York and could not say whether all of the material held at Mar-a-Lago had been returned.

Shortly after, according to the report, Trump ordered her not to get involved in the case any further.

The statement claiming that all records had been returned was ultimately not released, according to reports.

In the boxes of documents Trump returned to them in January, the National Archives found highly classified information and alerted the Justice Department.

When FBI agents visited Mar-a-Lago in June, Trump aides turned over more boxes of government documents and a Trump lawyer signed a statement saying no classified documents wanted by the National Archives was still being held at Mar-a-Lago. , a claim similar to the January statement that was never sent,

But the FBI said it found numerous other classified documents when it ran its search, contradicting Trump’s earlier claims.

In court documents, the DOJ said Trump kept the material in a store and his private offices, stored haphazardly next to his personal effects.

Trump used a range of defenses in response to the raid, saying the investigation was part of a political plot to destroy him.

However, NARA and the DOJ have apparently made several attempts to resolve the issue without having to resort to obtaining a search warrant, after initially asking him to return the documents shortly after leaving office in 2021. .

Insider reached out to Cannon and Trump’s representatives for comment.


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