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Military sexual assaults rose 13% in first year of Biden administration

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Military Sexual Assaults Rose 13% In First Year Of Biden Administration
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The number of sexual assault cases in the military skyrocketed 13% in fiscal year 2021, which included eight months under the Biden administration, according to an annual report released by the Department of Defense (DOD ) this month.

According to the report, which is required annually by Congress, the DOD received 8,866 reports of sexual assaults involving members of the military in fiscal year 2021, a 13% increase from the 7,816 reports made in fiscal year 2021. of the 2020 financial year.

Because not all sexual assaults are reported, the DOD estimates that 35,875 active duty service members experienced sexual assaults in fiscal year 2021, approximately 19,255 females and 16,620 males. The members most at risk were the junior military.

The number of sexual assault cases is the highest since statistics began being tracked in 2006.

The thousands of reported sexual assault cases contrast with fewer than 100 acts of extremism in the military despite the Biden administration’s early attention to the issue.

While Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin created a commission in late February 2021 on sexual assault, he first set up a counter-extremism task force and ordered a “surrender” to the scale of force on extremism.

The Pentagon Biden has also punished more soldiers for not being fully vaccinated than for sexual assault.

The DOD took disciplinary action in 2,683 sexual assault cases in fiscal year 2021. So far, it has expelled at least 7,444 soldiers over a period of about a year for not being fully vaccinated.

Pentagon Air Force Press Secretary Brig. General Patrick Ryder called the increase in sexual assault cases “tragic and disappointing”.

“We can [and] going to change that trajectory,” he tweeted, adding that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the DOD “are already undertaking unprecedented cultural and organizational changes to directly address this issue.”

In the military, there was a 25.6% increase in reported sexual assault cases, the navy a 9.2% increase, the air force a 2.4% increase, and the Marine Corps an increase of 1.7%.

The DOD report also showed that the overall rate of those who experienced a sexual assault and came forward to report it decreased from fiscal year 2018. In fiscal year 2021, approximately one service member in five reported their sexual assault to a DOD authority, down from one in three service members in fiscal years 2016 and 2018, according to the report.

The report says the DOD assesses progress on sexual assault through two primary metrics: prevalence—the estimated total number of service members who are victims of sexual assault, and reporting rate—the percentage of victims coming forward to report the assault. assault. By both measures, the Biden administration is failing.

The number of soldiers who said they had confidence in the military’s sexual assault response system also dropped. Women’s trust in the troops fell from 66% in 2018 to just 39% in 2021. Men’s trust in the troops fell from 82% to 63% over the same period.

The Biden administration has requested $388.2 million for all of its sexual assault prevention and response programs for fiscal year 2022, but is asking for more than double for fiscal year 2023: $940 million.

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4 things to watch as the Chicago Bulls open preseason tonight, including who will start at point guard – The Denver Post

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4 Things To Watch As The Chicago Bulls Open Preseason Tonight, Including Who Will Start At Point Guard – The Denver Post
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The Chicago Bulls return to the field to prepare for the 2022-23 season with Tuesday’s preseason opener against the New Orleans Pelicans at the United Center (8:30 p.m., TNT, NBCSCH+).

Four exhibition games will offer a first look at this season’s squad, which includes 13 players returning from last season’s roster.

Here are four key questions for the Bulls ahead of preseason action.

1. Who will start at point guard?

Coach Billy Donovan said Lonzo Ball continues to improve after Wednesday’s knee surgery, his second since a meniscus injury sidelined him in January. But Ball is months away from returning to the starting lineup.

In the meantime, the Bulls need to use the preseason to solidify their point guard rotation. They could play with different rotations – for example, starting veteran Goran Dragić and concluding with Alex Caruso to balance experience and defensive acumen.

Pre-season games might not provide a completely clear answer. Dragić is still training under restricted minutes after taking part in the Eurobasket tournament last month, which could result in a lighter pre-season workload than he will play in the regular season. But Dragić said the Bulls will begin to solidify their rotations during preseason games, which could give clues to the starting point guard.

2. How does a healthy Zach LaVine contribute to the offense?

After a season marred by a knee injury, LaVine has expressed his desire to return to full health in 2022-23.

The Bulls need more availability from their All-Star shooting guard this season after LaVine signed a max contract extension in the offseason. The preseason offers a first look at LaVine’s style of play after arthroscopic knee surgery over the summer.

Donovan said he will speak with veterans such as LaVine, Dragić and DeMar DeRozan to determine how many preseason minutes they need to prepare for the regular season without risking fatigue or injury. While key starters are unlikely to play full rotations, the Bulls would benefit from giving LaVine and DeRozan enough time on the court together.

3. Did Patrick Williams increase his aggression?

Bulls teammates and coaches have been candid that they need more from the power forward in his third season. Williams was also deterred by injury last season, spending most of it on the bench tending to torn ligaments in his left wrist.

Williams was particularly hesitant after returning late in the season, a trait that also stood out in his rookie season.

The Bulls urged Williams to increase his shot volume as well as his downhill aggression when driving to the basket. If he doesn’t show more confidence in preseason competition, the Bulls could have cause for concern as Williams continues to find his place in the rotation.

4. Is rookie Dalen Terry ready for action?

The Bulls added to their backcourt depth by using the No. 18 NBA draft pick on Terry, an Arizona defensive mind guard who is still working on his jump shot as he starts his first season.

The Bulls expressed optimism about Terry’s performance in the NBA Summer League, in which he averaged 11.8 points. But is he ready for real NBA minutes?

Donovan said the Bulls plan to bring Terry in slowly, using the G League’s Windy City Bulls as a platform to rack up first-team minutes. But the Bulls said the same of Ayo Dosunmu ahead of his rookie season, which ended with the freshman guard leading the offense in Ball’s absence.

The Bulls are already operating with a diminished depth chart at guard due to Ball’s injury. Terry’s performance over the next two weeks will set a gauge for his readiness to start seeing minutes in the secondary rotation.

Bulls preseason schedule

  • Tuesday, October 4: vs. New Orleans Pelicans, 8:30 p.m., United Center, TNT, NBCSCH+
  • Friday, October 7: vs. Denver Nuggets, 7 p.m., United Center, NBCSCH
  • Sunday, October 9: at the Toronto Raptors, 5 p.m., Scotiabank Arena, NBCSCH
  • Tuesday, October 11: vs. Milwaukee Bucks, 7 p.m., United Center, NBCSCH



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ASK IRA: Will Tyler Herro’s extension impact future Heat spending?

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Ask Ira: Will Tyler Herro’s Extension Impact Future Heat Spending?
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Q: If Victor Oladipo gets back to the player level he was at Indiana, how would the Heat be able to keep him? – Bob, Davie.

A: I always find this interesting, that no sooner does a player on a team get a maximum contract or extension then the concern becomes about keeping it all together. First, while the NBA has a salary cap, it is not necessarily a hard cap. So if Victor Oladipo has a big season and opts out of the second year on the deal he signed this summer, the Heat retain his Bird Rights and can sign him up to the NBA maximum. Plus, keep in mind that while Tyler Herro now likely cannot be traded this season, due to the “poison pill” element created by his extension, he again can be dealt without such restriction on July 1. So, in the end, the money has a way of working itself out when it comes to preserving talent.

Q: So no Kevin Durant this year then? Hooray for Tyler, it’s a lot of money but that is or will be (next year) the going rate at least for someone at his level, so as usual Andy Elisburg is looking ahead of the curve. Since KD seems to be staying put, is this also the long game for Pat Riley (wouldn’t be the first time he’s had a long-term plan for a major player)? In 12 months’ time, Tyler’s $30 million a year and Duncan Robinson’s $17 million would equal a whale like Durant. And if the Nets have another disappointing year then maybe they might be more inclined to trade their star in 2023. So is this a win-win? Tyler’s locked up, hopefully set to keep upping his game, and if not, then he could play an important part in a fishing expedition.– Phillip, San Francisco.

A: So you’re saying the Heat are playing chess instead of checkers? And you might be right, the contracts of Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson next summer would have the Heat in that sweet spot of a package equaling a max salary on the trade market. But sometimes you also can be burdened by such deals. I’ll believe Duncan’s deal can be dealt when I see it. And if Tyler cannot upgrade his defense, or is unable to crack the starting lineup, then his deal might also come to be viewed as overvalued. In other words, we’re just getting started on this process.

Q: Ira, looks like the Heat are looking at a much smaller deadline day, and are going to rely on the buyout market, at best. – Gabriel, Miami.

A: Which tends to be the case when you don’t have many trade assets to put into play. Then again, the Heat turned Kelly Olynyk and Avery Bradley into Victor Oladipo, so you never know.


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As unexpected success of 2022 nears end, Orioles look forward to ‘unbelievable’ future

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As Unexpected Success Of 2022 Nears End, Orioles Look Forward To ‘Unbelievable’ Future
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In a Baltimore bullpen loaded with excitable characters, Dillon Tate’s stoicism stands out. For every chest pound from Bryan Baker, glove slap from Cionel Pérez or enthusiastic yelp from either, Tate offers a stone face.

But ask Tate about his excitement for the Orioles’ future, and he can’t hold back a smile.

“You’ve just got a lot of youth here, man,” Tate said. “You’ve got flair here, too. I think that things are just starting to come together in this organization in a way that people haven’t seen before.”

Tate is not alone in feeling that way among those in Baltimore’s clubhouse. The Orioles’ rebuild finally began to pay off in 2022, with a youth movement contributing to an unexpected winning season that represented a 30-game improvement from 2021. The campaign will end short of a playoff berth, but as the best American League team to miss the postseason, the Orioles have hope for many to come.

“I think we’re past that point of talking about the future,” outfielder Austin Hays said, “and we’re actually seeing it.”

That future has felt distant since executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias inherited a 115-loss team in November 2018. This year, many of the club’s top contributors were products of the Orioles’ drafts, trades and waiver claims under Elias, each in some way the result of the losing Baltimore enduring in the season before his tenure and the first three years of it.

But that mix paired with a group of holdovers has produced the Orioles’ first winning season since 2016. Hays and Tate were both in a group of players who established themselves as potential long-term pieces in the Orioles’ lean seasons from 2018 to 2021, in which Baltimore finished with one of the majors’ five worst records every year. Center fielder Cedric Mullins, first baseman Ryan Mountcastle and outfielder Anthony Santander were also in the organization when Elias joined and have since become key parts of the Orioles’ lineup.

This season, prospects largely acquired via the rebuild’s efforts have arrived and produced. Chief among them has been catcher Adley Rutschman, the first overall pick in the 2019 draft. Since that selection, Rutschman was considered the face of the Orioles’ rebuild, the player who would be at the center of an eventual turnaround. He has lived up to those meteoric expectations early in his career. Monday, he was named the Most Valuable Oriole and is among the top candidates to be the AL Rookie of the Year.

But he isn’t alone. Right-hander Kyle Bradish, acquired for starter Dylan Bundy in a December 2019 trade with the Los Angeles Angels, was a consistent member of the rotation in the second half after struggling early. Gunnar Henderson and Kyle Stowers, Baltimore’s top two picks in the 2019 draft behind Rutschman, were impactful after their late-season arrivals. Baker, Pérez and emergent closer Félix Bautista led a group of rookie relievers in at least their second organization who were stable forces in the Orioles’ bullpen throughout the year.

They’re made hungrier after coming short of the playoffs in their first major league season.

“It’s fun to be in the mix,” Stowers said. “But it’s even more fun to make it.”

The experiences of this season have them feeling prepared to do so, and they can look to this season’s second-year players to see how to grow. Right-hander Dean Kremer ended last year in the minors after immense major league struggles, but he ended a strong sophomore season with a quality start Monday. Keegan Akin also had his troubles in the Orioles’ 2021 rotation, but the left-hander found a home as a long reliever. Tyler Wells went the opposite way, moving from the bullpen to the rotation, and was a consistent starter when healthy. Outfielder Ryan McKenna spent last year going back and forth between Baltimore and Triple-A Norfolk but has settled into an important bench role this season. This season provided lessons for them, as well, after 2021′s 110-loss campaign.

“Now, we see what it takes,” McKenna said. “When you’re not doing well or not performing as well as you know you could, it’s tough to keep perspective on what it takes to actually win the World Series, so I think that’s in everybody’s mind now. We know what we need to do.”

And more help is on the way to reach that goal. Ace John Means will return from Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery. Although the Orioles brought Rutschman, Henderson, Stowers and Terrin Vavra to the majors, they still have a talented stockpile of hitting prospects in the minors, with Elias draftees Jordan Westburg, Colton Cowser, Connor Norby and Joey Ortiz reaching Triple-A. Grayson Rodriguez, the last first-round pick under the previous front office and now the game’s top pitching prospect, had his potential debut stalled by a Grade 2 right lat muscle strain but seems a certainty to ascend in 2023.

After an injury limited his innings last season, DL Hall, who preceded Rodriguez as a top pick and now trails only him among the system’s pitching prospects, spent the final portion of this year as a major league reliever, with hopes of showing his starting potential next year. He began the season climbing up the Orioles’ minor league ladder as part of his rehab, getting a first-hand look at the franchise’s bubbling talent.

“It’s just, like, loaded,” Hall said. “It’s unbelievable.”

There’s also enforcements to come externally, with Elias having said he expects the club to be active in free agency this offseason. Last offseason, the Orioles’ only major league free agents were starting pitcher Jordan Lyles, second baseman Rougned Odor and catcher Robinson Chirinos, with the trio being Baltimore’s pending free agents this year; Lyles, the only of the group to sign for more than $1 million originally, has an $11 million team option for next season.

The combination of the established foundation on top of whatever additions are made should make for an exciting 2023 season at Camden Yards. The fan base already responded to this year’s improvement, with the Orioles ranking outside of the bottom five (24th) in MLB in home attendance, averaging 17,637 fans through the first 76 games, for the first time since 2017.

“Obviously, it disappeared for a little bit, which, hey, understandable, I get it,” Akin said. “But to start to see that come back, it’s very exciting, and obviously for the future as well. I think it’s only going to go up from here.

“I think this is just kind of the beginning of it, really. You’re just starting to see the beginning of it, and I think in the next couple years, people are going to be fearful of playing us.”


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Woman found guilty of killing woman to take her unborn baby

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Woman Found Guilty Of Killing Woman To Take Her Unborn Baby
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NEW BOSTON, Texas — A Texas woman was convicted of capital murder on Monday for killing a pregnant woman to take her unborn baby.

A jury in Bowie County, northeast Texas, deliberated about an hour before finding Taylor Rene Parker, 29, guilty of the October 2020 murder of Reagan Michelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and kidnapping of the girl cut from her womb who later died.

The verdict of a jury of six men and six women came after three weeks of sometimes grisly testimony.

Parker’s attorneys argued that the baby was never alive and decided to dismiss a kidnapping charge, which would have reduced the capital murder charge to murder.

“That’s why in our opening statements we spent so much time on definitions. You can’t kidnap a person who wasn’t born alive,” said Jeff Harrelson in his closing argument before the jury.

Prosecutors, however, said multiple medical professionals said the baby had a heartbeat when it was born. They also recounted Parker’s actions leading up to the day Simmons-Hancock was killed.

“We methodically explained what she (Parker) did, why she did it, all the moving parts and all the collateral damage. The best evidence the state of Texas has that the baby was born alive is that Taylor Parker said it wasn’t,” prosecutor Kelley Crisp said.

Prosecutor Lauren Richards recounted all the charades Parker performed for different people, including the pregnancy she faked before the murder.

“In the past two weeks, the evidence has never been clearer,” Assistant District Attorney Lauren Richards told the jury. “She’s a liar, a manipulator, and now she’s going to be held accountable.”

She reminded the jury how Reagan was beaten in the head at least five times with such force that the blows compressed his skull in his brain.

“The pain Reagan must have felt when Taylor started cutting his abdomen, hip to hip … indescribable,” Richards said. “When Taylor had the baby and Reagan was still alive, that’s when Taylor started hacking and cutting. She can’t leave her alive. It wasn’t a quick death. She kept cutting it in. Guess Reagan wouldn’t die fast enough for Taylor to get out of there and continue with his plans.

The punishment phase is due to begin on October 12. Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty, although jurors could opt for a life sentence without parole.

ABC News

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NFL power rankings, Week 5: Bills solidify top spot with comeback win over Ravens

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Nfl Power Rankings, Week 5: Bills Solidify Top Spot With Comeback Win Over Ravens
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Each week of the NFL season, The Baltimore Sun will rank all 32 NFL teams. The rankings will take into account not just weekly performance, injuries and roster depth, but how well each team measures up as Super Bowl contenders.

Here are the rankings heading into Week 5:

Super Bowl contenders

1. Buffalo Bills (3-1, No. 1 last week)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1, No. 2)

3. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0, No. 4)

The Bills nearly lost their grip on the top spot, but after falling behind 20-3 to the Ravens, they showed why they’re still the best team in football. Buffalo got some significant help from the officials and Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s decision to go for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal in the final minutes, but it still had to execute to pull off a 23-20 comeback victory Sunday. A banged-up secondary without cornerback Tre’Davious White and safety Micah Hyde picked off Lamar Jackson twice, including one in the end zone on that fateful fourth-down play, while a defensive front missing Ed Oliver and Jordan Phillips held Ravens running backs J.K. Dobbins and Justice Hill to 4 yards per carry. Josh Allen wasn’t sharp, but he did enough to help the Bills score on four of their last five drives, including a 12-play, 77-yard march for the game-winning field goal as time expired. Buffalo isn’t perfect, but coach Sean McDermott’s team clearly understands how to win.

It’s still early, but it feels like we’re destined for another postseason meeting between Buffalo and Kansas City. The Chiefs got some revenge against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers for their Super Bowl loss two seasons ago, rolling to a 41-31 win over Tampa Bay on Sunday night. Patrick Mahomes threw three touchdown passes, all to running backs or tight ends, showing that this offense has found new ways to score without All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Kansas City was a remarkable 12-for-17 on third down and averaged 5.4 yards per play against a defense that entered Sunday ranked fourth in efficiency, according to Football Outsiders. With Mahomes playing at his typical MVP-level, the Chiefs remain the class of the AFC West.

In the NFC, there’s a clear top dog. In wet, sloppy conditions in Philadelphia, the Eagles piled up 210 rushing yards and overcame an early 14-0 deficit to beat the resurgent Jaguars, 29-21. Jalen Hurts had a down week by his lofty standards, including a pick-six on the opening possession, but he still averaged 7.1 yards per pass and rushed for a crucial 3-yard touchdown on fourth-and-goal in the second quarter. Philadelphia’s defense was fortunate to recover four Trevor Lawrence fumbles, but it made some impressive plays to limit Jacksonville to just seven points in the final three quarters. The Eagles’ best start since 2005 has them well on their way to earning the conference’s top seed.

The flawed contenders

4. Miami Dolphins (3-1, No. 3)

5. Green Bay Packers (3-1, No. 6)

6. Baltimore Ravens (2-2, No. 5)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2, No. 7)

8. Los Angeles Rams (2-2, No. 8)

We might call the Dolphins more unlucky than flawed after they lost quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to a scary head injury in Thursday night’s 27-15 loss to the Bengals, but their initial handling of the league’s concussion protocols does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. The NFL Players Association-led investigation into the matter says as much. Tagovailoa has already been ruled out for Week 5, and while that’s a sigh of relief for many, it does little to reverse the damage already done. Regardless of how Miami performs the rest of the season, the organization deserves scrutiny for how it treats its players.

The Packers should be happy about their 3-1 start, but Aaron Rodgers said after a 27-24 overtime win over the Patriots and third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe that they can’t continue to win consistently like this. Rodgers himself is partly to blame, as he threw his fourth career pick-six Sunday and is averaging 6.24 yards per drop-back, the fourth-lowest mark of his career. Green Bay continues to run the ball effectively with Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon, who combined for 183 rushing yards against New England, but Rodgers has not looked like the two-time reigning MVP. Even more concerning for Green Bay is getting gashed by the Patriots’ rushing attack to the tune of 5.1 yards per carry. The Packers should be able to take advantage of a favorable schedule to win the division, but this is far from the most impressive team in the NFC.

While the Packers’ 3-1 start looks wobbly, at least they’ve been able to win close games. The Ravens have now lost seven straight one-score games, many of which have included aggressive decisions by Harbaugh that have backfired. The latest disappointment came Sunday, when the Ravens opted to go for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line instead of kicking a short field goal for the lead. Harbaugh defended his decision by saying it gave the team “the best chance to win the game,” but the frustration boiled over on the sideline when cornerback Marcus Peters exchanged words with Harbaugh and had to be restrained as the Bills lined up for the game-winning field goal.

After becoming the first team in eight years to lose multiple games at home when leading by 17 or more points, Baltimore is at a crossroads. In 2019, the Ravens bounced back from a 2-2 start to win 12 straight games and secure the league’s best record. Can they shore up their league-worst defense and get more consistency from their offense to pull off a similar run? Perhaps the potential returns of left tackle Ronnie Stanley, outside linebacker Tyus Bowser and running back Gus Edwards can provide the spark this team needs.

The wild cards

9. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2, No. 10)

10. Minnesota Vikings (3-1, No. 12)

11. Dallas Cowboys (3-1, No. 15)

12. San Francisco 49ers (2-2, No. 16)

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2, No. 9)

14. Los Angeles Chargers (2-2, No. 14)

After losing quarterback Dak Prescott to a thumb injury in a season-opening loss to Tampa Bay, things looked bleak for the Cowboys. They’ve responded by winning three straight to stay within striking distance of Philadelphia in the NFC East, and Prescott could be back as soon as this week. Backup Cooper Rush has been remarkably reliable, throwing for 283 yards and two touchdowns in a 25-10 win over the Commanders in which running backs Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard averaged just 2 yards per carry. The defense has been even more impressive, hounding opposing quarterbacks and forcing turnovers behind a strong defensive line and aggressive secondary. For the first time since 1973, Dallas has held its first four opponents to 19 points or fewer. If they can keep that up, the Cowboys can not only challenge the Eagles for the division crown, but perhaps finally make a deep postseason run.

The murky middle

15. Arizona Cardinals (2-2, No. 17)

16. Denver Broncos (2-2, No. 11)

17. New York Giants (3-1, No. 21)

18. Tennessee Titans (2-2, No. 18)

19. Cleveland Browns (2-2, No. 13)

20. Las Vegas Raiders (1-3, No. 23)

21. Seattle Seahawks (2-2, No. 31)

22. Detroit Lions (1-3, No. 20)

23. New Orleans Saints (1-3, No. 22)

The Cardinals might be the hardest 2-2 team to figure out. They’ve looked listless early in games, but very impressive finishing them. Arizona is averaging just 4 points in the first half, but 18 in the second half and overtime. The Cardinals were tied with the lowly Panthers at 10 entering the fourth quarter Sunday before scoring 16 straight points to pull away for good. Kyler Murray remains one of the league’s best quarterbacks and wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown has been a perfect addition, but until Arizona can deliver a complete performance, it’s going to be scrapping and clawing each and every week.

It’s been a similar story for many of the teams in this tier. The Broncos’ offense has been stuck in neutral with quarterback Russell Wilson and first-year coach Nathaniel Hackett, finally scoring more than 16 points in a 32-23 loss to the Raiders. The Titans won their second straight, 24-17 over the Colts, but failed to score in the final 38 minutes. The Giants lost starting quarterback Daniel Jones to an ankle injury and backup Tyrod Taylor to a concussion in an ugly 20-12 win over the Bears, forcing running back Saquon Barkley to take direct snaps for a series. The Browns’ banged-up defense couldn’t stop Atlanta from rushing for 202 yards in a 23-20 loss. The Seahawks totaled 555 yards, the fifth most in franchise history, yet allowed 520 in a 48-45 win over the Lions. The Saints got an efficient outing from backup quarterback Andy Dalton but turned the ball over twice and committed 10 penalties in a 28-25 loss to the Vikings.

These teams are talented enough to compete, but it’s going to take a significant improvement for at least one of them to be a factor in the playoff race.

Crabs in a bucket

24. Atlanta Falcons (2-2, No. 25)

25. New York Jets (2-2, No. 29)

26. New England Patriots (1-3, No. 27)

27. Indianapolis Colts (1-2-1, No. 19)

28. Washington Commanders (1-3, No. 24)

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3, No. 28)

30. Chicago Bears (2-2, No. 26)

31. Carolina Panthers (1-3, No. 30)

32. Houston Texans (0-3-1, No. 32)

Will a quarterback change be enough to keep Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s streak alive? Pittsburgh hasn’t had a losing season since he took over in 2007, but it’s already two games under .500. First-round draft pick Kenny Pickett provided a spark off the bench Sunday with two rushing touchdowns, but the rookie’s three interceptions proved costly in a 24-20 loss to the Jets. Tomlin is reportedly starting Pickett over Mitch Trubisky this week, which might be the turning point for an offense that entered Sunday ranked 26th in passing efficiency, according to Football Outsiders.

Another team that might make a quarterback change sooner than later is Carolina, which has struggled behind offseason addition Baker Mayfield. The former Browns starter has continued to struggle with turnovers, throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble in a 26-16 loss to the Cardinals. Since entering the league as the 2018 No. 1 overall pick, Mayfield has had three or more turnovers in a game 10 times, the most of any quarterback in that span. Coach Matt Rhule’s seat is only getting warmer, which means his patience with Mayfield is probably wearing thin. Sam Darnold (ankle) could come off the injured reserve this week, but it’s hard to see him being the answer after a mediocre performance last season. The Panthers seem destined for a midseason coaching change and a top draft pick that could finally deliver the quarterback they’ve been searching for.


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21 Best Tongue Twisters In Hindi And English

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Funny Tongue Twisters , Tongue Twisters In Hindi , Tongue Twisters In English
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A tongue twister is a phrase that’s designed to be hard to say fast because of its complicated wording. These are especially popular in English and Hindi-speaking countries, where they are often used in school as part of speech therapy or children’s games, such as passing sentence down the line so that the person at the end has to say it correctly while everyone else tries to distract them with more tongue twisters. Here are some of the best tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English that you can use to practice your fast-talking skills or just impress your friends with your impressive verbal dexterity!

Tongue Twisters in Hindi and Tongue Twisters in English:

Photo Credit: Cool English
  • “सात पापड़ कच्चे पक्के, सात पापड़ पक्केपक्के पपड़ सेको, कच्चे रखो पीछे।” – This is one of the best tongue twisters in Hindi

  • “कोई टीचर चीटर नहीं होता

    कोई चीटर टीचर नहीं होता।” – funny tongue twisters

  • “नदी किनारे नंदी की किराने की दुकान।” – tongue twisters in Hindi

  • “कच्चा काँच, पक्का पाँच।

    कच्चा पान, पक्का पान।

    कच्ची कचरी, पक्की कचरी।

    कच्चा पक्का, पक्का कच्चा।

    कच्चा पापड़, पक्का पापड़।” – This is one of the hard tongue twisters

  • “काला कबूतर, सफेद तरबूज,

    काला तरबूज, सफेद कबूतर।” – One of the world’s hardest tongue twister for sure

  • “लाली बोली लल्लू से, लल्लन लाया था लालू की शादी पे,

    लाल लाल लिफाफे में लड्डू।” – best tongue twisters in Hindi

Tongue Twisters For Adults, Tongue Twisters In Hindi , Tongue Twisters In English
Photo Credit:
  • “पानी भर के घड़ा भर घड़ा भर के पानी भर।” – hard tongue twisters

  • “नीली रेल लाल रेल नीली रेल लाल रेल.” –  easy tongue twisters

  • “चंदा चमके चम चम, चीखे चौकन्ना चोर,

    चींटी चाटे चीनी, चटोरी चीनी खोर।” tongue twisters in Hindi

  • “कुछ ऊंट ऊंचा, कुछ पीठ ऊंची,

    कुछ ऊंची ऊंट की पीठ।” – tongue twisters in Hindi

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  • “Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better” 

  • “She sells seashells on the seashore.

    The shells she sells are seashells, I’m sure.

    And if she sells seashells on the seashore,

    Then I’m sure she sells seashore shells.”

  • “Red lorry, yellow lorry”

Funny Tongue Twisters Peter Piper Tongue Twister Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers Tongue Twisters In Tamil Hard Tongue Twisters World'S Hardest Tongue Twister , Tongue Twisters In Hindi ,  Tongue Twisters In English
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  • “Ed goes over fences. Fido goes under them. Freddy jumps them.”

  • “A pessimistic pest exists amidst us” – tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English

  • “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck

    if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    He would chuck, he would, as much as he could,

    and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would

    if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

  • “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” – tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English

  • “If two witches watched watches then which witch would watch which watch?:

  • “Six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks” – tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English

  • “If you must cross a course cross cow across a crowded cow crossing, cross the cross coarse cow across the crowded cow crossing carefully” – tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English

  • “I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen” – tongue twisters in Hindi and tongue twisters in English

Tongue Twisters In Tamil , Tongue Twisters In Hindi , Tongue Twisters In English
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These were some of the best Tongue Twisters in Hindi and Tongue Twisters in English. As you can see, it is possible to learn these tongue twisters through repetition. Remember, practice makes perfect! There are many more tongue twisters out there that you may find more difficult. So keep practicing and have fun with them!

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