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‘Mysterious’ space diamonds could be tougher than gemstones on Earth

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'Mysterious' Space Diamonds Could Be Tougher Than Gemstones On Earth
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Traditionally, we think diamonds form from the intense pressures found inside our planet, but a number of hardy gems have also been found in space meteorites – and gems are fundamentally different from their terrestrial counterparts.

An international team of researchers claim to have discovered the largest crystals to date of a rare type of diamond called lonsdaleite. The diamonds have an unusual hexagonal atomic structure (compared to the more common cubic structure) and were found in a meteorite that may have come from a dwarf planet that suffered a catastrophic collision with an asteroid billions of years ago .

“This study provides categorical evidence that lonsdaleite exists in nature,” said Dougal McCulloch, director of the RMIT Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility in Australia, in a statement.

The diamond’s unusual hexagonal structure could make it harder than most diamonds from Earth. Lonsdaleite has been found in a certain type of meteorite, called ureilite, and it’s even been made in the lab by throwing discs of graphite at a wall at speeds comparable to an asteroid impacting a planet.

The research team examined 18 ureilites, mostly from northwest Africa, and a discovery by Andy Tomkins, professor of geology at Monash University, on the Nullarbor, a vast arid plain in southern Australia . The odd diamonds were found in just four samples, all from northwest Africa.

But the details of how these superdiamonds formed in space have remained somewhat of a mystery.

McCulloch and his colleagues used advanced electron microscopy techniques to examine slices of meteorites and believe they may have discovered a new formation process for lonsdaleite and ordinary diamonds.

This process “is like a supercritical chemical vapor deposition process that took place in these space rocks, probably on the dwarf planet shortly after a catastrophic collision,” McCulloch said.

In layman’s terms, this means that the space diamonds were likely formed by carbon-based materials, potentially, on a dwarf planet under extreme pressure after a cosmic circulation accident. The team actually thinks that this dominant hypothesis of diamond formation during the impact could be wrong – and the diamonds may have formed at lower pressures after destruction. Similar processes are used in controlled environments to produce materials for certain metals, semiconductors and other products.

The study was led by Tomkins and published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Tomkins says space diamond sampling provides a new process that industries can attempt to replicate.

“We don’t really know how hard lonsdaleitis is,” Tomkins told CNET. “It has been mathematically estimated to be 58% harder than diamond, but this has yet to be proven by measurements.”

The material can be useful in mining or just for bragging about your wild hex space.

“We think lonsdaleite could be used to make tiny, ultra-hard machine parts if we can develop an industrial process that promotes the replacement of preformed graphite parts with lonsdaleite,” Tomkins said.


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Chinese electric vehicle maker Leapmotor Leapmotor debuts in Hong Kong market

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Chinese Electric Vehicle Maker Leapmotor Leapmotor Debuts In Hong Kong Market
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Two new listings stumbled on their trading debut in Hong Kong after raising a total of $1.5 billion amid turbulent market conditions, casting a cloud over a growing pipeline of companies preparing to go public in the Asian financial center.

Shares of Zhejiang Leapmotor Technology Co., a Chinese electric vehicle maker, fell as much as 42% below their initial public offering price in their first hours of trading on Thursday. The seven-year-old company raised $800 million in its IPO, significantly less than the $1.5 billion it previously targeted, after pricing its shares at the bottom of a guided range .


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Amazon sheds light on your potential intruders with Blink Floodlight • TechCrunch

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Amazon Sheds Light On Your Potential Intruders With Blink Floodlight • Techcrunch
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Weighing in at $100, Amazon’s new Blink Floodlight Camera brings more brightness and smarts to its camera lineup. The company also launched an all-new $30 Blink Mini Pan Tilt Mount, giving safety-conscious customers the ability to look around a little more than before.

The two new additions to the Blink family were launched at Amazon’s fall event today – you can see our full event coverage here!

Blink Wired Floodlight Camera

Amazon Sheds Light On Your Potential Intruders With Blink Floodlight • Techcrunch

Who’s there? Picture credits: Amazon

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera adds powerful LED lighting and Amazon’s own AZ2 processors to process video footage locally without having to stream video to the cloud for AI intelligence.

“The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is our first wired floodlight, and it adds to the existing line of easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable security devices that help customers keep tabs on their homes,” said Mike Harris. , COO at Blink. “With an all-in-one lighting and security design and a sub-$100 price tag, it offers a mix of performance and value that’s hard to beat. Plus, it leverages Amazon’s silicon intelligence, allowing us to offer features like computer vision and local video processing for the first time.

At $100, the Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is a competitively priced camera solution. It includes the features you’re used to from other smart camera vendors, including “favorite motion detection” areas and people detection, so cats, badgers and butterflies don’t send unnecessary notifications to your phone.

The LED lights put out 2,600 lumens of light and the camera can record in 1080p, with high definition live view available. The camera has the ability to store video clips locally, using the optional USB flash drive and a “Sync Module 2”. By using a Blink subscription plan, you can also keep your videos and photos in the cloud for later inspection.

Mini Panoramic Tilt Indicator

Amazon Sheds Light On Your Potential Intruders With Blink Floodlight • Techcrunch

I feel like someone is watching me. Picture credits: Amazon

The Blink Mini Pan Tilt Mount is the Blink Mini camera’s best friend, giving it the power to pan and tilt so you can look around, track your pets, kids, and burglars through your home .

Amazon’s Blink Mini is the company’s entry-level $35 camera. The new Mini Pan Tilt mount is $30 and can be added to an existing camera by simply plugging the camera in with the included USB-C cable. If you want a whole new bundle, you can buy it with a camera for $60. It gives users the ability to pan (look side to side) and tilt (up and down) using the Blink app. The stand gives you full 360 degree coverage of the room.

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera will be available in the coming months in the US for $99.99, while the Blink Mini Pan Tilt is available for pre-order today in the US and Canada. Both devices can be found on Amazon’s Blink microsite.

The story has been updated with additional information and images from Blink.

Learn More About Amazon's Fall Event, September 28, 2022


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Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore hit by a tree branch while covering Hurricane Ian

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Weather Channel'S Jim Cantore Hit By A Tree Branch While Covering Hurricane Ian
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Yahoo News Video

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida on Wednesday as a Category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell warn the worst may be yet to come, video footage shared on social media shows severe flooding and property damage caused by high winds and flying debris.


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Former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney criticizes Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘partial budget’

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Former Bank Of England Governor Mark Carney Criticizes Kwasi Kwarteng'S 'Partial Budget'
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Former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has criticized Kwasi Kwarteng for ‘undermining the UK’s financial institutions’ after the Chancellor’s ‘partial budget’ caused the pound to fall this week.

Mr Carney said Friday’s mini budget – which promised £45billion in tax cuts – came ‘without the usual forecasts’, before warning that it will be the British public who will pay the price. price.

It comes as a number of lenders have withdrawn hundreds of mortgage products over fears the Bank of England (BoE) will raise interest rates further to 6% to counter the fall in the pound sterling.

Yesterday the institution was forced to step in and dramatically said it would buy long-term government debt in a bid to ease market chaos threatening to trigger a financial meltdown, which Mr Carney declared to be the right decision.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Carney said: ‘The message from financial markets is that there is a limit to unfunded spending and unfunded tax cuts in this environment, and the price of these is much higher borrowing costs for the government and mortgage holders and borrowers across the country.

Mr Carney, who is currently the UN special envoy for climate action and finance, has accused Liz Truss’ government of working cross-purposes with the country’s financial institutions, sparking the ongoing unrest in ne producing no complete and quantified budget.

Former Bank Of England Governor Mark Carney (Pictured) Criticized Kwasi Kwarteng For Having

Former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (pictured) has slammed Kwasi Kwarteng for ‘undermining the UK’s financial institutions’ after the Chancellor’s ‘partial budget’ caused the pound to fall this week

Mr Carney said the system took a big hit, but the BoE made the right move by intervening yesterday to calm the markets.

He said it was concerning that the Treasury chose to announce a partial budget without numbers, or forecast at a time of financial instability.

He added: ‘There was an undercutting of some of the institutions that underpin the comprehensive approach so not having OBR forecasts is very common to the plan and the government accepted the need for it, but that was important.

“Working cross-purpose with the bank in terms of short-term support to the economy.”

It comes as ministers draw up plans for billions of pounds of spending cuts to reassure panicked markets that public finances are in check – as Prime Minister Truss is set to break his silence this morning .

The UK’s giant social bill is facing a cut following a turbulent day in which the Bank of England took the shocking and highly unusual decision to say it would buy gilts in response to the “significant revaluation of UK and global financial assets” since Mr Kwarteng’s decision. Announcement of the mini-budget on Friday.

It appeared that the extraordinary intervention was triggered by fears that otherwise the institutions would have been crushed within hours – putting the whole system at risk.

Meanwhile, City Minister Andrew Griffith said the £45billion package was “the right plan…to make our economy competitive”.

But Cabinet ministers have reportedly raised concerns privately with Mr Kwarteng over the tax cuts package.

A member of Ms Truss’s new cabinet told The Times the government got the timing wrong in announcing the spending cuts and reforms while inflation remained so high, adding that the ‘jury is still out’ for whether the Prime Minister can create a “strong narrative”. and vision’ to sell the measures.

Unease is growing within the party, with MPs including former minister Julian Smith and Northern Ireland select committee chairman Simon Hoare both calling for changes to the economic plan.

But despite signs of Tory nerves, Downing Street and the Treasury remain defiant, saying there is no prospect of a change in approach.

And the Prime Minister will break his silence in a series of local BBC radio stations later this morning.

Earlier, Mr Griffith denied that last week’s mini-budget triggered the pound’s plunge and the turmoil in the UK government bond market that pushed pension funds to the brink.

He said: “What’s unprecedented is the level of volatility we’ve seen across all developed markets.”

The Treasury has confirmed government departments will be asked to identify billions of pounds in savings to help convince markets that ministers are serious about bringing the UK’s debt under control.

There was also speculation that the Treasury could cut the UK’s giant social bill to save money. Ministers will also accelerate “supply-side reforms” designed to reduce regulation and boost growth.

A Downing Street source expressed frustration with the market reaction, saying 90% of the cost of recent interventions was attributable to energy price freeze programs for households and businesses.

The moves followed an unprecedented intervention by the Bank of England to buy UK government debt ‘on whatever scale necessary’ in an attempt to restore calm as market turmoil threatened the plans’ financial health. pension to final salary.

It comes as borrowers may have to prove they can afford interest rates of up to 7% to secure a mortgage offer, as lenders continue to withdraw offers to sell amid a volatile market.

The base rate is expected to peak at 5.5% next spring, which will impact potential homeowners as banks are required to check whether borrowers can afford a mortgage at a percentage point higher than future expectations of the rate.

This would mean that borrowers would have to prove they can afford mortgage rates of 6.5 or 7%.

Repayments at seven per cent interest on a £200,000 mortgage would work out to £1,331 a month, or £2,661 for £400,000 – assuming a 30-year mortgage.

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‘Incurable’ STI linked to infertility due to ‘silent spread’

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'Incurable' Sti Linked To Infertility Due To 'Silent Spread'
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A new possible sexually transmitted ‘superbug’ that has so far proven to be resistant to antibiotics has scientists worried amid an ‘out of control’ STD outbreak, with the medical community saying more testing for the disease is needed .

Mycoplasma genitalium – also known as M. genitalium or M. gen – is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that can cause genital pain, bleeding and swelling as well as infertility and miscarriage.

According to scientists, the worrying aspects of the infection epidemic are that there is little testing and little information available about it.

Amid warnings of an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases ‘out of control’, scientists have sounded the alarm about a possible new ‘superbug’ that has proven resistant to antibiotics.
Thomas Deernick, NCMIR/Science

“It’s a real concern,” said Dr. Irene Stafford, associate professor of maternal fetal medicine at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston, according to NBC News. “Why don’t we look into this?

Like other common sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, M. gen can sometimes present as asymptomatic, and people can carry it for years without realizing they are infected, but complications can be serious.

A study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections in May reported that the risk of preterm birth nearly doubled in women with M. gen.

Stafford called for more STI research and testing this week at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conference for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, as the organization warned of an ‘out of control’ rise of STD cases in the United States.

M. gen can be transmitted during genital-to-genital sex as well as transmitted to unborn babies through mother-to-child transmission.

Simon Clarke, associate professor of cellular microbiology at the University of Reading in England, told the Daily Mail that there is a possibility of STIs becoming a “superbug” and completely resistant to antibiotics.

Mycoplasma Genitalium - Also Known As M. Genitalium Or M. Gen - Is A Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Infection.
Mycoplasma genitalium – also known as M. genitalium or M. gen – is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Clarke identified the lack of information about the disease as the problem, telling the publication that it will continue to become more mainstream until people are aware of it.

According to the professor, the path to becoming a superbug is a vicious cycle: doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics usually used to treat STIs, and this fuels their resistance to this antibiotic. This gives Mr. gen. the potential to evolve into a superbug.

Mr. Gem Can Cause Genital Pain, Bleeding, And Swelling As Well As Infertility And Miscarriage.
Mr. gem can cause genital pain, bleeding, and swelling as well as infertility and miscarriage.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology

The CDC does not recommend regular testing for M. gen and the only test to identify it – called the Aptima Nucleic Acid Amplification Test – was only approved in 2019 and is not yet available everywhere.

Patients will only be tested for M. gen if they are negative for other STIs and have persistent symptoms.

Mr. Gen Can Be Transmitted Through Genital-To-Genital Sex As Well As Transmitted To Unborn Babies Through Mother-To-Child Transmission.
M. gen can be transmitted during genital-to-genital sex as well as transmitted to unborn babies through mother-to-child transmission.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology

It’s hard to say which demographic of people the disease affects most and what the exact symptoms of M. gen are, although some identified symptoms include:

  • Pain and discomfort when urinating.
  • Abnormal discharge for men and women.
  • Women may also experience pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding after sex.

Infection rates for some STDs have been rising for years in the United States. Last year, the rate of syphilis cases hit its highest since 1991, and the total number of cases hit its highest since 1948. HIV cases are also on the rise, up 16% a year last.

New York Post

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Ian hits Florida with deadly storm surge, winds and flooding – NBC Chicago

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Ian Hits Florida With Deadly Storm Surge, Winds And Flooding – Nbc Chicago
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Hurricane Ian continued to batter Florida after making landfall as an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm on Wednesday, bringing ‘catastrophic’ storm surge, winds and flooding as one of the strongest storms on record in the state.

With maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, just 7 mph from a Category 5 hurricane, Ian made landfall around 3:05 p.m. in Cayo Costa, near a stretch of the state’s heavily populated Gulf Coast near of Fort Myers, the National Hurricane Center in Miami. said.

The storm was about 70 miles south of Orlando and moving north-northeast at a speed of 8 mph, moving inland with winds easing to 90 mph, according to the latest update. update from the NHC.

Watch live: Find out where Hurricane Ian is heading after hitting land on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Hundreds of thousands of Floridians had received mandatory evacuation orders in anticipation of a powerful storm surge, high winds and torrential rain from Ian. More than 1.1 million power outages have been reported statewide, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said.

Forecasters had said the area where Ian made landfall could be inundated by a storm surge of up to 18ft.

“A storm of this magnitude will produce catastrophic flooding and life-threatening storm surge on the Gulf Coast of Florida,” DeSantis said at a press conference Wednesday. “It’s a major, major storm.”

Off the coast on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers, water-covered residential streets were swirling and were halfway to mailbox posts by mid-morning. Seawater rushed out of Tampa Bay, leaving parts of the muddy bottom exposed, and waves crashed at the end of a wooden pier in Naples.

Many rushed to lock up their homes and move their prized possessions to upper floors before fleeing.

“You can’t do anything about natural disasters,” said Vinod Nair, who drove inland from the Tampa area on Tuesday with his wife, son, dog and two kittens in search of a hotel in the tourist district of Orlando. “We live in a high-risk area, so we thought it best to evacuate.”

Ian had already made landfall as a Category 3 storm Tuesday in Cuba, just southwest of the town of La Coloma in Pinar Del Rio province, knocking out the power grid and leaving the entire island without power.

Ian slowed over the Gulf, allowing the hurricane to widen and strengthen. Winds exceeding tropical storm force 39 mph had already reached Florida by 3 a.m. Wednesday and hurricane-force winds were in Florida long before the storm’s eyewall moved inland, said the Miami-based NHC Center.

DeSantis said more power outages are expected and he urged people to prepare for extended outages. He said Florida would receive help from several states, including Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and New York.

The National Hurricane Center hurricane warning was in effect for Chokoloskee at Anclote River, including Tampa Bay, and Sebastian Inlet at the Flagler/Volusia County line. A hurricane watch was in effect for the Flagler/Volusia County line to the South Santee River.

A tropical storm warning was in effect for Indian Pass at the Anclote River, all Florida Keys, Flamingo at South Santee River, Flamingo at Sebastian Inlet, Lake Okeechobee and Florida Bay.

Photos: ‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida

A storm surge warning was in effect for the Lower Florida Keys from Big Pine Key west to Key West, the Suwannee River south to Flamingo, Tampa Bay, the Flagler/Volusia line to at the mouth of the St. Mary’s River and the St. Johns River.

More than 2.5 million people were under mandatory evacuation orders, in Hillsborough, Lee and other counties.

Lee County — where Fort Myers is located on Florida’s southwest Gulf Coast — had issued mandatory evacuations early Tuesday for low-lying areas, including Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and Bonita Beach, home to about 250,000 people, after forecasters widened the hurricane warning zone.

NBC’s Sam Brock reports from Tampa as residents evacuate the city.

“If you find yourself in one of these counties, it’s no longer possible to evacuate safely. It’s time to hide and prepare for the storm,” DeSantis said Wednesday. you must do to stay safe. If you are where this storm is approaching, you are already in dangerous conditions. Worse very quickly. So please hang in there.

DeSantis activated the state National Guard ahead of the expected storm impact this week. The governor’s statement releases emergency protection funds to address potential damage from storm surges, flooding, dangerous winds and other weather conditions across the state.

DeSantis expanded the state of emergency declaration on Saturday to include the entire state.

The west coast of Florida braces for the impact of what is called a ‘deadly storm’ as Hurricane Ian upgrades to a dangerous Category 4 hurricane

Tampa International Airport suspended all operations Tuesday afternoon due to the hurricane. Travelers were advised to contact their airline for more information. American Airlines, meanwhile, slashed fares for flights from 20 area airports likely to be affected by the storm. The airline was also waiving checked baggage and pet fees to help people in the area evacuate.

Florida Power & Light was preparing more than 13,000 workers to help respond to Hurricane Ian, company officials said. The power company said it is prepositioning workers and supplies to respond to any outages due to the hurricane.

Although South Florida was not directly impacted by Hurricane Ian, severe weather and flooding were expected across the region over the next two days.

In Broward, volatile storms crossing Tuesday night spawned a tornado that knocked down small planes and an unconfirmed second tornado that tore through a neighborhood uprooting trees.

A flood watch was issued for most of South Florida and remained in effect until Wednesday evening.

The City of Miami opened its emergency operations center at 9 a.m. Tuesday to deal with the expected flooding from Ian.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez reassured residents that all permanent water pumps are working and seven additional portable pumps will be installed as needed.

Schools in Miami-Dade and Broward were announcing closures this week due to Ian. All schools and Monroe County School District offices were closed Tuesday and will remain closed Wednesday due to impacts from Hurricane Ian.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the county expects between three and eight inches of rain by Thursday with a risk of two to four feet of storm surge in southern parts of the county. .

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Monday night that the football team is relocating football operations to the Miami area in preparation for next weekend’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Florida Gators and UCF Knights moved their games to Sunday while the USF Bulls will now play their game Saturday in Boca Raton.

NBC Chicago

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