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Nine Chronicles and its NFT project, D:CC

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Nine Chronicles And Its Nft Project, D:cc
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NFTs are all the rage today. Among their multiple use cases, NFTs in games are one of the most popular utilities. Various industries, including games, music, sports, and more, are using NFTs for a wide range of purposes. NFTs can potentially change how users interact with each other within or outside the gaming world. Let’s find out how the top projects in the blockchain industry are leveraging NFTs and more about the Nine Chronicles NFT project.

How is the Gaming Industry using NFTs?

Game NFTs have multiple use cases. For one, they help ascertain ownership of in-game assets. This might be a sword a player has crafted, a character they have created, or even an artifact found while playing. The NFTs are stored on the blockchain and immutable, and players can sell or transfer them.

In other words, in a traditional game, when a game shuts down, the players will lose everything they have earned. But that doesn’t happen here. Instead, the game-based NFTs are part of the blockchain, so players will have access to the NFTs they own, no matter the status of the game.

And because these in-game assets are stored on the blockchain, it is also easier to gauge and prove their authenticity and rarity. Rare NFTs of course attract a higher price than common ones.

Lastly, the decentralized games working with NFTs are interoperable. In traditional games, in-game purchases can only be used in that specific game. However, in the case of decentralized games, the assets of one game may be used in other games.

Decentralized Platforms Using NFTs

The blockchain industry has a lot of platforms and games using NFTs for several purposes in addition to in-game assets.  While there are many platforms leveraging NFTs and their capabilities,  three notable organizations are using NFTs across their platforms: Sandbox, Decentraland, and Silks. Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse space where people can buy land, create and buy buildings, and more. The collectible NFTs in the Sandbox space are called ASSETs used for in-game activities. Users can either acquire these ASSETs from the metaverse or create them with the VoxEdit tool. On the same lines, there is Decentraland, which is also a metaverse space allowing people to interact with in-game elements.

Lastly, there is Silks, a play-to-earn metaverse game that has a rich world of virtual assets, all of which can be turned into NFTs. The player avatars and the horses players use for playing are both NFTs. They are tradeable and transferable on the blockchain.

Nine Chronicles and the NFT Project “D:CC”

Nine Chronicles has recently launched its NFT project, De:Centralized Cat (D:CC).. These PFPs are more than just profile pictures unique to every player and give them an alternative identity in the multiverse ruled by the one true Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. In addition, each NFT grants its holders exclusive perks and in-game utilities.

These NFTs are designed by Sangmi Seon (Caesty), an Art Director and NFT Creative Director with over a decade of experience in game art and design at top game companies including Nexon and Capcom.

Nine Chronicles has recently announced its NFT minting date as the 21st of September. With this, they will get access to rewards, benefits, and unique in-game items. In total, there are 3000 NFTs to be minted. Of these, 2800 will go to the players accepted into the Pionyan programs. In addition, 200 will be allocated to the team.

All NFT owners will automatically become members of the D:CC. Besides the in-game benefits, the NFT ownership also gives owners governance rights, which they can use to vote on future decisions.




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Bitcoin Struggles To Retain The $20,000 Mark While ENS Protocol Gains

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Bitcoin Struggles To Retain The $20,000 Mark While Ens Protocol Gains
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In the past two days, Bitcoin triumphantly hit the critical level of $20K. This sudden push from the primary crypto asset was after hovering between $18K and $24K regions for some months. But following the effects of some macroeconomic factors, the price of BTC was rounding the $19K region.

This year has been the toughest for crypto assets and other financial instruments. But the struggle to remain valuable is seemingly paying off as most coins are currently regaining loss values. Even though the Feds are still hawkish, the market is gradually moving towards a bullish sentiment.

However, the bullish trend in the broader crypto market is spreading gradually. The leading crypto kept its position strongly despite the bears struggling to take over.

The appearance of the bulls has deterred further decline for BTC. Other cryptocurrencies are taking to the north, with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) emerging as the top performer.

With the new movement of prices, the cumulative market cap has hit $964.91 billion, indicating a surge of 0.70% over the past 24 hours. The overall implication of events shows a slight improvement in the trend compared to yesterday and last week. However, the broader crypto market sentiment still has elements of fear.

Bitcoin Consolidates The $20K Level

After hitting the critical level of $20,000 a few days ago, Bitcoin is currently displaying its sustainability. The asset has defended its stance on the level and also made an impressive consolidation. This was noted in the early trading hours of September 6, as the price of BTC reached $20,200.

It’s worth noting that the bears tried to pull down the price of Bitcoin yesterday as the token recorded $19,730 on Binance. Remaining at the critical level is the only chance for the leading crypto to make further uptrend.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is hovering around $19,862 depicting a loss. Its market cap has reached over $386.2 billion, while its dominance over altcoins is at 40.04%.

Bitcoin depicts a loss on the chart l BTCUSDT on

Altcoins Are Calm, While ENS Surged

The price movement for the altcoins show calmness, with a minimal drop for a few tokens. Most of the assets have consolidated their reclaims in the past day.

But the Ethereum Name Service’s coin, ENS is taking the lead with an almost 11% increase in today’s early hours trading. At the press time, ENS is trading at $16.91. EVMOS is closely following. Recall that EVMOS was the worst crypto asset in price performance as of yesterday. For Ripple (XRP), it seems to be a time of strength with progressive performance.

Featured image from Forbes, chart from

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Investors Must Avoid These Levels To Cut Losses

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Bitcoin Cash
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Investors, who are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin Cash and want to avoid losses, should steer clear of these crucial price points.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is still showing a little bit of bullishness, despite losing a few digits from its price. BTC retreated below the $20K mark, and now trades at $19,998, according to data from Coingecko.

Short-term support for the bears came from rejection wicks at the $20.5k level. Even Bitcoin Cash, the fork of BTC, isn’t immune to this issue.

BCH is in such a jam, despite Bitcoin losing the $20k psychological support.

There have been recent reports regarding a number of developments with potentially profound implications for BCH. This report indicates that Bitcoin Cash’s transaction volume has been below the average of 27,734 daily transactions.

Lower transaction volumes are a negative indicator to both potential and existing investors for BCH, thus this could be an issue.

Bitcoin Cash: Formidable Wall For The Bulls

Bitcoin Cash’s value fell 35.50% between the July 29 rally and the September 19 low, before rebounding 17.40%. After that time, however, Bitcoin Cash’s price remains stable.

These days, you can buy Bitcoin Cash for as little as $96.559 and as much as $166.025. Furthermore, BCH has a support level at $112.246 and a resistance level at $125,912.

Although CCI and Stoch RSI readings are optimistic, the stated resistance level remains a formidable obstacle for BCH bulls to overcome.

Even though the Chaikin money flow index is optimistic, it is establishing a downward trajectory, indicating that the velocity of selling is increasing.

The CMF index’s gloomy prognosis, on the other hand, is more pronounced on the 4-hour time range.

The 4-hour CMF is -0.05, indicating that sellers are gaining control of the BCH market. Currently, the question is whether BCH can still recover.

Possible Recuperation? Or Further Decline?

The BCH support line stays unchanged. However, there are two levels of resistance that investors and traders should target: $125.912 and $138.835.

Source: TradingView

The former level was breached twice on August 23 and September 9, but the bulls were unable to sustain the break, resulting in a price decline to $112.246.

A breach of the $125.912 resistance can be interpreted as a psychological buy signal for investors. Since the fall on September 13, a modest uptrend is building on the 4-hour time period.

A strong closing in today’s trade could aid the bulls in maintaining momentum and finally surpassing the indicated resistance levels.


BCH market cap at $2.28 billion | Featured image from CriptoFacil, Chart:

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Binance Network Been Halted Due to a Hack

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Binance Network Been Halted Due To A Hack.
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