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Delhi High Court Upholds TATA’s Appeal Against Cryptocurrency

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Delhi High Court Upholds Tata’s Appeal Against Cryptocurrency
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  • Delhi High Court upholds Tatas’ opposition to the cryptocurrency TATA Coin.
  • The court prohibits US and UK companies from using the TATA mark.

On Monday, the Delhi High Court accepted Tata Sons, request for a temporary restraining order against Hakunamatata Tata Founders and other parties, who were utilizing the former’s (TATA) trademark to engage in the cryptocurrency trading known as TATA Coin.

Justice Mukta Gupta and Justice Manoj Kumar Ohri stated that in trademark infringement issues, the possibility of confusion and misleading in the public’s view as a result of the violating trademark is sufficient justification for the court to grant an interim.

The Delhi High Court stated in the report that;

Any dubious and inferior products sold through the respondents’ website, using the appellant’s trademark, can seriously damage its credibility.

What does it Hold?

The multinational TATA group based in India is well-known for the quality of goods and services. Tata Sons claims that the defendants (Hakunamatata), who are registered in the US and the UK, are utilizing a former company (TATA) trademark to promote cryptocurrency trading online through their websites.

According to the report, the domain names and which allowed for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency bearing the trademarks TATA coin or $TATA was established in June and May of 2021.

Following that, last year, the plaintiff requests a permanent injunction prohibiting the defendants from using the trademark “TATA” as part of their company name, domain name, or the name under which their cryptocurrency is made available to the public. 

But the Delhi High Court’s experienced single judge issued an order on October 26, 2021, rejecting the plaintiff’s (Tata Son) application because there was no evidence of the respondents targeting the customers in India. 

Finally, the current appeal is granted in the manner stated above for the aforementioned causes. As an ongoing probe, the TATA Coin (TATA) traded at $0.008019 with a trading volume of $97.22. TATA Coin is up 2.20% in the last 24 hours, as per CoinMarketCap.

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Bitcoin Crashes To $19,6k And Takes Liquidity, Ready To Bounce?

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Bitcoin Price
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Bitcoin is retracing after a rejection north of critical resistance at around $20,000 and might be gearing up for a fresh leg down into its final support level. The crypto was seeing some profits earlier this week, but any bullish momentum has been wiped out by macroeconomic forces.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) trades at $19,600 with a 2% loss in the last 24 hours and sideways movement across the week. The rest of the crypto market is following the sentiment in the crypto market proving that, once again, any potential rally is capped by the bigger picture.

BTC’s price crashing on low timeframes. Source: BTCUSDT Tradingview

Bitcoin Takes Out Leverage Longs, Time For A Squeeze?

According to analyst Justin Bennett, Bitcoin made a downside run towards $19,600 and a bit lower to remove leverage players from their positions. The cryptocurrency often moves in the opposite direction of the majority of traders and makes a run for the liquidity pools created by over-leverage positions.

In this case, retail traders might have jumped into the bullish price action experienced this week by taking longs in hopes of further appreciation. Bennett believes that with these players out of the way, the market might be readying for a bounce:

BTC long liquidations run at $19,600, as mentioned yesterday in Discord. Now probably time for a bounce back to $20,500. Just trading both sides of the range for now.

In general, Bennett has been bullish on Bitcoin and will maintain this biased as long as BTC’s price stays above $18,700. This price is the bottom of a potential channel created by the cryptocurrency over the past months.

The recent price action has been hinting at a longer relief rally into the $26,000 area. In the short term, with leverage longs out of the game, it might be time to squeeze out the shorts. The analyst added:

I still think it’s only a matter of time before we see short liquidations run between $20,450 and $20,800. Just playing the range for now.

Macro Forces Push Down Crypto Market

What prompted Bitcoin to crash from its weekly high? A pseudonym trader believes it was the recent data on Job numbers in the U.S. economy. This report might provide the U.S. Federal Reserve with support to continue hiking interest rates to take down inflation, and risk-on assets with it as a consequence.

As reported by NewsBTC, the Fed’s monetary policy has been costly for equities and the crypto market moving in tandem with these assets Now, the Job numbers are telling the financial institution that it can keep on applying pressure to the markets.

However, this trader believes the recent price action has switched back to sideways mode, and that Bitcoin might avoid any catastrophic downside price action, for the time being. Via Twitter, this trader said:

This puts us back in the middle of the eternal 18.5-20.5K area and because of this we’re quite a way out from any break out, be it up or down. Unless something special happens I’d say it’s likely we stay within this area roughly until at least the CPI number next Wednesday.

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Shiba Predator Cracks Double-digit Gains, How Far Can Price Go?

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Shiba Predator Cracks Double-Digit Gains, How Far Can Price Go?
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  • QOM price continues with strong momentum after a breakout with double-digit gains for holders. 
  • QOM trades just above key resistance as price ranges above 8 and 20-day EMA.
  • The price of QOM struggles to flip key resistance into support. 

Shiba Predator (QOM), a recently loved memecoin on the Ethereum (ETH) network, is tipped to outperform Shiba Inu and other memecoin after showing great rallying to a high of $0.0000004, winning the heart of many after a few months’ surge but could be set to replicate this move. All indicators and patterns are showing the price of Shiba Predator (QOM) could be ready for a rally.

Shiba Predator (QOM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart.

Despite struggling to break above $0.0000000445 in recent weeks, the price was rejected and has continued in a range-bound movement as the price prepare to trend higher to a region of $0.00000007. QOM’s price found its weekly support at $0.0000000440 after the price dropped by over 70% in the past few weeks, as the current market has not given QOM the space to trend. 

There is no doubt that the price of QOM will show great strength when the current state of the market recovers from its bearish mode. QOM continues to range with little volume to break out of this structure as the price rallied with a gain of 17%.

After seeing its price retesting a weekly low of $0.0000000440, the price of QOM rallied recently to a region of $0.0000000750 but was rejected in an attempt to break higher for the price to trend. The price of QOM has maintained a range-bound movement for some time now and could be set for a major rally. 

Weekly resistance for the price of QOM – $0.0000000750.

Weekly support for the price of QOM – $0.0000000440.

Price Analysis Of QOM On The Daily (1D) Chart

Daily QOM Price Chart | Source: QOMUSDT On

On the daily timeframe, the price of QOM continues to show strength as the price pulled a 17% gain despite the market looking to have stalled in price movement. QOM aims to rally to a high of $0.0000000750 after a successful breakout from a range channel that its price formed. 

The price of QOM currently trades at $0.0000000400, just above the 8 and 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The price at $0.0000000390 corresponds to the price at 8 and 20-day EMA for QOM on the daily timeframe.

QOM’s price needs to hold this region of $0.000000045 with good volume for the price of QOM to push the price higher to a region of $0.0000000770. 

Daily resistance for the FLOKI price – $0.0000000770.

Daily support for the FLOKI price – $0.0000000400.

Featured Image From Zipmex, Charts From Tradingview 

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Relictum Ecosystem Has Presented a Road Map of Burning GTN Tokens

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Relictum Ecosystem Has Presented A Road Map Of Burning Gtn Tokens
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The team has taken the decision to burn 5,000,000,000 GTN, which is 50% of the initial emission. The first 5,000,000,000 GTN were burnt on 15 September 2022, which was 20% of the initial emission. The second burn took place on October 1, 2022 in the amount of 375,000,000 GTN tokens.

  • The hash of the first burning transaction (2 000 000 000 GTN) 
  • The hash of the second burning transaction (375 000 000 GTN) 

The following 3,000,000,000 GTN will be burnt during next 2 years, 375,000,000 GTN each quarter. 

  • 1 October 2022 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 January 2023 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 April 2023 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 July 2023 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 October 2023 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 January 2024 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 April 2024 – 375 mln GTN
  • 1 July 2024 – 375 mln GTN

Also GTN token has been listed on the LBank exchange🚀

The Relictum team is preparing hot news and events, which you can follow in the social networks of the project:

Disclaimer: TheNewsCrypto does not endorse any content on this page. The content depicted in this press release does not represent any investment advice. TheNewsCrypto recommend our readers to make decisions based on their own research. TheNewsCrypto is not accountable for any damage or loss related to content, products, or services stated in this press release.

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Announcing Celo Camp Batch 6, With New Founders Support from Coinbase Cloud

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Announcing Celo Camp Batch 6, With New Founders Support From Coinbase Cloud
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  • Over 350 applicants from 65 countries applied, with 30 shortlisted candidates
  • Coinbase Cloud will offer perks for Celo Camp founders
  • Most teams focused on regenerative finance (ReFi) for real-world impact
  • Alums from the first five Celo Camp cohorts have processed transactions on the Celo blockchain valued at an estimated $1B, and raised over $120M from tech investors

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Celo Camp, the eight-week virtual acceleration and mentorship program launched in early 2020 in partnership with Upright, announces its Batch 6 cohort. In total, 30 teams were selected from a group of 356 applicants across 65 countries, driven by interest in Celo’s carbon-negative, mobile-first platform and its mission to create prosperity for all.

“Evidenced through the applications received for Batch 6, a considerable number of global builders are moving into the ReFi space,” says Rachel Jakob, Upright’s Program Manager. “It’s exciting to see so many people working on projects for real-world impact…I’m looking forward to watching these collaborations come to fruition in the coming months.”

Celo Camp guides Web3 developers to launch and scale projects, connect with like-minded builders, and prosper in the blockchain ecosystem. Batch 6 will further benefit from a new collaboration with Coinbase Cloud and its Web3 Accelerator Program, which will provide a suite of Web3 APIs, services, and infrastructure and up to $25,000 in Cloud Credits.

Coinbase Cloud joins AWS, Hubspot and Twilio SendGrid in offering Celo Camp teams ongoing services and support. “The Celo ecosystem attracts some of Web3’s best founders and builders from around the world, and Celo Camp plays an integral role,” says Xochitl Cazador, the Celo Foundation’s Head of Ecosystem Growth. “We provide founders with robust support so that they may achieve wider adoption, as with Celo Camp’s new Coinbase Cloud collaboration, and more broadly through the Celo Foundation’s founders residency and recent partnership with IDEO.”

Additionally, Batch 6 teams will receive input from mentors at leading Web3 and tech organizations, including NFX, Coinbase Cloud, Climate Collective, Flori Ventures, Digital Assets, Collider Ventures, Sunset Ventures, Ubeswap, Teller Finance, Valora, Flow Carbon, Cross River, Echo VC, GoodGhosting, Impact Market, Dotdots, Finoa, 50years, Build AI, cLabs, and the Celo Foundation; technical support from Celo ecosystem engineers will also be provided, alongside invitations to networking events and workshops led by industry experts, investors, and partners.

To date, alums from the first five Celo Camp cohorts have processed transactions on the Celo blockchain valued at an estimated $1B. The cohorts also raised more than $120M from tech sector investors, including Polychain, Davoa Capital, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Mercy Corps, Allegory, and Flori.

Celo Camp’s Batch 6 includes the following participants across ReFi, DeFi, payments, the creator economy, P2E, and DAOs: Kolor, Blockless, inTheory, Neutral Protocol, Nomis, Whatclass, Skylink, AgriVirtus, SAVE by Alice, Monad, NRverse, Vault3, Vollar, Tokpay, PrintNet3D, Autify Network, Carbon 2 Climate, Rebioca, CarbonPath, Eco Labs, Silvi, Renie, PayBox web 3.0, Plantiverse, Circonomy, LazyFi, Metapyxl, Boom Boogers, Whal3s, Stunning Green.

Ten finalists will present their projects to the Celo community, their mentors, and investors at Demo Day on November 15. The winner and runner-up will be announced on December 6, when the first prize of 10k cUSD and the second prize of 5K cUSD will be presented. The five teams with projects that most reflect the Celo community tenets—design for all, strive for beauty, innovate on money, and embrace humility—will receive 2K cUSD each.

About the Celo Foundation

The Celo Foundation was founded in 2017 to support the growth and development of the decentralized, open source, mobile-first Celo platform to help build a carbon-negative financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity for all. The Foundation is guided by the Celo community tenets and contributes to education, technical research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecosystem outreach—activities that support and encourage an inclusive financial system. For more about Celo, visit

About Upright

Upright, a platform that connects founders to blockchain protocols via acceleration programs, is one of the earliest companies to create and manage virtual accelerators and entrepreneurship programs for layer 1 protocols. Upright connects founders with mentors, investors and leading experts in the web3 space. Through its programs, founders from all over the world collaborate, learn and grow together.


[email protected]

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Satoshi Solution States Crypto Winter Impacted Less on Hiring

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Satoshi Solution States Crypto Winter Impacted Less On Hiring
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  • Pullum also stated his belief that more progress in the crypto field will be made in the future.
  • According to the co-founder of Satoshi Solution, recruiting will increase in 2022.

As the crypto markets continue to plummet, the majority of crypto businesses announced layoffs earlier this year. And larger firms, like Coinbase, have also announced layoffs. During a down market, it appears that there are few possibilities in the blockchain space. And a crypto-focused Chief exec feels that is not the case.

Executive Perspectives on the Opportunities

Clayton Pullum, co-founder, and director of Satoshi solutions spoke to Cointelegraph at the recent Blockchain Summit in Dubai 2022 and discussed views about the current status of recruiting in the crypto field.

According to Pullum, the recruiting culture now is substantially different from the hiring scenario during the bull market. The prior bull runs, according to the executive, were characterized by firms “hiring like crazy” and paying developers salaries ranging from $500,000 to $700,000. However, the director of the recruitment business stated that this is no longer the case. He stated that based on their observations, recruiting managers have placed a greater priority on strategy.

According to him, the positions have expanded from developers to marketing professionals, analytics, compliance, and legal employees. He also added that the crypto industry still lags behind other industries, including traditional banking, in terms of internship opportunities and entry-level roles. In traditional banking, it is 44% of internship opportunities as compared to crypto 4%.

Pullum also stated his belief that there would be more advancements in the field in the future, requiring the need for more skill. Companies with strong services, according to Pullum, will be able to weather the crypto winter and achieve victory. 

Pullum stated that:

“We’ve seen all the firms that emerged from the 2017-2018 crypto winter, and I’m certain that we’ll see the same thing in 2022.”

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ELYSIA Signs MOU with Galaxia Metaverse

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Elysia Signs Mou With Galaxia Metaverse
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SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DeFi—ELYSIA, a blockchain project specializing in real estate tokenization and securitization, has signed a cooperation agreement with Galaxia Metaverse, a subsidiary of Hyosung Group, which is one of the largest businesses in South Korea.

1665147936 627 Elysia Signs Mou With Galaxia Metaverse

Through this cooperation, Galaxia Metaverse commits to support sales by registering RWA (Real-World Asset) provided by ELYSIA through the NFT marketplace MetaGalaxia, and ELYSIA commits to provide RWA with transparency and proof of guarantee of data verification and stake distribution on the blockchain.

Both companies agreed to share their know-how on product planning and commercialization so that RWA can be safely sold within the system. The ELYSIA team will continue to make efforts to expand its business through various partnerships in the future.


ELYSIA is a real-world asset tokenization project. It is a protocol that makes real-world assets into RWA so that they can be used on the blockchain, and RWA created in ELYSIA can be used in ELYFI, another service of ELYSIA. ELYFI is ELYSIA’s DeFi service based on real-world assets. In ELYFI, real-world asset owners can raise funds by borrowing RWA as collateral or by selling RWA.

About MetaGalaxia

MetaGalaxia, an NFT Platform, intends to create a business ecosystem to provide a reliable and sustainable NFT environment to various creators and buyers. The GALAXIA(GXA) is a blockchain-based platform centered on rewards and payments that can be applied to real life. MetaGalaxia provides a reward that users can receive when they are purchasing NFT within the platform. The user can conveniently view or purchase various NFT works through linking with the platform. The platform plans to conduct an RWA project that enables diversified investment by purchasing real estate and art, which are valuable assets that actually exist, where users can pay with GALAXIA(GXA).



Emanuel Duro (Global Marketing)

WhatsApp: +82-10-3949-8188

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @elysiaadmin

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