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Hellah Sidibe has been running every day for five and a half years and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon

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Hellah Sidibe Has Been Running Every Day For Five And A Half Years And Doesn'T Plan To Stop Anytime Soon
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Every day, whatever the weather, Hellah Sidibe puts on her running shoes and heads for the nearest road, park or trail.

It’s a ritual he’s had for five-and-a-half years and Sidibe, 31, doesn’t plan to break it anytime soon, no matter where he is or what life throws at him.

“Right now I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I see myself doing this for the rest of my life,” he told CNN Sport.

On May 15, 2017, Sidibe decided to run 10 minutes every day for two weeks. Tired of making empty promises to go to the gym, he wanted to hold himself accountable for a small, manageable exercise routine.

It wasn’t long before Sidibe began to step up his ambitions. The races got faster and longer, and soon he planned to go every day for a year.

Days passed, and little by little he began to hit other milestones – two years, three years, 1,000 days. His only stipulation, which Sidibe still adheres to, is that his races be outdoors and at least two miles long.

Unbeknownst to him, he had become a running streaker – a label for people who make a long-term commitment to running every day.

According to Streak Runners International and the United States Running Streak Association, an organization that tracks running streaks, Jon Sutherland, 71, tops the list of active running streaks for 53 years — nearly 19,500 days.

Sidibe may still be decades away from joining longtime disciples of running, but his five-and-a-half-year journey has radically redefined his outlook on the sport.

A promising football player in his youth, Sidibe viewed running as a form of punishment and spent sleepless nights the night before fitness tests.

That quickly changed with the advent of his racing streak.

“I just said, ‘I want to face a fear, but I invite it’,” recalls Sidibe. “I wasn’t pushing against it – I was inviting this thing that I don’t really know. I’m making something out of it that might not be so bad.

“I saw running as a privilege that not everyone has,” he continues. “I want to use this privilege of mine when there are people who can’t walk, let alone run. It fuels that thing in you, and you go out and do it – there are no excuses.

Growing up in Mali, Sidibe sometimes spent whole days playing football in the streets and fields near his family home. He and his friends idolized Brazilian great Ronaldo – crudely painting his name and number nine on the back of their shirts – and at the same time Sidibe dreamed of playing for Chelsea in the Premier League.

When her family moved to the United States, these aspirations accelerated. Sidibe played NCAA Division 1 football with the University of Massachusetts and later attracted interest from clubs in Major League Soccer and Bundesliga 2, Germany’s second division.

He signed a professional contract with Kitsap Pumas, an affiliate of the Seattle Sounders, but visa issues and a cap on the number of non-US citizens allowed on an MLS roster hampered his progress.

Eventually, Sidibe gave up his football career.

“It hurts you – no matter how hard you work, but that one piece of paper keeps you from it,” he says of his visa issues.

“Things that I wasn’t in control of kind of put me in a state where, looking back, there’s definitely some depression there. I was always a happy guy, but I always found myself sad… I entered this dark point in my life where I didn’t like anything, I didn’t smile as much and I didn’t want to talk to anyone as much as I was doing before.

Even now that Sidibe is an American citizen, he has no plans to return to football, his love for the sport has waned after swinging between teams and trials.

Over time, running became a cornerstone of his life, and on day 163, his fiancée convinced him to make a YouTube video of the running footage.

Titled “Why I Run Every Day”, it proved an instant hit. Views and comments poured in, and the pair became YouTubers “overnight”, according to Sidibe. Today, their channel, HellahGood, has 276,000 subscribers, with top videos racking up millions of views.

In addition to updates on his streak, the channel also documents Sidibe’s experience of endurance feats – including his recent participation in the Life Time Leadville Trail 100 Run, an iconic 100-mile race in the Colorado and a 3,061-mile, 84-day race across America.

Sidibe Participates In Leadville 100.

Sidibe believes he is the first black man to complete a solo run across America, a feat he accomplished last year by averaging more than 36 miles a day across 14 states.

The challenge tested more than his endurance. Sidibe says he was stopped and questioned by police every day, each time explaining how he was on a transcontinental run for charity – a fundraiser for the non-profit organization Soles4Souls – and that the campsite -because in front of him was his two-person support team.

He also says he was insulted, called racial slurs and even threatened with a knife while running on Route 66.

Between these episodes, however, there were “beautiful” moments: strangers offering him food, water and money, as well as people running alongside him during stretches of the journey.

“Even though I had all these tough times, tough times…you couldn’t be mad at everything that was going on,” Sidibe says. “So many people put their energy and power together just to help you.”

The nasty moments of the challenge reminded Sidibe that running can leave him vulnerable to racist abuse.

He says he never felt unsafe in his New Jersey neighborhood, but makes a conscious effort to “look like a runner” when venturing further afield. That means wearing distinctive running gear — a vest, headphones, a backwards cap that doesn’t cover his face — and carrying hiking poles on trails and hills.

“Even with running across America, the pole I was holding helped me a lot on the hills, but most of the time I didn’t need it,” says Sidibe.

“I know if I hold it and have a vest on it’s going to make me feel like I’m doing something – I’m not just a running person. People use my race to make judgments that don’t shouldn’t even exist to target me.

There were times during the race across America when Sidibe paused to think of Ahmaud Arbery, the 25-year-old black man who was chased down and killed by three white men while running in a neighborhood near Brunswick, Georgia.

“It could have been me,” Sidibe says, adding that Arbery’s death “frightened so many runners.”

“For me, it’s important to be there to represent, to have people like me say, ‘You know what, Hellah does it. I’m going to go – it’s okay, we’re fine, we’re safe,’ Sidibe said, “Let’s think about the positive side of it.

Sidibe’s constant enthusiasm and contagious smile have endeared him to members of the running community, to whom he provides advice and shares his running experience.

While some will argue the importance of rest days in any training routine, Sidibe says he manages his running load by including lighter days — sometimes running only two or three miles at a time — and stays without. injury with stretching, massage, foam rolling. and strength training.

So far, he’s managed to maintain his injury streak – going down to 14 miles a week while dealing with damage to his hind shin – and surgery to remove a wisdom tooth.

Can Sidibe ever consider his streak coming to an end?

“Only the day I wake up and feel like I absolutely don’t like it,” he says. “I give myself permission to quit every day. There is no pressure to go on and on.


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Watch Nicola Coughlan read the opening lines of Bridgerton Season 3

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Watch Nicola Coughlan Read The Opening Lines Of Bridgerton Season 3
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Dear reader, we have a teaser.

Bridgerton fans should start swooning over what to expect from the third season of the Netflix series, because Nicholas Coughlanwho plays beloved Penelope on the show, just gave us a look.

During Netflix’s Tudum event on September 24, Claudia Jessy and Luke Newtonwho play Eloise and Colin Bridgerton respectively, are seen painting while discussing the upcoming season, when suddenly Nicola pops up asking the question we all obviously want the answer to: “Do you want to hear what I , I mean, Lady Whistledown has to say about Bridgerton season three?”

Luke’s response is that we all say “Absolutely”, while Claudia simultaneously says “Yeah”.

The three actors then draw attention to a storyline that reveals the title of season three, episode one. Nicola continues:Bridgerton season three, episode one, “Out of the Shadows”. Do you want to hear it?”

She goes on to read the opening lines of what’s to come in the upcoming season, saying, “Dear dear reader, we’ve been apart for far too long. Finally, London’s smart set has made a comeback, and so has this author As the season begins, the question on everyone’s mind is, of course, which new debutante will shine the brightest? This year’s crop looks quite dazzling indeed. Unfortunately, not all young ladies can catch the light. »


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North Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of US Vice President Harris’ visit

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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Ahead Of Us Vice President Harris' Visit
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SEOUL — North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast on Sunday, ahead of planned military exercises by South Korean and U.S. forces involving an aircraft carrier and a visit to the Vice President’s region. American Kamala Harris.

The South Korean military said it was a single short-range ballistic missile fired from near the Taechon area in North Pyongyan province just before 7 a.m.

Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said Japan believes he reached the maximum altitude at 50 km and may have flown on an irregular path. Hamada said it was outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone and there were no reports of navigation or air traffic problems.

Many of the short-range missiles tested by North Korea in recent years were designed to evade missile defenses by maneuvering during flight and flying in a lower, “depressed” trajectory, experts said.

“If you include the cruise missile launches, this is the nineteenth launch, which is an unprecedented rate. North Korea’s action poses a threat to the peace and security of our country, of the region and the international community and to do so while the invasion of Ukraine is unfolding is unforgivable,” Hamada said, adding that Japan had protested through the North Korean embassy in Beijing. . .

The launch comes after the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrived in South Korea to participate in joint exercises with South Korean forces, and ahead of a planned visit to Seoul this week by Harris.

It was the first time the North had carried out such a launch after firing eight short-range ballistic missiles in one day in early June, leading the United States to seek more sanctions for violating Security Council resolutions. the UN.

North Korea rejects UN resolutions as a violation of its sovereign right to self-defense and space exploration, and has criticized previous joint exercises by the United States and South Korea as evidence of their hostile policies.

The drills have also been criticized by Russia and China, which have called on all parties not to take steps that escalate tensions in the region, and called for an easing of sanctions.

After North Korea conducted an unprecedented number of missile tests earlier this year, including its intercontinental ballistic missiles for the first time since 2017, the United States and South Korea said they would strengthen joint exercises and military displays of power to deter Pyongyang.

“Defense drills are not going to prevent North Korean missile testing,” said Leif-Eric Easley, professor of international affairs at Ewha University in Seoul.

But U.S.-South Korean security cooperation helps deter a North Korean attack and counter coercion from Pyongyang, and allies must not let provocations prevent them from conducting military training and exchanges needed to maintain the alliance. , he added.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Saturday that North Korea may also be preparing to test a submarine-launched ballistic missile, citing the South Korean military.


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Rockies buried by Padres six-run seventh inning – The Denver Post

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Rockies Buried By Padres Six-Run Seventh Inning - The Denver Post
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The Rockies didn’t start their last night of the season at Coors Field quietly. They got their tails kicked in front of 45,983 fans.

San Diego, trying to secure the third and final wildcard spot in the National League, picked up a 9-3 victory on Saturday. The win kept the Padres two games ahead of Milwaukee for last place.

Coors Field hadn’t been kind to the Padres lately. Going into Saturday night’s game, they were 1-7 in LoDo this season and as of May 12, 2021, had lost 14 of their last 17 games here.

The Padres held a slim 3-2 lead going into the seventh before manhandling relievers Justin Lawrence and Chad Smith and scoring six runs. Lawrence, who the Rockies hope can become a late reliever next season, gave up a brace to Jurickson Profar, back-to-back walks to Juan Soto and Manny Machado, and a two-run single to Jake Cronenworth. .

Out Lawrence and in Smith, who surrendered an RBI single to Brandon Drury to load the bases, then walked Josh Bell to force a run. There were more than a few boobirds in what was left of the Saturday night crowd.

The boos continued when Ha-Seong Kim hit a high chopper that evaded rookie shortstop Ezequiel Tovar for a single and scored two more runs.

There were a few positive moments for the large crowd to pull together. Ryan McMahon started the first moto with a solo homer just ahead of Yu Darvish, McMahon’s 18th of the season. In the eighth, Randal Grichuk threw a solo homer with two outs from southpaw Tim Hill. Grichuk has hit 17 home runs this season.

Darvish pitched six innings, allowing two runs on five hits, eight strikeouts and one walk. He improved to 16-7 and maintained his 3.05 ERA.

Before the game, manager Bud Black said the biggest thing he wanted to see from right-handed starter Chad Kuhl was consistency. Kuhl got off to a good start.

denverpost sports

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Antyodaya Diwas 2022: History, significance and more

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Antyodaya Diwas 2022: History, Significance And More
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By 25 Sep 2022, 09:35 IST (Released)


Antyodaya Diwas is celebrated every year in honor of the late Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

Every year, Antyodaya Diwas is celebrated in India on September 25 to mark the birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya and to remember his life and legacy. In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the day in honor of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. He was a seasoned leader and politician and had a key influence on the Bharatiya Jana Sangh from which the BJP emerged.

The word Antyodaya means to uplift the poorest of the poor and the day is observed with the aim of reaching out and helping the last person in society.


Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya was born in Mathura in 1916. In the 1940s, he completed a 40-day camp in Sangh education and a two-year training at the RSS education wing.

He served the Bharatiya Jana Sangh from 1953 to 1968 where he became the source of ideological guidance and moral inspiration for the BJP and its establishment.

Besides all his organizational abilities, he was also known for his philosophical and literary works. He developed the concept of “integral humanism” advocating the holistic development of mind, body, intellect and soul.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya died at the age of 51 on February 11, 1968.


The spirit of the Antyodaya mission is to reach out to the last person, and therefore the motto of this day is to help all poor and rural youth in India and help them find opportunities for national and international jobs.

In 2014, on Antyodaya Diwas, the Ministry of Rural Development revived its existing skills development program called Aajeevika Skills as the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM). It was later renamed Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-NRLM in November 2015.

Several blood donation camps, seminars, conferences and other activities are organized during this day.


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Source – Arizona Cardinals James Conner (ankle) on track to play Rams

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Source – Arizona Cardinals James Conner (Ankle) On Track To Play Rams
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Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner will test his injured ankle ahead of Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, but he’s on track to play, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Conner, who is listed as questionable, sat out practice Wednesday before returning for limited work Thursday and Friday.

Conner was slowed by injury after his first run of the second half in last week’s 29-23 overtime win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Eno Benjamin and Darrel Williams shared the workload in place of Conner for the remainder of the game, with Williams rushing for a key 1-yard touchdown on the Cardinals’ fourth quarter comeback.

Conner, 27, signed a three-year, $21 million contract to stay at Arizona this offseason. He has 17 carries for 51 yards and a touchdown this season.


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No. 23 Texas A&M’s fumble recovery handed in for a touchdown propels Aggies over No. 10 Arkansas

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No. 23 Texas A&Amp;M'S Fumble Recovery Handed In For A Touchdown Propels Aggies Over No. 10 Arkansas
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NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

No. 23 Texas A&M suffered a huge upset at home against Appalachia State two weeks ago, but on Saturday they beat No. 10 Arkansas at AT&T Stadium, 23-21.

A wild turnover turned out to be a huge difference to the win.

Arkansas was only inches away from taking a two-touchdown lead in the second quarter. Instead, KJ Jefferson fumbled over the goal line and he was picked up by Tyreek Chappell who brought him back to the 18-yard line. But just as he was getting tackled, he handed it over to Demani Richardson who took the rest of the 82 yards for a touchdown with 3:11 left in the half.

Arkansas’ defense was able to force the Aggies to go for a 53-yard field goal that missed wide on the left, giving the Razorbacks a chance to take a lead at their own 36 with 6:30 to go. On the 3rd and 6th, Jefferson found Matt Landers for a 19 gain, followed by rushes from 11 and 10 yards from Raheim Sanders and Jefferson, respectively, to get to the opposing 21.


Texas A&M wide receiver Evan Stewart (1) celebrates his touchdown during the first half of the team’s NCAA college football game against Arkansas on Saturday September 24, 2022 in Arlington, Texas.
(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

But two plays later, a bad shot pushed them back to the 25th. On the 4th and 13th, Cam Little scored a 42-yard field goal to give Arkansas the lead, but he knocked it off the top of the post right. A&M managed to get down on one knee for the win.

Texas A&M Running Back Devon Achane (6) Carries The Ball During The First Half Of The Team's Ncaa College Football Game Against Arkansas On Saturday September 24, 2022 In Arlington, Texas.

Texas A&M running back Devon Achane (6) carries the ball during the first half of the team’s NCAA college football game against Arkansas on Saturday September 24, 2022 in Arlington, Texas.
(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)


A&M got the ball back at halftime and went for 70 yards on six plays, including a 26-yard catch by Donovan Greene. Devon Achane ran for a score of nine yards, and the PAT gave the Aggies a 20-14 lead.

After Arkansas went to three, the Aggies had a long steady drive, and a 32-yard catch by Ainias Smith put them inside the red zone, but they went no further and had to settle for a field goal. They did, however, give them a 23-14 lead with 3:48 left in the third.

After the two teams traded punts, the Razorbacks’ 13-play drive was capped off with a nine-yard touchdown from Jefferson, cutting their deficit to two with 10:05 left.

Achane rushed for 159 yards on 19 carries, including one for a score, while Max Johnson completed 11 of 21 passes for 151 yards and a touchdown.

Jefferson threw for just 171 yards but rushed for another 105 as the team’s top rusher. Warren Thompson had two catches for 57 yards and a touchdown, while Jadon Haselwood had 56 yards on five catches.

Texas A&M Wide Receiver Evan Stewart (1) Celebrates His Touchdown During The First Half Of The Team's Ncaa College Football Game Against Arkansas On Saturday September 24, 2022 In Arlington, Texas.

Texas A&M wide receiver Evan Stewart (1) celebrates his touchdown during the first half of the team’s NCAA college football game against Arkansas on Saturday September 24, 2022 in Arlington, Texas.
(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)


Texas A&M will visit Mississippi State next Saturday, while Arkansas will host Alabama.


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