Diagnosed With Asbestos Injury? – File An Asbestos Lawsuit

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If you have been diagnosed with asbestos injury you can file an asbestos lawsuit to recover for the suffering and pain. The condition is caused by exposure to asbestos in the work place for long periods of time. The asbestos lawsuit helps you to recover the amount which can be used for the huge hospital bills and wrongful death. Though the disease affects the individual, his whole family will have to bear the consequences due to the disease.

If you are looking for how to file an asbestos lawsuit here are a few simple steps which will help you. The first step will be to identify an asbestos lawyer. Since it is a highly specialized legal area you have to choose a lawyer very carefully by looking into various factors like his reputation, experience and other credentials. You can ask a series of questions which you give you an idea about all such details and also know about the time it will take for receiving the compensation after filing the lawsuit.

You should be very careful about the compensation you are likely to receive. Ensure that the fee you are going to pay the lawyer does not exceed the compensation. When you have identified a lawyer, your next step is to file the asbestos lawsuit with the court. The legal team will examine all your medical records and all other information and file a petition. You are the plaintiff and the company against whom you have filed the lawsuit is the defendant.

The next step is the discovery where both the legal teams will exchange information regarding the illness. They will also question you about your health, work and treatment. They may also try to find out other reasons for your illness for reducing the burden of the defendant. After this stage you will obtain a court date for the hearing. Most often, during this period the defendant will try and settle the case by paying some amount of money to you.

Your lawyer will advice you whether the offer is really good or wait for the trial for getting a better settlement for the asbestos lawsuit. If there was no settlement, the last step will follow. Your case goes to trial. If you win the lawsuit your lawyer can take his contingency fee from the amount the court orders. This is mostly 1/3 of the judgment amount. However, if the lawyer works on a contingency basis, you do not have to pay him anything if you lose the asbestos lawsuit.

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