Important Things to Ask Before Settling Your Personal Injury Case

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Arguably the most important thing to ask your layer at settlement time is if the settlement is fair. A lot of times insurance companies will attempt to settle outside of court at a lower dollar value then what a victim could get by filing a suit. Make sure to have your lawyer review their offer and decide whether or not it is fair to you, the victim. If your lawyer thinks the settlement offered is fair for what you have suffered, make sure it is enough for what you have suffered.

What this means is when debating whether to take a settlement or not, make sure it will cover all known damages. These include treatment cost, reimbursement for suffered pain, time off of work, possible loss of business, price for continued use of a rental car, cost of fixing your own vehicle, psychological counseling, transportation by others if you are unable to drive, and any other costs you were forced to pay out of pocket or lost due to your injury.

The best thing to do is keep a record of all expenses, both paid personally or lost from work. Make sure your lawyer already has the written documentation from your workplace verifying lost earnings.

Also remember you will have to pay taxes on lost wages (you would anyway), but not typically on pain and suffering monies, so those should be optimized.

Many times a severe enough injury can warrant collection from separate insurance policies at the same time. Ensure that your personal injury lawyer has pursued all of these prior to discussing a settlement. Ask your personal injury lawyer if they have had cases like yours previously, and ask to what success they were able to pursue lawsuits.

Ask how long they have been handling injury lawsuits as well as if they have ever been hired by another firm to defend a client. Having an experienced lawyer that has been wanted by other firms will only benefit your lawsuit.

If your lawyer decides the settlement is not a fair offer, do not be afraid to consider a lawsuit. Be prepared to go through the process by talking it out with your lawyer prior, as once you have been released by your doctor you must be prepared to file quickly. Do not be afraid to let your lawyer file the suit for you.

Be aware that insurance companies are not in a hurry to settle cases unless it for far less than your injury is worth, or unless they feel they feel pressured about having to defend your claim. Insurance companies typically only begin to seriously consider your claim once they feel the pressure of having to hire lawyers to defend against your suit.

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