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Why do I need moped insurance?

If you’re riding anything above 50cc (and even 50cc in some states) you are required by law to have insurance for your vehicle. The cheapest moped insurance is the so-called liability insurance which covers damage that you might inflict upon others or their property. For some reason most people don’t realize that they need to insure their moped just like any other vehicle, if it’s street legal it probably needs insurance.

Insurance is required by law as a guarantee that you can cover the damage that you might inflict upon other and their property, thereby insurance eliminates any disputes about your ability to compensate that person. If you want to spend as little as possible on moped insurance you will probably just get liability insurance.

If you also want to protect yourself as well you will want to get better coverage, depending on your needs. Depending on the company and package you get it can cover you from:

  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage caused by uninsured drivers

Of course everyone wants to spend as little as possible on things like insurance, while we can’t tell you which insurance is best and cheapest for you we can give you tips on how to find it.


When looking for moped insurance it is important to find all the insurance companies that provide moped insurance in your area. The more choices you have the greater the chance that you will find a great deal. Get quotes from all the insurance companies in your area and compare everything from prices to terms and coverage.

Highlight your good side

If you have a lot of experience riding and don’t have any major traffic violations make that a point when getting insurance. Insurance companies always give high rates to inexperienced drivers because they want to protect themselves as well.

Store your moped correctly

Another thing that gives insurance companies a great excuse to give you huge rates is storage. Make sure you have a locked space where you can keep your moped, like a garage. If you tell the insurance agent that your moped will be stored somewhere in the open they automatically assume that it’s easier to steal and charge you higher rates.


If you have a history of traffic violations, drunk driving or accidents you can count on the insurance company using that against you, if they’re even willing to insure you they will do it for ridiculous rates. Always avoid traffic violations not only do you have to pay for them, they also constantly come to bite you in the butt.

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