The Consequences of Negligent Driving For Pedestrians and Cyclists

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Walking and cycling offer a healthier and far more environmentally-friendly alternative to driving, especially in large cities. However, when collisions occur, pedestrians and cyclists are far more vulnerable than drivers. The victims of these collisions and their families shouldn’t have to live with thousands of dollars in medical bills because of another person’s negligent driving.

Pedestrians and cyclists have almost no protection from collisions with automobiles. Bicycle helmets may prevent many types of head injury, but a collision with an automobile means direct contact a cyclist or pedestrian’s unprotected body and a fast-moving machine weighing thousands of pounds. In the right circumstances, any type of pedestrian or cyclist accident can cause life-threatening injuries.

Accidents involving a driver and a pedestrian are almost never the pedestrian’s fault. If only because automobiles are so much quicker and more maneuverable than one’s feet alone, drivers have a much greater responsibility to ensure their actions do not lead to the injury or death of a pedestrian. Although people do sometimes knowingly or unknowingly dart into the path of an approaching vehicle, it is far more common for driver negligence to be the cause of a pedestrian’s serious injuries.

Cyclists have the same rights on the road as anyone driving an automobile. Collisions on city streets between a bicycle and an automobile rarely come out in the cyclist’s favor. Due to the potential consequences of a collision, drivers should be aware of cyclists in the roadway. Drivers who fail to yield to cyclists can be held accountable for the consequences of their negligent actions.

google news
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