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Writing insurance articles provide a major status, promotional, and money benefit for insurance agents and marketers. The internet is full of advertising, but searchers are looking online for information, like the type free insurance articles make available. See how insurance marketers and agents can drive traffic galore to their personal website simply by writing insurance articles.

The biggest problem of insurance agent and insurance marketing websites are getting online searchers to look at what they have to offer. You might be skeptical about just how providing free insurance articles to read are going to help sell insurance or find agents. You have great reason to be cynical, especially if you paid for internet advertising that resulted in very little return on your investment.

I will convince you of a secret method that guarantees receiving more interested free site visitors. Stay disbelieving, doubtful, and not persuaded until I provide you with factual, verifiable statistics. You will see what placing free insurance online has done for me. You will then be shown the inner workings of this truly magical attention grabber. Getting involved in writing insurance articles for your financial benefit is easy and extremely beneficial. 

My Online Free Insurance Article Attempts:  At first, I was uncertain, hesitant, and unconfident that writing about what I learned in my 40 years of an insurance advisor, marketing, and insurance selling would be beneficial. I started by writing articles on our website and had mixed results. Although my free articles were being read, they by themselves were not bringing in hordes of additional website traffic. After creating a dozen quality reports, I decided to stop writing until I did more research. In doing this, I stumbled across a still very well unknown, under used secret. I needed to get other websites to publish my insurance reports, but only if they sent traffic back to me.

The New Approach:  My research started paying off. I found there are at least 100 article and ezine information sites where you do not have to be a professional writer to submit an article. In addition, some of these sites had categories like insurance or investment where you can request your writing piece be categorized. However, they all have strict yet very fair guidelines to qualify your writing for review. You could not turn this into a piece to advertise your firm or yourself.

The information had to be beneficial free info to the general public or to associates in your industry. As a reward at the end of the article, you could put a couple lines about what you do PLUS a direct link to your website! In additional other viewers could put a copy of your article on their website, but ONLY if they also included the bottom bio. This part  being the info you provided including the link to your site. Now you have two sources sending interested readers to your insurance website as free traffic.  I decided to try it, and I will share how it works for me.

My insurance article results:  During the last 12 months, I have written just over 220 articles. The majority of times the topic was insurance agent skill enhancement or insurance marketers’ guidelines for successful recruiting. Now consider that many of these writings have not yet fully matured. By that, it means they have a recent publish date and still have lots of time to blossom further positive results. Here are just my results on using one of the best article publishing sites. I am getting a tiny bit smarter with each insurance article I publish.

The current rate of people reading one of my articles has shot upwardly, now progressing to around 2,500 weekly. Of these about 80 readers weekly are looking at my personal bio details. Here is the first kicker. From this one site, my insurance articles in total have garnered enough interest to be published over 1,800 times (with my website link and info)on other online internet sites. I might be an expert advisor, but not an expert writer. In spite of this, the top ezine information site has sent over 4,300 Free Visitors interested in seeing more on our website. Some of my top articles have each been published 25 times or more by other internet websites. My best writings have already been read over 1,700 times on just this one site.

Would you like thousands of interested free visitors yearly to your website? How about your articles appearing over 400 times in Google’s top three listing of search terms where there are 5,000 to 2,000,000 other competitive listings? Would you like to have without any effort other websites pick up your writing and put a link back to your website?  YOU CAN, examine the above proof of my current results, with plentiful benefits yet to arrive..

Here is the secret, no-cost procedure.  If you are an agent, write about an effective way you found to help make sales. For an insurance marketer, it might be about benefits to provide to retain agents. I use Microsoft Word to write my insurance articles. Here are two tips necessary to enhance success. First is making an attention getting headline to spark interest. Second is emphasizing a key word phrase, like “Kentucky life insurance agents” strongly throughout your article. Within just 2 days your article, with the keyword search term “Kentucky life insurance agents” could jump high up in Google or Yahoo search listings.

ARTICLE TIPS     When you write your article, choose a quality ezine or article directory sites. You can locate information sites with a simple lookup. NEVER PAY an article submission service to do submitting automatically or semi-automatically for you. The more traffic the site receives, the better chance your info is going to be read. Keep your writing to normally between 500 and 1,000 words, if it is too long consider breaking it into two submissions. Do not be afraid to take a copy of your article, put it on your personal website with a new title, keyword phrase, and modifications. Information websites beat out stronger competition.

Google rates your site from 0 upwards, with a large portion of consideration based on you providing information for visitors to read. If you see someone else,’s article you like, put it on your site, but remember to leave the required credits and linking to the original author. On the internet, content is king.  Writing insurance articles and having other websites display them gives you nothing but increased traffic, and status of being a professional in your specialized market area.

Yes, there is such a thing as FREE. I sure found that out. Use it yourself, experience that give and you shall receive works on the internet.

google news
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