Mayor Adams must reverse spike in emergency response times

Mayor Adams must reverse spike in emergency response times
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Mayor Eric Adams must get ahead of another sinister trend in public safety: increasing response times to crime, fire and medical emergencies.

The latest mayor’s management report (covering six months under the last mayor and six under the new one) revealed serious increases in response times to armed robberies, burglaries and other “critical crimes”. NYPD response times to all “ongoing crimes” dropped from 11 minutes, 40 seconds to 12 minutes, 44 seconds. And that extra minute can be crucial.

Average response times for FDNY ambulances and firefighters to “life-threatening medical emergencies” increased from 46 seconds, to 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

Yes, the increases may be partly related to post-pandemic traffic increases. But staffing shortages likely played a role as well, along with rising crime that keeps cops more busy.

Uniformed service morale is also down, as the city’s protectors feel like most politicians aren’t at a distance. (Damn, bus drivers feel the same – and with good reason.)

Deteriorating city finances as the recession looms may leave City Hall loath to hire to turn the tide, but that shouldn’t stop the mayor (for example) from scheduling more classes in the NYPD academy.

Public safety must be Adams’ top priority: the future of the city depends on it.

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