Top 7 Terminologies to Know If You Just Started in Internet Marketing

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Conversion rate in internet marketing means the amount of people that does something that you want them to do. So for example, if you have a sales page that have 1000 unique visitors a day and you have approximately 10 people a day that actually buy your product, that means you have a 1% conversion rate.

Gravity is a term used by ClickBank to represents the popularity rating of a product. The gravity number is a measure of how many different affiliates which actually earned a commission by promoting that particular product from the last 12 weeks. In short, gravity determines the “hotness” and the competition level of a product.

PPC is stands for Pay Per Click. What this means is you are willing to have your advertisement displayed by Google and you are also willing to pay for a certain amount of money whenever somebody clicks on your ads. For example, you have put an ad on Google and it viewed a thousand times but nobody clicks on it then you don’t need to pay. On the other hand, if you put another ad and it only viewed a hundred times but received 30 clicks then that means you have to pay 30 times.

CPC is related to PPC and it stands for Cost Per Click. It is the certain amount of money that you are willing to pay for a single click on your advertisement that brings you one visitor to your website or sales page. So for example, your sales page got 500 unique visitors from your ad campaign and Google ask you 25 cents for each click your ads received, then that means you have to pay Google 125 dollars.

CPM works almost the same like CPC and it stands for Cost Per Thousand (M is a roman numeral for thousand). But the difference is you paid the advertisers a certain amount of money every thousand times your ad is viewed. It doesn’t matter how many clicks you received from this ad as long as your ad has been viewed by 1000 visitors you have to pay some money.

CTR is stands for Click Through Rate, it means the same like conversion rate but only used for online advertising campaign. For example, if you have an ad and a hundred people see that and then only 1 person clicks on that ad then that means your ad has a 1% CTR.

Lead/Opt-in/Subscriber is another term that is used in list building and it means a person that is willing to be put on your list by giving you their name and email address so you can follow through them using their email address.

google news
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