Windshield Chip Repair – The Green Choice For Consumers

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Global warming has today taken on great proportions and most of us are quickly waking up to the efforts that must be made if we are to leave a better planet for the coming generations. The concept of going ‘green’ is catching up even in third world countries and industries and consumers alike are opting for green option rather than ignoring them. But while most of us are aware of the dangers of plastic not many of us know that windshield glass is also not recycled. So when you opt for a windshield replacement, your old auto glass simply ends up in our nation’s landfill and effects our environment negatively. Though there may be times when a windshield glass replacement is necessary, 90% of the time, a windshield chip repair will serve the purpose just as well.

Like in the case of a rock chip on your windshield that is the size of a quarter or less, windshield chip repair will work perfectly. Dings Plus introduces a door to door windshield chip repair technology that contains the chip on the windshield and also strengthens the auto glass. If not repaired on an immediate basis, a small rock chip or crack on the windshield will soon grow into a larger crack that will act both as an optical hazard during driving and also weaken the windshield. This will eventually lead to a windshield replacement. But if you are quick to react, things could be different.

Windshield chip repair provided by Ding Plus is a great way to ensure that you save your original windshield and do not opt for a replacement option. The company uses the latest technology to contain the chip on your windshield. Cracks as large as a quarter can also be contained. In fact Dings Plus is so sure of its windshield chip repair method that is provides and offers an iron-clad auto windshield repair guarantee. Dings Plus guarantees the windshield chip repair will not grow or spread for as long as the customer owns the vehicle or they will refund the original price of the windshield chip repair. Needless to say, with such surety, the windshield chip repair does seem like the better option and also one which is more ecologically friendly.

In fact windshield chip repair saves not only the environment, but also is the more cost effective method to utilize in cases of windshield rock chips and cracks. Dings Plus charges an affordable rate of $60 for the first chip and $30 for each additional chip on the same windshield. No doubt this offers a perfect combination for the consumers, who can save money while choosing the greener option.

google news
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