BellSouth Reverse Look Up Phone Number

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Reverse lookup of a BellSouth phone number means you want to find out the identity of the registered owner of a phone number. Reverse lookups are needed when somehow you have a number, but have no clue about whose number it is. The reason could be one of many – maybe you are getting an anonymous prank call, maybe you just forgot whose number you have with you, or just want to track someone down. Once you know it is a BellSouth number, you can easily track down that number using a BellSouth reverse lookup phone number directory.

Reverse Lookup Directories

The reverse lookup directory is not maintained by BellSouth itself, and neither is it the service provider to the consumer. Instead, there are companies which specialize in reverse searches. They have an arrangement with BellSouth and other cell phone companies. This is a business arrangement, and BellSouth charges the reverse directory company a small fee every time it accesses BellSouth’s consumer records. In turn you too have to pay a small fee if you want to reverse look up a number.

Free Methods to trace a Phone Number

There are free methods available to look up the owner of a number. The simplest method is a free method too. Just enter the number you want looked up in a search engine, and check the results. Many people share their number on pages such as classifieds or personal websites, and search engines crawl them when they traverse the internet. If you are lucky, your search results may include one of these pages. But chances are slim that you will get the desired results because not everyone shares their information online. In which case, you can try free services like to find the information.

Paying for Reverse Lookup

If the free methods have failed to give you results, you may need to pay for the reverse lookup phone number services, which will do a lookup for you. As mentioned, the reverse lookup directories take a small fee for the service. The fee is about $15 for a one-time lookup, and about $40 for an annual subscription, which allows you unlimited searches for a year. The results of the lookup will be shared with you instantly, and will include the name of the owner, his/her address, and other information if it is present in the BellSouth database.

The reverse lookup directories allow you a preliminary search so that you can see that the number you are interested in is present in the database. It is advisable to use this preliminary service before you choose a directory. The directories also offer a 100% money back guarantee, which means the risks of getting a raw deal for you are pretty much zero. The offer is valid for 60 days, which is the period in which you should do your search.

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