Forum Marketing Tips – The 3 Killer Ways to Market Your Website Using Forums

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When you first hear of the topic “forum marketing tips”, you usually think of the guys who spend all day spamming different posts with their various “limited time offers”. But marketing on forums is completely different.

When done properly, these forum marketing tips will propel your traffic into a frenzy and will build relationships with similar people in your niche, leading to more personal contacts, more JVs, more traffic, and ultimately – more sales.

Tip #1 – Post In The Advertising Section

I know this sounds pretty obvious, but it flat-out works and not a lot of people actually do it.

All you have to do is find the main forums within your niche, find the ‘advertising’ section for them (some may be easier to find than others), and post a thread in there advertising something free. A good example includes the Warrior Forum’s ‘Warrior Special Offer’ section.

That’s the key here – you must advertise something free. If you go all out and pitch your latest $197 product, you’re going to get a very low conversion rate due to the massive jump in free (posting on forums) to paid (buying your product). A few examples for this include a free e-book or video in exchange for their opt-in details.

If you can’t find the specific section for advertising, contact the administrator and ask him or her if the forum allows advertising in any of the other sections.

Tip #2 – Use A Signature

Although the signature is something often used for SEO purposes to get your website ranked in Google for something, people forget that it’s also a major traffic driver, too.

The tip here is again, to give out something free, but lead into the link with something convincing. For example,

“For professional website graphics that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, visit: ==> [website]”

This states several benefits to the user, and also draws attention to the link with the clever use of a text-based arrow.

Tip #3 – Use Forum Blogs

Not a lot of forums have this capability installed, but when they do, this is a major traffic-getter.

All you have to do here is provide as much value to the reader as humanly possible. You may only get one shot to keep their attention, so make it worth it. When the reader has finished reading your value-packed blog, they’ll most likely want more information from you, so make sure to link to your opt-in page (or your blog) in your forum profile and forum blog resource box.

As you can see, each of these forum marketing tips are extremely valuable, so get implementing them right away for maximum results and optimum sales.

See you soon,

– James.

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