Personal Injury Lawsuits: Getting Justice Against Burn Injuries

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According to an estimate by American Burn Association, there are about 1 million burn injury cases in USA every year. Moreover, 45000 of such injury patients require hospitalization. There are burn centers in hospitals specializing in treating patients with burn injuries.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2005 stated that burn related injuries are the 5th most common cause of unintentional death in USA. Here, in USA in the year 2005 there were about 1602000 reported fire cases resulting in death and injuries. Everyday people sustain minor burn injuries from hot oil and handling cooking related utensils. But they hardly make it to a court of law.

However, negligence on the part of a manufacturer, employer, etc. resulting in injury or death will surely cause personal injury lawsuit. This is the jurisdiction of a Personal injury attorney. The cause and other related factors will give rise to a strong case of personal injury. The causes of fire may also vary as well as the magnitude of injury-

  • Building fires especially in tall buildings can be catastrophic. Strategies tend to fail as the height of the building increases. However, lawsuit can be filed if the builder or property owner hasn’t complied with government safety standards.
  • Chemical burns can take place in a school laboratory as well as a factory environment. Certain chemical burns are not obvious but can cause deep tissue damage. In case of workplace related burns the plaintiff needs to prove that the employer has failed to provide safety gear, etc. The process of injury can also determine the fate of the case. In case the chemical was inhaled or consumed the defense can say that the plaintiff tried to commit suicide. In case of negligence on the part of plaintiff will weaken his/her case.
  • Negligence is not always necessary to get harmed by a defective product. In case of defective product (design, manufacturing defect or inappropriate marketing) fire injuries, the plaintiff has to prove the product was defective. Injuries can be result of electrocution too. As per US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 400 electrocution related victims every year.
  • Flammable Fabrics Act (1953) regulates the production of flammable clothes. Presence of flammable material in clothing can be proved as mark of negligence.
  • National Fire Protection Association estimated majority of fire related cases occurs in homes without fire alarms.

There are several other types of fires. In any case a legal evaluation is required before claiming compensation from an offender. Denver residents approach a local Denver Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in fire related lawsuits. The lawsuit will be initially filed in the lowest court under the jurisdiction of which the accident occurred.

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