The Lost Art of Email Marketing in the Social Media Age – Part 2

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In part one of this post we have discussed why it is so important to use email marketing. In this part we will be discussing some of the steps on how to actually accomplish it. When you can grow your business without having to do much work, and spend minimal money; you’re able to have a much larger client base to work with.

Obtain an Email Marketing Platform

These choices provide all the tools you need to create and manage an email marketing campaign, including: list management, performance tracking, customer unsubscribe and subscribe.

Sending email to a large amount of recipients from your personal account will most likely tag your email as SPAM. So using a personal email is not suggested when sending out marketing emails. Choosing one of these email marketing clients will provide you with a better basis for sending out mass emails to potential customers and clients.

Some of the ideal email clients to go with for email marketing include, but are not limited to:

MailChimp – For an affordable price per month, you’re able to enjoy list building, email blasts, email templates and just about any other marketing email service you’re in need of. Enjoy the benefits of effective email marketing blasts.

iContact – This platform allows you to build onto the templates that they’ve put together. This is a great way to learn how to market through email, but can also be ideal since they provide extra help as needed.

AWeber – It is inexpensive and high end, making it an ideal choice. With multiple functions, the emails you send out will be received easily and effectively while not being overly complicated.

Build Your Email List

It’s the technology age, so forget handing out clip boards or luring people to provide their emails to view their photos on your website. Rather leverage how your customer’s currently interact with you online to build your email list.

Use These Tips to Build a List:

Encourage your guests to RSVP for your events or signup for your newsletter by providing their email addresses. There are applications that make this easy for all to do. Once they sign up, you cannot be referred as SPAM through the system.

Pair RSVP and newsletter signups with incentives / promos in order to encourage people to take action. For example you can offer free entry before a certain time or free drink tickets in the case of newsletter.

To get the most results, encourage your guests to sign-up for your newsletter or RSVP in all of your marketing campaigns, including social media website

Decide On Your Content

The general rule for email marketing content is to keep it relevant to your customers and give your customer a call to action. After all, whats the good that comes from investing in an email marketing platform if you don’t ask your customers do anything with it. The good news for nightlife is you have great content at your disposal in the form of your events. Make sure when sending your events to your clients you urge them to RSVP, a call to action that invites them to do so with ease.

Want to offer additional content? Consider putting together newsletters revolved around the latest happenings with your event or venue, pop-culture and music news, life hacks or any other information your target audience might find appealing. You will want to find creative ways to ask your guests to do something, whether it is checking out your upcoming events, visit your website, sign up with your venue, etc.

Distribute Your Content

Once you’ve decided on your content and have your email marketing platform packed with emails, the next step is to use the platform to run your campaign. Take advantage of scheduling features to send repeated marketing campaigns. Use performance and tracking features to track the performance of your campaigns and gather intelligence on your guest habits. Find out just how many leads you’re getting from emails, all from the one email client doing the work for you.

This will end up bringing a lot more clients into your bar, restaurant or club; allowing you to increase your overall revenue.

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