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Hiring Made Easy, 5 Tips To Hire Better And Productive Employees

What makes a business a business?  Not only some out-of-the-box ideas and fierce marketing skills to sell it, but you also need a budget and a team of dedicated employees to turn your vision into reality. As always, running a company smoothly gives more headaches than starting out.  As the great thi

Interview Introduction

What makes a business a business?

Not only some out-of-the-box ideas and fierce marketing skills to sell it, but you also need a budget and a team of dedicated employees to turn your vision into reality. As always, running a company smoothly gives more headaches than starting out.

As the great thinkers said, understanding human nature is a mystery to God, which hits even harder when that human being may change everything about your endeavors.

A team of skilled, good employees may take your company from the basement to the high table of Commerce, and obviously, hiring a bunch of bad employees only ensures a slow death of your dream to own the business world.

Money, time, energy, reputation, and more, cost a lot.

Hands down, hiring the best productive employees for your business is difficult. That’s how it is. You just accept it. But do you retreat? Why?

That’s what we’re discussing here today. Keep scrolling, and you’ll learn a few things soon.

  1. Company Values Come First

Every business has a motto, some predefined goals, and a fixed set of values that the founders of the directors believe in. It may be as simple as some special office culture, the type of product your company sells, or what your firm demands from the staff.

You must know what you are and what you’re looking for as an employer.

Just like, the potential candidates should know if they can fit into the company policy and shine by the rulebook.

This is vital for both sides to get the right match fast and easily.

  1. Soft Skills Are a Winner

We love people who explain boring stuff like a story.

People spend time and loads of money on learning marketing, programming bla bla bla but hardly take time to even think about soft skills.

Soft skills are not about talking softly with a forced accent. It might sound catchy but does it help your company? Mostly, no.

Working skills would be top-notch for most of them. But you don’t need robots; a company demands enthusiastic workers who know how to communicate when needed—speaking, writing, listening, and presenting matters.

  1. Evaluate, Constantly and Consistently

Hiring doesn’t end with the interview. Learning about newly hired candidates is a constant process that takes effort but pays back, certainly.

An interview involves many factors, including luck, and it isn’t that rare to hire an employee who rocked the interview and impressed the whole board but is a poor performer.

Probably this is why renowned entrepreneur Eben Pagan, in his TedTalk, said, “Hire slowly, fire quickly.”

After all, business, at its core, is nothing but a team game like football. Even if one member fails to comply, the whole team suffers. So, cast the team carefully. These people are the fundamental parts and parcels of your institution.

  1. Leveraging your Network

Putting it simply, “Leveraging” means knowing how to use things you already have. This is more smart work than hard work.

In hiring, leveraging can come in various forms, using referrals from the current employees, taking the help of an employment agency, hiring freelancers from social media or job networking sites, offering internships to find raw talent, or temporary postings to understand the employee’s suitability and more.

Now you’re going to say it’s easier said than done.

Agreed. But why are you taking extra stress on your own shoulders? We live in the 5G era, so why not use its full potential? This is called leverage on the technology.

Many start-ups, professional coaches, and even online services help you with this, like Compono, a company founded by young entrepreneurs, psychologists, and data scientists.

Compono believes in intelligent hiring. They offer Candidate analysis, job analysis, and even Company analysis using advanced Machine learning, AI data models, and scientific psychological techniques to predict the right fit for you. This company even offers a few courses.

To know more, we’d suggest looking through:, their official website.

Now, last but not least –

  1. Leadership Qualities for the Captain

Employees are your human resources; like every other resource, you must learn how to utilize them wisely. This is where your leadership skills play a pivotal role.

A ship without a captain is lost in the waves.

A captain knows how to bring out the best from his folks. So you, captain of your business, must act like a worthy one.

Leadership skills can vary from collecting regular feedback, conversations with the team, or knowing who is suitable for which role.

For more tips on hiring skills, you may read a resourceful article here.

So that’s all. All these might sound overwhelming, but we believe you can be the next Interview room Maestro, the Big Boss with an eye for the gems, out of this crowd.


Brandon Rachel

Brandon Rachel is a novelist, blogger, and aspiring screenwriter currently residing in the DMV. Brandon started his writing journey as a young kid, penning short stories and poems.