4 Best Instruments to Learn for Adults and Children

4 Best Instruments to Learn for Adults and Children
4 Best Instruments to Learn for Adults and Children
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Music fuels your soul. And throughout the ages, it’s been used to express emotions that words can’t do alone. 

Learning a new instrument is exciting and will positively impact your life. If you’re considering the best options for learning instruments, we’re here to list the best instruments you can start learning today. 


Rhythm is one of the most vital aspects of playing music. The drums are percussion instruments that come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They’re naturally playing with different tools, from bare hands to wooden sticks. 

Playing drums can alleviate anxiety, depression, stress, and disappointment. Drumming is highly interactive and forces you to break complex tasks into manageable parts. Since timing and coordination is a huge part of success, it forces the drummer to be actively engaged. Finding the best drum set that fits your playing style, music genre, and preferences is vital when starting as a beginner.  


The guitar is a string instrument that features between four to eighteen strings. There are various guitars, such as an electric guitar or bass guitar, all of which have unique qualities. The sound is projected acoustically by fretting the strings and plucking or strumming the strings with the other hand. 

Generally, it takes time to determine which guitar you love and are good at playing. Electric guitars can be a great option since they allow you to explore your options. You can play classical music fingerstyle or love strumming chords. 

If you enjoy the beats and bass of the music, you may want to consider the bass guitar. They work in tandem with the drummer. Many bass guitarists perform professionally, either as soloists or with a drummer. Bass guitar players tend to find work more easily than guitar players. 


The piano and keyboard are keyed instruments that have been excellent outlets for creative expression. Many modern pianos have 52 white and 36 black keys, played using a keyboard. Keyboards are unique from pianos because their sound is produced electronically and provides portability. 

Children who learn to play piano will develop concentration, emotional expression, and perseverance. It also enhances their fine motor skills while improving their focus and memory. Playing piano has shown to be a great stress reliever and helps to bolster self-esteem. 

One study found that piano practice has profoundly positive effects on mood, cognitive function, and quality of life in older adults. 


The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched string instrument. It has four strings, played by drawing a bow against them. 

Violins are vital musical instruments in many genres, such as jazz, classical, folk, and country music. Playing the violin demands impeccable posture and offers excellent benefits, such as improved discipline, coordination, and concentration. 

Wrapping It Up 

Learning a new instrument is similar to learning a new language. It requires continuous, consistent practice and persistence. However, research has shown musicians have enhanced brain development, particularly in integrating sensory information from hearing, sight and touch. 

Furthermore, the ability to play a musical instrument can open doors, helping you make new friends or find new ways to earn a living. 

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