Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Increases Endorphin Levels

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Low Dose Naltrexone – What Is It?

Naltrexone has been prescribed for over 40 years and is FDA approved to treat both obesity and opiate dependencies. Any dosage of Naltrexone below 10mg/day is considered to be a low dose, with the typical dosage being around 4.5mg/day. LDN, otherwise known as Low Dose Naltrexone, has also found new and unique uses in the market today.

In most scenarios, LDN is prescribed in capsule form. However, it can also be prescribed in other forms such as troche, creams, or a liquid. Most patients claim to see results within the first few weeks of taking LDN, as patients typically start with a low dose, and increase gradually over a certain period of time. Companies such as AgelessRx, a company that specializes in online prescription therapies, can easily prescribe LDN to users online after they have completed an online evaluation     .      

When prescribed in the low dose form, LDN can help with a multitude of different ailments and issues such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, cancers, chronic pain, immune system dysfunction, and other mental health-related issues, as well.  

LDN Increases Endorphin Levels

Back in the 1980s when naltrexone was first introduced, it was used to block opioid receptors. However, the issue with this was that those receptors were initially meant to be activated by endorphins, but opioid drugs also were known to stimulate those receptors. In turn, when prescribed the higher doses of naltrexone, the body was entirely blocking its opioid receptors, thus blocking the body’s production of endorphins, as well.  

According to Women’s International, naltrexone, when prescribed in a low dose, only temporarily blocks our body’s opioid receptors which actually causes an increase in the production of our body’s endorphins, increasing the endorphin levels by up to 3x. The increase in endorphin levels helps to not only reduce inflammation but also to relieve pain and improve our overall health and well-being. The increase in endorphins also helps with our body’s immunity and regulates cell growth. Overall, LDN can be extremely beneficial in helping to increase our body’s endorphin levels which, in turn, provides several other unique health benefits to our bodies.

What Else Can LDN Help With?

However, LDN has gained traction in the market for several other reasons aside from its ability to help increase endorphin production. As discussed previously, there are also several other unique health benefits associated with taking low-dose naltrexone. Listed below are a few of the many reasons patients are quickly turning to LDN.

Encourages weight loss

As discussed previously, naltrexone was FDA approved to help those who suffer from obesity. However, when used in a low-dose form, LDN can help to encourage weight loss among users.      LDN works to decrease users’ overall desire for food. However, this alone won’t cause you to see dramatic changes in your overall weight. It must be taken in combination with other dietary and lifestyle changes, as well.

Reduces brain fog and overall fatigue

Inflammation within the brain is oftentimes one of the leading causes of brain fog. When taking LDN, it helps to reduce that inflammation, thus also helping to reduce brain fog, as well. LDN can also drastically increase our body’s endorphin production, as mentioned previously. The increase in the number of endorphins being produced can help patients to feel calmer and more at ease overall. It can also contribute to the reduction of pain and inflammation within the body that may cause patients to have a poor quality of sleep.

Lowers markers of inflammation

Again, LDN’s ability to increase endorphin production also plays an integral role in the reduction of inflammation within the body. Endorphins are critical to ensuring our immune health, and when our bodies begin to release more endorphins, it also helps to put our immune systems back into a state of balance. Overall, the upregulation of endorphins being produced improves our overall immune systems, thus also contributing to the reduction of inflammation within the body.

It’s no secret that naltrexone, when prescribed in a lower dose, has several unique benefits associated with its use, and a large number of those unique benefits are correlated with LDN’s ability to increase our body’s endorphin production. If any of the issues mentioned above sound similar to the health concerns you’re currently experiencing, LDN may be a great option for you!

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