Sexy Grandma Andrea Sunshine Stuns Social Media With Her Bikini While Lifting Heavy Weight At The Gym

Sexy Grandma Andrea Sunshine Stuns Social Media With Her Bikini While Lifting Heavy Weight At The Gym
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Exercising or weight lifting among oldies is currently a trend as old people in this time are as fit as the young with some engaging in more vigorous exercises even than young folks. And 53-year-old Andrea Sunshine is no exception.

Andrea is a London-based Oldie bodybuilder who exercises three to eight hours a day and six times a week wearing body-fitting attires, especially bikinis. In a recent post, the fitness star appears to go extra with her bikini which is hardly seen on her exposing all her flesh.

According to her, exercise and her way of dressing are her confident booster hence encouraging her followers to follow suit and make sure they do what makes them happy. We have a question. Is it all about exercise and confidence or the oldie is trying to catch some young man with her bikinis?

Via New York Post:

Andréa Sunshine, 53, is a hardcore gym rat who loves showing off her tight physique on social media.

The health influencer recently posted a showstopping snap on Instagram in which she wears very little to lift weights.

The ab-tastic grandmother flaunted her six-pack abdomen in a slinky black bikini.

“Today I broke all the protocols at gym, I wanted do something irreverent, unusual [and] unexpected,” she wrote.

The fitness star also recently opened up about her healthy lifestyle with Jam Press.

She explained that she goes to the gym for up to eight hours a day and eats massive amounts of protein — even chowing down 150 eggs a month.

“So I did and I loved the way I felt, free spirit, I love what I see — this sexy granny worth millions for all the qualities she does have,” Sunshine told Jam Press.

“But the most important [qualities I have are] courage, authenticity and audacity,” she added.

Sunshine was told, however, to work in another room by the gym manager. But she was nearly finished with her workout regardless.

She’s not letting anyone get her down, and gave advice for her fellow exercise fanatics: “I encourage people to do what they feel. I’m a big supporter of free speech, we only live once and we have every right to be ourselves and be very comfortable with it.”

On her post, Sunshine received massive amounts of support from fans.

“Goddess mode,” wrote one user, followed by a fire emoji.

She said: “I have always wanted to try this because it turns me on to see my muscles pumped and when you are wearing clothes you can’t see these.”

Sunshine pointed out: “But I haven’t been in the mood to really do it, that day I felt like, and I did!”

“My shape is amazing, so if anyone wasn’t sure if my body looks good or not, that day everyone was convinced that my body is real,” she gushed.

Sunshine also stated how people don’t often comment on her looks, but when they do, people are shocked at her body. “Nobody says anything to me, and they just watched nonstop because the view was very unexpected and surprisingly hot,” she said.

In addition to exercising, Sunshine also checks her diet by eating a good amount of protein which also helps in her stunning body. Looks like you need grandma’s energy as well, Yes You!

Here are some pictures of Andrea Sunshine:

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