CoinW Prioritizes Bolstering Marketization in India Amid Huge Potential

CoinW Prioritizes Bolstering Marketization in India Amid Huge Potential
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  • CoinW Exchange plans to host in-person events and engage with local Indian KOLs.
  • The Indian blockchain sector has raised over $627M via 16 fundraisings this year.

CoinW is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that has made security and compliance deployments a priority from the start. CoinW was founded in 2017, and in the five years since then, the company has secured financial licenses from authorities in the United States (the MSB), Singapore (the MAS), Lithuania (the SVGFSA), and Abu Dhabi (the FSRA).

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau of Canada issued CoinW with its MSB (Money Services Business) license on August 25, 2022. This implies CoinW may legally provide services in Canada relating to crypto assets including trading, payment, derivatives, etc.

To better serve its global client of 8 million blockchain investors, cryptocurrency asset trading platform CoinW Exchange has established 16 regional trading service centers in 13 different countries and regions. The official website may now be seen in five different languages: Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Turkish, allowing people from all around the globe to participate in trading without any language barriers.

Over the last five years, CoinW has dedicated itself tirelessly to improving its worldwide strategy and operations. As more nations adopt blockchain technology and finance, digital money has made inroads into the mainstream economy. One of the countries with tremendous potential is India. According to statistics, the Indian blockchain business has raised over $627 million via 16 fundraisings this year, which is 14.25 times higher than in 2021.

With a population of over 1.3 billion people and a younger generation that is more open to innovative solutions like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, India is a promising market. In order to further connect with and serve its Indian user base, CoinW Exchange plans to host in-person events and engage with local Indian KOLs and communities in the country.

The cryptocurrency market is a worldwide exchange that never closes. India’s market potential is enormous since it is the most populous democratic nation. Taking India as a significant area in Asia-Pacific, CoinW Exchange will continue to promote globalization and localization in the future by aggressively exploring collaboration with Indian regulatory authorities and bolstering the local marketization process.

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