Gleyber Torres a late scratch from Monday’s game due to being ‘under time’, judge in lineup for 53rd straight day – The Denver Post

Gleyber Torres a late scratch from Monday's game due to being 'under time', judge in lineup for 53rd straight day - The Denver Post
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ARLINGTON — Gleyber Torres was knocked out of the Yankees’ roster late on Monday as they began a four-game series over the next three days. Torres was in the original lineup playing second and third. Aaron Boone said he just didn’t feel well under the weather.

With the Yankees clinched the No. 2 seed in the American League playoffs and already winning the AL East, now is the time to take advantage of these days to improve. The Yankees manager will try to get some players off days. It started Monday night with Anthony Rizzo, Harrison Bader and Jose Trevino on leave.

But, Aaron Judge was back for his 53rd straight start and still chasing history. Judge is tied with Roger Maris for the AL and Yankees single-season home run record of 61.

And it could stay there until it hits No. 62, Boone said.

“A lot depends on that. So I don’t have a plan in place yet. He’s in there today. And then we just go, him and I will get together after the game and have those conversations and decide what’s the best course to take,” Boone said.

The judge still has four games to try to set a new mark. He’s hitting .233 with a home run, 18 walks and 14 strikeouts since hitting his 60th homer on Sept. 20. . He’s slashing .398/.562/.847 with 20 extra hits, 21 RBIs, 30 runs and 37 walks in that span.

The Yankees have a five-day break that comes with the bye to the first round of the playoffs, which Boone takes into consideration when playing Judge.

“Yeah, so I’m not worried about the physical part. Of course I would love for him to do that and then really be able to get him out of there, but for now for the next few days they’ll just be him and I’ll get together after the game.”

Boone said there was a chance Judge could play both games of Tuesday’s doubleheader if he hadn’t hit 62 homers.


Ron Marinaccio had an MRI, CT scan and right shin exam Monday morning and did not join the Texas team until after the game.

“It’s just reading it and what it means,” Boone said. “He’s not here. So we’ll see what we have here. Hopefully we’ll know something in the next few hours.

Marinaccio stepped up, making 40 appearances and hitting a 2.05 ERA in his rookie season.


DJ LeMahieu has only played twice since missing 21 games with inflammation in his right big toe and second toe, but the infield veteran believes he’ll be able to play the playoffs effectively playoffs.

“It’s a little better than a few weeks ago. But I don’t think it’s going to go away,” LeMahieu said. “So I just have to deal with it.”

LeMahieu has these four games, which he would like to play, to recover his time. He will also have the five-day break between the end of the regular series and the Division series.

“It’s still too early. I mean, these few days here will be important to get him back today,” Boone said. “I’ll probably only play half or two-thirds of the game today, so we’ll just keep seeing how it looks and how it bounces back.

LeMahieu, who has four years left on his $90 million contract with the Yankees, has been a key cog in the Bombers offense in recent years. The contact hitter, who won the batting title in 2020, usually starts. The Bombers missed his presence last season when he was eliminated in September with a sports hernia.



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