Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

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The DNS-Domain Name System, is a service at the heart of how the Internet operates. It is fundamental to the functioning of many services such as websites, mail servers, VoIP telephony and many others. The core of DNS Services is to resolve the IP Address and make them into human readable names which are easy to remember, This ensures the user can use and  remember godomains.io instead of long string of numbers which  translate into The DNS functions as a public directory that associates domain names with resources on the Internet, such as IP addresses. When a user enters an address in his browser, a DNS server translates this humanly understandable address into an IP address that is understandable by computers and networks. This is DNS resolution.

The domain name system is based on a centralised model of trust. It is distributed throughout the world and managed by different actors in a hierarchical manner, in several levels; a root level, a first level where extensions are managed by registries, then a second level managed by registrars. The whole thing is orchestrated by ICANN, the Internet’s regulatory authority.

Blockchain and Decentralised Registry

A Blockchain is a data structure accessible to all and distributed over a decentralised network; the data is replicated on each node of the network, there is no central authority. Everyone has the possibility to read its contents, add data and even join the network. The concept was first implemented in 2009 with Bitcoin, but today there are many different Blockchain technologies, each with their own properties.

The data is entered on a Blockchain via transactions. The transactions are grouped into blocks, each block is then validated by the network and then brought together. Thus, a Blockchain contains the history of all the transactions carried out since its creation.

How is BNS different from DNS?

A centralised online domain management system called DNS promotes domain censorship, persistent hacking, website seizure, and government surveillance. A good example is www.ABCD.com, where “ABCD” is a memorable and distinctive domain name and “.com” is the top-level domain.To respond to your request to open a particular website, DNS converts domain names into website IP addresses.

Along with a decentralised wallet address, BNS is utilised as a decentralised domain name, identity, and other services. Therefore, no censorship option is accessible to everybody. It provides protection from cyberattacks and security.

For instance, www.mydomain.go, where “.go” is stands for global aspiration of the users who registers the domain, If you use it as a standalone piece of software or as a browser extension, you can use the same address for payments. As a result, BNS addresses the core issue with blockchains and enables consumers to adopt the latest trend.

Features of BNS

BNS is essential for both businesses and people, helping to secure transactions. The following are some of the key characteristics of the Blockchain Naming Service:

  • Self-custody is a crucial aspect of the blockchain industry. Your domain name becomes decentralised as a result, allowing you total control over it. Self-custody allows you to have sole control over your domain, decentralised websites, and other benefits.
  • Blockchain domains are impervious to third-party alteration, modification, censorship, or purging.
  • Instead of webpages, the blockchain domain is directly connected to bitcoin wallets.
  • To access blockchain domain names, which is simpler, you will require software. To fix serious problems, you can also add the domain to your browser’s extensions.
  • BNS gives modern blockchain users security, improved functionality, and accessibility.
  • It resists censorship and allows people more control or ownership.
  • It can also be used as a platform for decentralised data storage and recovery, hosting no content on the main server.

Let’s now discuss some of the top BNS marketplaces where you can purchase a blockchain domain name

  1. Unstoppable Domains

The goal of Unstoppable Domains is to give people access to the internet’s power once again. They develop NFT domains that give you back control over your data. These are superpower-infused domains rather than merely conventional ones. You can register domains with extensions such as.zil,.crypto,.wallet,.coin,.x,.nft,.dao,.bitcoin, and others.

Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

The domain name can be used as your username on various websites and applications, as well as your website’s URL and wallet payment addresses. Since the domains are supported by browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, using blockchain domains won’t be a problem.

Numerous programmes, including Chainlink, Bitcoin.com Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, The Graph, BRD, and others, also support Unstoppable Domains. You will never have to be concerned about sending payment to the incorrect address thanks to all the advantages of using these blockchain domains.

It’s easier than ever to send cryptocurrency to the recipient’s domain. With a single domain, you may send Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other currencies. With Unstoppable Domains, you may purchase a domain name rather than searching for a rented one.

Pay once, use forever. It functions just like cryptocurrency, so you save the domain in your wallet so that only you can access it. The services are also compatible with iOS and Android applications.

  1. Go Domains
1664961201 916 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

GO Domain is one of the most trusted and fastest growing project in the BNS space. A .GO Domain on Blockchain is simillar to any extension (like .com) launched as smart contracts on blockchains. Domains are stored by their owners, no third party can take them away. In additions to hosting websites on IPFS, Blockchain Domains could be used to redirect Crypto Address, creatiion of avatars and many additional fetures.

The decentralized name service solution offered by Go Domains enables you to generate easily collectible self-owned unique public addresses. With a catchy domain name and a cryptocurrency-focused domain extension, Go Domains can replace your lengthy wallet address. It is possible to utilize names instead of the 37 hexadecimal characters that make up a bitcoin wallet address, such as yourname.go and yournickname.go. Get one for you at Godomains.io

The services are created utilizing blockchain protocols, and Go domain addresses are hosted on the XinFin XDC Network blockchain. 

  1. Solana
1664961201 359 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

Get distinctive domains on Solana to make the transfer of your funds easier. Now is the time to register your domain and get to work on your ideas.

Instead of using a lengthy wallet address, come up with a user-friendly and memorable domain name to prevent malfunction. It’s extremely easy to proceed; just put in your bid by looking through the domain names.

To make money off of your collection, you may also put the same domain up for auction. It supports a number of wallets, including Blockto, MathWallet, Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Coin98, Slope, and Sollet.

Before the auction closes, choose your preferred wallet and place a bid for the available domain name. There are many other domains that people have developed and put their money into.

To submit a bid, all you have to do is type in your domain name or look at the auction list.

  1. ENS
1664961201 636 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

Decentralized naming is available from ENS for your websites, wallets, and more. Use the search box on the Ethereum Name Service to find the domain of your choice, register it by specifying the number of years, and start using it for transfers.

The dashboard makes it simple to manage your domain. When you have the advantage of utilising your own username, there is no longer any reason to use sandboxed usernames. ENS enables you to choose your own login, save a favourite avatar, preserve personal information, and use the same information across other services.

Use your ENS domain to store all of your addresses as well as to send and receive tokens, cryptocurrency NFT, and other things. Additionally, you can use ENS to start a decentralised website, upload it to IPFS, and then access it directly using the ENS name you register.

You can also combine your ENS names with the DNS names you are familiar with. ENS supports a wide range of DNS names, including.com,.org,.io,.xyz,.art,.app, and more. With ENS, you receive full security advantages in addition to the.ETH suffix.

Numerous wallets, including Rainbow, MyCrypto, Coinbase, Bitcoin.com Wallet, and others, are part of the ENS ecosystem. You will also receive a wide variety of apps, such as Uniswap, Showtime, Etherscan, OpenSea, Aave, and many others.

Browsers like Status, Cloudflare, MetaMask Extension, Opera, Brae, and others let you access your website URL.

  1. Proton Chain
1664961202 860 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

Proton Chain is a payment Blockchain that works effectively for businesses. The Proton chain’s theory is quite simple and easy to understand. In the world of cryptocurrency, Proton Naming Service is crucial.

Each individual and corporate account will have a special name that is readable by humans and simple to remember.

A person’s address can be used to send FIAT currency, Proton Chain makes things that easy.

Many identification attestation documents for organisations and people are kept in Proton Chain. The Proton chain queries the identity service providers with your consent. Additionally, a broad variety of multiple wrapped stablecoins, including PAX, TUSD, and USDC are supported.

Proton Chain has a daily transaction capacity of about 40 million, which is significantly more than that of other blockchain applications. You pay nothing for whatever transactions you conduct.

Decentralized identity, decentralised verification, and decentralised domains are all applied in Proton. You’ll be able to choose from domains like.BTC,.XPR,.BNB,.ETH, and others. Additionally, it supports top-level domains like.COM,.EDU,.GOV, and others.

Through in-wallet payment requests, applications can communicate with the blockchain. Because of its cutting-edge technology, it is so beneficial that Chrome plugins are no longer necessary. You may describe it as programmable money that is used for your benefit.

  1. PeerName
1664961202 806 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

As decentralised domain names are the way of the future, register your blockchain domain with PeerName. It provides a web-based interface that is simple to use for domain name registration.

All of the domains are kept by PeerName in cold storage, which is separate from computers and the internet. It aids in defending your domains against theft and assault. As a result, you can trust PeerName knowing that your domains are in good hands.

You will have complete control over your domains with PeerName, along with superior security communications, hidden owner name service, and other benefits. The domain renewal and registration process depends on offline signed transactions.

Requesting the transfer is free at any moment. For the first year, using PeerName is likewise without charge. It offers specific blockchain domain extensions, including.bit,.coin,.bazar,.emc,.lib, and.onion. You can renew your domain for.bit for $13.99 per year. For $399, you can launch your domain for all time.

  1. EmerCoin
1664961202 95 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

EmerDNS is provided for you by Emercoin, hence, you do not have to worry that the authorities will suspend your website. Given that it is completely decentralised, it is the way out.

No matter whether censorship is there, EmerDNS is unaffected. It prevents other users from making changes to your record; only you will be able to view the content whenever you need it. Additionally, webpages can be quickly resolved using a variety of browser add-ons and OpenNIC servers or proxies.

EmerDNS works under the service abbreviation “dns” in the Emercoin NVS and supports the entire spectrum of DNS records. Because of its distributed and secure Blockchain, domain name records are thus uncensorable and decentralised.

In addition, you will be the only one with access to the private key associated with the payment address. Through the Emercoin API, you can utilise the name update and name new commands. Additionally, it offers you the greatest way to keep all of your domain names from being suspended or cancelled.

By installing the wallet, you can start using Emercoin. It is offered for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also compatible with smartphones.

  1. .ART
1664961202 173 Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name With These Top Blockchain Naming
Obtain Your Blockchain Domain Name with These Top Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms.

Use.ART to monetize your art and increase online traffic. You can enter your preferred name to check its availability or select from a variety of available domains.

When establishing your brand, the URL is always important. The exploration and pricing are used to categorise each domain name.

Select the one you prefer, then pay quickly and easily. It will give you a single address that will cover all of your needs as you develop your brand. the website address. ART is memorable and aids in generating organic traffic.

In order to satisfy you with the price while you purchase your desired domain name, .ART creates an amazing pricing strategy. You have five days to decide and request a complete refund if you are unhappy with the service.


The advantages of blockchain domains over traditional ones are numerous. BNS has the power to alter how people perceive the digital world. Decentralized websites and identification are only getting started, and many people and companies can benefit from this technology.

Choose one of the Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) services indicated above to easily obtain your own blockchain domain name without the need for censorship or the involvement of third parties.

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