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Duncan Levin: An Attorney You Don’t Want To See Across The Court Room



Touted as “experienced and respected” in the best selling novel “Hollywood Ending”, Duncan Levin has the necessary experience with complex and high-profile investigations to provide top legal defense.

Duncan Levin has repeatedly been recognized as being the very best by media publications including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, among others. With a proven record of successful resolution within the field of criminal law, Duncan Levin has seen his clients through many different types of white collar criminal cases, including criminal, regulatory, investigatory, and anti-fraud issues.

Duncan Levin’s Extensive Experience in White Collar Criminal Defense

In government related matters, experience as a prosecutor is essential. Duncan Levin served as a top federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice specializing in money laundering and asset forfeiture. On the senior staff of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Levin served as Chief of Asset Forfeiture.  As the forfeiture chief for Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., Mr. Levin oversaw all criminal and civil asset forfeiture and money laundering on a wide variety of cases, including international corruption, white-collar fraud, identity theft, organized crime, terrorist financing, and narcotics cases.

Levin was the primary liaison with the U.S. Department of Justice on the forfeiture of $1.9 billion in the HSBC OFAC sanctions case and $350 million in Standard Chartered OFAC sanctions case, as well as the OFAC/AML cases against BNP Paribas and ING. Mr. Levin managed a full-time staff of dedicated prosecutors and support personnel and supervised forfeiture and monetary recoveries on cases involving more than 500 Manhattan assistant district attorneys. Mr. Levin was the original drafter of a criminal forfeiture and criminal monetary recovery statute that was included in Gov. Cuomo’s 2012 budget proposal.

Subsequently, Mr. Levin ran all aspects of the District Attorney’s restoration of forfeited funds to crime victims and worked with the Suspicious Activity Report (“SAR”) Team with respect to federal money laundering cases, Title 31 and other Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) cases. He served as counsel to the procedure committee of the White Collar Crimes Task Force of the District Attorney’s Association of the State of New York and served as a member of the New York State Forfeiture Law Advisory Group.

Clients of Note

  • Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey): Levin represents the star of the hit Netflix series, Anna Delvey, who was convicted of fraud in 2019 by the New York State Supreme Court. Levin was brought aboard to represent Ms. Delvey in her appeal process and post-judgment motions.
  • Jennifer Weisselberg: Levin represents Jennifer Weisselberg, one of the key prosecution witnesses against the Trump Organization and Alan Weisselberg, her former father-in-law, who was charged by the Manhattan DA’s office in a major fringe benefits tax fraud scheme.
  • Wiz Khalifa: Levin represented the successful hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa and helped the performer build his brand of marijauna products nationally, Khalifa Kush and Wiz Wax. Featured in Forbes magazine for his role in aiding Wiz Khalifa to start up his cannabis company that goes by the name of “Young Wild and Free”.  Mr. Levin helped articulate that Khalifa licenses out his brand to products he has tested and are of high quality and curation.

Duncan Levin will tirelessly defend and protect his clients through complex, multi-faceted criminal cases. From investigation to trial, he minimizes potential exposure, liability, and risk.

Among the most sought after white collar criminal attorneys in New York, Duncan Levin regularly represents companies, board rooms, and individuals facing encounters with authorities at the state and federal level.

Bilal Khan is a novelist, blogger, and aspiring screenwriter currently residing in the DMV. Brandon started his writing journey as a young kid, penning short stories and poems.

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Danny Masterson sentenced to 30 years to life for two rapes



Danny Masterson, a US actor, was found guilty of raping two women and was given a sentence of 30 years to life in jail.

At the time of his offenses in the early 2000s, Masterson was a cast member of the TV show That ’70s Show.

Masterson, 47, was accused of avoiding responsibility by relying on his fame as a famous Scientologist, according to the prosecution.

Before imposing a sentence, Judge Charlaine Olmedo enabled the victims of his acts to read impact statements in court.


Leah Remini, a well-known former Scientologist and actress, was present at the court on Thursday and consoled the women before and after they gave their testimony.

US media stated that one of the women remarked, “I wish I had reported him to the police earlier.”

I’m sorry, another woman said to Masterson. I can no longer bear your illness, according to Reuters.

Masterson didn’t say anything at all during the hearing.

His wife, Bijou Phillips, was spotted in court sobbing as the judge pronounced his sentence—the harshest penalty permitted.

After the initial jury was unable to reach a verdict in 2022, Masterson underwent a retrial and was found guilty in May. After being found guilty, Masterson was placed under jail because he posed a flight risk.

Three women who said he had sexually assaulted them at his Hollywood home between 2001 and 2003—during the height of his television fame—led to the actor’s conviction.

He gave them drugs before assaulting them, according to testimony presented to the jury.

Of his three accusers, he was found guilty of rape by two of them. A mistrial was declared over the third accuser’s allegations, and the prosecution stated they have no plans to retry the case.

In a statement provided to BBC News, Alison Anderson, a lawyer for two of the victims, said that the ladies “have displayed tremendous strength and bravery, by coming forward to law enforcement and directly participating in two grueling criminal trials.”

These brave women helped hold a cruel sexual predator accountable today “despite persistent harassment, obstruction, and intimidation,” she said.

Prosecutors claimed throughout the trial that the Church of Scientology had assisted in covering up the assaults, a claim that the group has vehemently refuted.

Both Masterson and all three of his accusers were Scientologists at the time of the attacks. Many of the women claimed it took them years to come forward because Church of Scientology leaders allegedly told them not to call the police about the rape.

Prosecutors claim that Scientology leaders threatened one survivor with losing her membership unless she agreed to a non-disclosure agreement and took a $400,000 (£320,000) payment.

Judge Olmedo permitted discussion of the theology and practices of Scientology during the trial, which infuriated the group.

The Church of Scientology said there was “not a scintilla of evidence supporting the scandalous allegations that the Church harassed the accusers” in a statement following the verdict in May.

Leah Remini, an actress, has a reputation for being a vocal opponent of religion.
picture caption
Leah Remini, an actress, has been vocal in her criticism of the Church of Scientology and is shown here during a movie screening.
One woman testified in court on Thursday about being rejected by her mother, a Scientologist who is still active.

According to her account, “She texted me and told me to never contact her again,” as quoted by the LA Times.

She had told me beforehand that she wanted Danny Masterson to be imprisoned for what he had done to me, but not at the expense of her religion.

Another woman claimed that the Church of Scientology had treated her unfairly ever since she spoke out.

“For almost seven years now, the cult of Scientology has terrorized, harassed, and invaded my privacy daily since the week I came forward to police,” she claimed, adding, “But I don’t regret it.”

At the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017, Masterson was accused of rape for the first time. He refuted the charges and insisted that all of the interactions were consensual.

After a three-year investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, charges were filed. Due to insufficient evidence and the passing of the statute of limitations, prosecutors decided not to press charges in two other cases.

Jessica Barth, who established Voices in Action in the wake of the #MeToo movement, also attended Thursday’s sentence.

One of the women who accuse scandalized Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of assault was Ms. Barth. Her nonprofit promotes reporting of abuse and encourages others to do the same.

According to a Los Angeles court official, the judge rejected Masterson’s defense team’s plea for a new trial prior to the hearing.

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‘Jawan’ movie review: Shah Rukh Khan is spectacular in Atlee’s socially-charged thriller



The opening scene is one for the ages. A wounded soldier makes a full recovery somewhere along India’s northern frontiers. He is performing CPR in a hostile and picturesque community where people have been shot, stabbed, and drowned in a brook. As the sky rumbles, the soldier ascends like a messiah and descends with a spear. His face is still covered in gauze, so we can’t see it, but his eyes tell us everything. The staging is magnificent, mythical, and surrounded by gloom. A blazing horse may be seen darting across the screen as well. It makes sense why Hideo Kojima, a Japanese video game designer, couldn’t contain his joy on social media. Jawan is, despite what it may sound like, the Shah Rukh Khan movie that most closely resembles Metal Gear.


Review of the film “Pathaan”: Shah Rukh Khan triumphs in this spectacle without secrets
Since 2019, Tamil filmmaker Atlee has been hinting towards a movie starring Khan. It’s not the first time a seasoned southern director and a well-known Bollywood actor have collaborated on an action movie with contentious sociopolitical issues (Atlee’s guru, Shankar, perhaps paved the path). But there might be more to this partnership than first appears. The characters of Atlee frequently have aliases and doubles. Vijay in Theri was hiding his various identities in one body, whilst Vijay in Mersaland Bigil was hiding them in multiple bodies. Notably, the latter two movies were complex, convoluted father-and-son dramas. All of this cries out for Khan, who is Hindi cinema’s biggest magnet for multi-role films, only being surpassed by Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar.

(In Hindi) Jawan
In charge: Atlee
Cast: Sanya Malhotra, Deepika Padukone, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Priyamani, and Sunil Grover
Time of Play: 169 minutes
Storyline: In an exciting collision of the past and present, a vigilante and his crew fight against corrupt institutions while cohabitating with a lethal arms dealer.
After that spectacular beginning, 30 years later, we catch up with Khan as he hijacks a Mumbai metro train. He is now portraying a silly, wisecracking vigilante with a bald head. He is supported by a group of female warriors, the most of whom have names and some of whom are elite, have backstories. Alia, the daughter of a dead-eyed arms dealer named Kaali (Vijay Sethupathi sporting a terrible beard), is also on the train. Spoilers ahead: It’s soon revealed that Azad Rathore, the warden of a high-security women’s prison and part-time ethical terrorist, is actually Khan in the present era. The fearless negotiator Narmada (Nayanthara), whom Azad was singing pleas to while spearheading the hijack, is also the bride-to-be.


Shah Rukh Khan of Bollywood and his family offer prayers at the Lord Venkateswara shrine in Tirumala
There are enough Shah Rukh Khans for the cost of one ticket, but I won’t say exactly how many you receive in Jawan. Khan, 57, is mostly an entertainer, yet his best performances throughout the years have been marked by brief bursts of menace and malice. He turns to his quasi-antihero avatar with great relish because, as the price of being a successful megastar, he can no longer commit to being an outright evil. He smiles, more in self-regard than as a threat, “When I become a villain, the heroes don’t stand a chance.” Although Jawan isn’t as ethically complicated or hard as Fan or Baazigar, it nonetheless pushes the boundaries of its star’s acting abilities. Khan is a good, upright, and ideal citizen. Also checked: the grizzled, cigar-chomping, Wolverine-recalling Khan.

Jawan’s action is as skillfully convincing as you’d anticipate from a high-end Atlee production. The director plunders the whole library of Hollywood-style action movies for drones, helicopters, and gatling guns. Apart from some slick hops and kicks by Khan, what really sells these set pieces are the smudges of Indianness painted throughout the vast canvas. The thought of one of the hijackers driving away from the site of the crime thrilled me. Or perhaps a flashback in which Deepika Padukone (in a significant cameo) slams Khan in the mud. Atlee bases his action on urgent social justice rage, exactly like in his previous movies. Khan starts his own Clean India campaign, attacking each failing institution in turn, starting with agriculture and moving on to healthcare and (in a more tactful and courteous manner) defense. The term “deshdrohi” (traitor) is applied to at least three different characters as the movie repeatedly emphasizes how pernicious such accusations are.


Review of the movie “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan” Jawan is also a movie in love with other movies since Salman Khan makes fun of himself in the foolish action drama. Fans of Bollywood and Hollywood will enjoy playing spot the reference. Khan’s vigilante includes hints of The Joker, Darkman, and even Dennis Hopper from Speed before his eventual goal is revealed. Given that Kaali is trying to undermine the system, I think it’s a clever idea for him to literally hand out red and blue tablets. A Russian crime boss wearing the Bane mask appears. The best allusions, like in Pathaan, are to Khan’s own filmography. Kaveri Amma is the name of the adopted mother of Azad (Riddhi Dogra), and Khan’s adoptive mother in Swades (2004). Similar nods are made to Duplicate, Main Hoon Na, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and—perhaps most aptly—these films.

Not all things fly. The second half features an increase of Atlee-style melodrama. Even with Anirudh Ravichander’s best efforts, the songs sound unoriginal (the forgettable Arijit Singh song “Chaleya” has a better Arabic rendition on YouTube). But in the latter sequences, Vijay Sethupathi really lets loose and is hilarious. In contrast to how the movie would have her fall in love with Khan, Nayanthara coolly underplays the role of the stereotypical heroine. But the audience is completely enthralled.


Shah Rukh Khan has surgery in the US following an incident on the set of a movie.
Khan makes a passionate statement about democracy and the value of one vote near the end. Everyone listened in astonished unanimity, even in these divisive times. One Shah Rukh Khan, one nation, and one emotion.

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Prince Harry among star-studded crowd watching Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami defeat LAFC



Lionel Messi is the only athlete who can draw an A-list audience to a sporting event, as seen by Sunday’s Major League Soccer match between Inter Miami and Los Angeles FC.

Prince Harry, Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, and Will Ferrell (who is a co-owner of LAFC), actress and artist Selena Gomez, and rapper Tyga were among the famous faces who witnessed Miami’s 3-1 victory in California from the stands.

The illustrious crowd served as proof of Messi’s continuing influence on American soccer. Since the Argentinian’s arrival, demand for Miami games has increased, with average ticket prices for Sunday’s game being approximately $690, making it the most expensive MLS game ever, per online marketplace TickPick.

Since leaving Paris Saint-Germain, Messi has made a significant difference both on and off the field. Prior to the 36-year-old’s debut, Miami had gone nine games without a victory. Since then, the team has gone 11 games without a loss and last month won its first trophy.

California’s Los Angeles on September 3: On September 3, 2023, in Los Angeles, California, at BMO Stadium, during a game between Inter Miami CF and Los Angeles Football Club, Lionel Messi, player number 10, of Inter Miami CF, keeps possession of the ball in the first half. (Image: Harry How via Getty Images)
Messi contributed two assists to the defeat against LAFC.
Author: Harry How
The latest victory in Miami’s remarkable turnaround, which has also been prompted by the signing of Messi’s former Barcelona teammate, Sergio Busquets, was against the defending MLS Cup champion LAFC.

One of Miami’s three goals on Sunday, however, was scored by another former Barcelona great, Jordi Alba. Despite LAFC dominating the early going, Facundo Faras gave the visiting club the lead with an unusual sliding finish in the first half. Then, Alba was given space by Messi’s ball and calmly dispatched his shot past goalkeeper John McCarthy.

In addition, Messi set up his team’s third goal by taking advantage of an error by LAFC defender Aaron Long to allow Leonardo Campana to score.

Ryan Hollingshead restored parity with a looping header from a corner, but LAFC’s 22 shots during the duration of the game meant that it was too little, too late. Numerous opportunities were lost by the home team, most notably by the misfiring forward Dénis Bouanga.

After defeating Los Angeles FC at BMO Stadium on September 3, 2023, actor Owen Wilson and Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi (10) meet. Los Angeles, California, USA. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports, Gary A.
After the match between LAFC and Inter Miami, Messi had a conversation with actor Owen Wilson.
Reuters/Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports
Along with his two assists, Messi also had a wonderful opportunity to add to his 11 goals since joining Miami, but McCarthy expertly stopped his first-half shot.

Gomez appeared to be impressed by the combination of Messi’s shot and McCarthy’s fast thinking from the stands, as she watched on in awe with her mouth agape.

Messi later signed autographs for the family of “Zoolander” and “Cars” actor Wilson and told MLS Espaol, “We mentioned before the match that it was a fantastic test for us to assess where we were at and what we are capable of.

“We faced up against a very excellent opponent, the reigning champion, in a challenging stadium. And yes, it’s a successful outcome for the future.

During the second half of a Major League Soccer match between Los Angeles FC and Inter Miami on Sunday, September 3, 2023, in Los Angeles, entertainer Selena Gomez, center, and rapper Tyga, left, may be seen. Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo
At BMO Stadium on Sunday, Selena Gomez (middle) and rapper Tyga (left) were spectators.
Author: Mark J. Terrill
The organization is actually expanding every day, he continued. We’ve stated from the start that when we were all playing together, we had the good fortune to win a competition (the Leagues Cup), to advance to a final, and now we’re going to try to do the same to try to win the league.

Miami, which was last in the Eastern Conference standings before the arrival of Messi, is attempting to move up the standings after winning the Leagues Cup last month.

On September 9, it will play Sporting KC, while LAFC, which is now third in the West Conference rankings, will play the Portland Timbers.

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