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Seven best apps to install on your smartphone

Image Source There is no shortage of amazing apps on the market. However, finding ones that add value to your life is time-consuming. Furthermore, downloading a plethora of apps doesn’t add any value as you won’t be able to use them as often as you think. They’ll probably end up in your app drawer,

Seven best apps to install on your smartphone
Seven best apps to install on your smartphone

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There is no shortage of amazing apps on the market. However, finding ones that add value to your life is time-consuming. Furthermore, downloading a plethora of apps doesn’t add any value as you won’t be able to use them as often as you think. They’ll probably end up in your app drawer, consuming memory and battery life for no reason. Hence, it’s better to get the apps you know you need – one’s that you’ll probably use at least once a month, and remove those that you don’t.

Today we bring you a list of all the must-have apps you need to install on your phone regardless of whether you use an android or an iPhone. Although you may not need all of them, some of them can make your life incredibly easier. Keep scrolling if you wish to learn more!

1. Password manager: 1password

Passwords are one of those things that are super important to have but also a hassle to manage. On the other hand, a password manager is a must-have for anyone who uses more than one account.

After all, a complex password with symbols, numbers, and letters is bound to be forgotten, and an easy one leaves you vulnerable.

Not to mention, different apps require a different account, which means different passwords, which is a nightmare because you must remember all of them.

Word of advice: download and install a good all in one password manager to make your life easier. You can store all your passwords in one place and don’t ever have to worry about forgetting them. 1password is one of the most secure password managers you can get. It has a multi-factor authentication system, which adds an excellent layer of security.

With 1password, you can generate strong passwords for all your accounts and save them, so you never have to worry about being logged out. Simply put, it’s a beautiful piece of intuitive software.

2. Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Whether you use safari or chrome, listen up! It’s time to revisit Firefox. Last year, Firefox for android underwent significant changes as now you get access to all the best desktop features on your android. The new upgrade provides improved support for add-ons.

You can freely surf the web with enhanced tracking protection without worrying about prying eyes. On the other hand, with iOS 14, you can easily switch your main browser from good ole safari to your new favorite browser Mozilla!

3. Meditation & Mindfulness: Headspace

You may doubt the usefulness of mindfulness applications but hear us out – headspace is a life changer! If you think it’s your average app, you’re in for a surprise. Everyone who tried headspace couldn’t help falling in love with it. After all, it doesn’t have billions of downloads for no reason.

Headspace is for anyone looking to get into meditation. It’s an intuitive app, both simple and affordable. It makes meditation engaging and helps you focus with insightful exercises. There are so many different workouts designed for relaxation, and you can also tune into the in-app music, which helps bring out your focus.

The best part? Olympians teach all the workouts. Everything it provides is top-notch, and you may use it for more than just relaxation.

4. Photo editing: Snapseed

In an online world, a little editing doesn’t hurt anyone. Snapseed by Google is a powerful mobile photo editor that can hold its own against desktop programs. Although it’s free, it doesn’t lose in any way to all the big-name paid apps.

Like any other editing app, it has a standard assortment of predefined filters. However, unlike the other programs, you can customize and create a new filter from scratch. Furthermore, it has all the standard editing features like crop, straighten, frames, contrast, shadow, or vignettes. You can easily sharpen any image without it looking grainy.

The real punch comes with the advanced tools that you often will only find in the arsenal of a professional photographer. For example, with precision masking, you can easily blur the backdrop and put all the focus on the subject.

Other than that, you can finetune the saturation and brightness in great detail. The best of all? The app remembers your changes, so you can always go back and fix anything you don’t like.

5. Flights: Hopper

For frequent travelers, Hopper is a must-have. We all know how expensive flights can get, but what if we told you there’s a way you can save money on flight tickets? Yes, you read that right! Hopper is one of the best solutions that helps you save money when booking flights.

All you need to do is tell the app where and when you’ll be traveling, and it’ll let you know whether you should book immediately or wait a while before booking. If it’s the latter, it’ll send an alert to let you know the best time to book, which allows you to save the most money. The best part about Hopper is that it eliminates the constant need to check sites like Google Flight.

6. Public transport: Transit

Nothing is more miserable than waiting for a bus while bearing the extreme weather – be it chilly, sunny, humid, or rainy. With Transit, you can save yourself from this misery by downloading the best public transport app available online.

Transit enables you to travel smartly by providing accurate real-time updates regarding arrival and departure timings for your local public transport. It stands out for its streamlined design and emphasis on nearby transit stops.

Furthermore, it boasts one of the most accurate algorithms for estimating when buses, trains, or cabs will arrive, so you never have to miss your ride again.

7. Podcast: Pocket Casts

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, so you likely already have a few that you listen to regularly. Pocket cast is the app for you if you want all your podcasts in a single place. You may already have locked Spotify as your favorite, but that may need some reconsideration.

The great thing about Pocket cast is that it keeps everything simple. It provides the same high quality across all platforms, unlike Spotify, where you can feel the glaring differences. Furthermore, you don’t have to fret about syncing anything since it’s compatible with all platforms.

Bottom line

Mobile apps can make your life significantly easier; you must find the right one. We hope you found this article helpful; if you found an app that you really liked and was productive for you, please let us know in the comments box below.


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