How do You Find old College Friends?

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There are quite a few social networks, screening services, and specialized platforms that make finding college friends easy. You can find anyone and stay connected with them.

Meeting an old college buddy after years have passed is an exciting prospect. You can’t wait to chat and relive your best memories. It’s now easier to find people than ever before. This article presents the ways you can do that.

Technology is getting more advanced, and many websites have simplified the process of searching for people. Still, a lot of users are still unfamiliar with these methods.

People finders

You can use these services to find an old college friend by entering any details you remember about them. Start with their name and last known location. A reliable people finder site will retrieve any current information available about the person, which might include information about their relatives and a current address.

Be careful with any information you find. If you find a phone number and decide to call, be polite and considerate.


You can access Facebook’s various features to connect with people. If they used their real name on their profile, you’d find them at the speed of light. Lots of people have reconnected this way. In some cases, the relationship remained on Facebook after that, especially when one of the people has gone to live in a different country.  

Even if that turns out to be the case with you and your old friend, you can video call each other, chat, share videos, pictures, etc., create pages, publish posts, and more. You can even create an alumni group if one doesn’t already exist. If it does, look for your friend there as a start.

The original purpose of Facebook was to connect university students, in this case Harvard alumni. Grad Finder and Alumni Online are two smaller websites where you can look for your friend.

The site Classmates has more than 50 million users in the US alone, making it a source with very high potential. You can search for old college friends by school name, place of employment, military affiliation, and more. The free membership will let you add your name to any schools you went to, create and edit a profile, get information about upcoming reunions, and use class lists to find old classmates. To get someone’s email and other personal details, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.


This is another alumni network not unlike the previous one. It is free to search for old college friends or former partners, coworkers, and even relatives. The platform has more than 30 million members. The free plan lets you post pictures, read blogs, view and create profiles, search for people, and read newsfeeds with details about other users. To contact someone on the site or get their data, you must upgrade to the paid membership.


Most LinkedIn members list the college they went to as well as their current employment status. Enter the name of the college in the search bar to see what comes up. As this medium is based on mutual connections, in this case, the school, you might be linked to your old college friend automatically. LinkedIn can help anyone connect, personally or professionally.

The medium features more options than the alumni networks on this list. They include searching for members by name, location, college, and job position. You can create, view, and edit your profile, email other members, add others to your network, post pictures, and even recommend other users. The larger your network is, the higher the likelihood of finding your friend.

Tips for finding your friend fast

Try to remember as much information about them as possible and use all the details to search. This includes their place of birth, mutual friends, places you used to go together, and more. Patience is the most important factor. Finding an old friend can take time, especially if the search engine removed their data from search results due to privacy laws.

Final thoughts

Reconnecting with an old friend can be one of the happiest moments of your life. You’ll find you missed talking about old memories. Many platforms can help you find and stay in touch. After you’re sure you’ve found them, you can send them a message, share a picture, or even call.

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