The school divide that helps explain the midterms

The school divide that helps explain the midterms
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Here is a representation of all the districts won so far in the 2022 election – 203 by Democrats, 211 by Republicans. Twenty-one districts remain uncalled as of November 12.

Let’s take these districts and sort them into four groups, dividing them by the percentage of residents who have a college degree.

Already, the trend is clear: Democrats have continued to outperform in precincts where more voters have a bachelor’s degree, while Republicans have won more precincts where fewer voters have a college education. .

And while not all votes were counted, these numbers largely continue a trend that was already strongly in effect in 2020. After the last election, the 15 districts with the highest share of college-educated adults were all represented by Democrats – and they will be again in 2023.

The lack of dramatic swings between major electoral blocs helps explain the GOP’s struggles to retake the House, which remains unconvened on Saturday.


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