Biden predicts Democrats will be ‘close’ but short of House majority

Biden predicts Democrats will be 'close' but short of House majority
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Midterm Democrats have vastly outperformed both historical precedent and many forecasts, fending off what Republicans predicted would be a red tide in House races across the country. If the Republicans win the House, they will likely get a much smaller majority than originally expected.

The president’s expression of doubt about his party’s chances in the House came in response to a reporter’s question about what Americans could expect from Congress on abortion rights. Biden said he doesn’t think ‘they can expect much else that we’re going to stand our ground’, and there probably won’t be enough votes to codify Roe vs. Wade.

“I don’t think there are enough votes to codify unless something unusual happens in the House,” Biden said.

The better-than-expected midterm results for Democrats gave Biden some momentum as he met with foreign leaders at the G-20 summit, saying in his remarks on Monday that “it’s clear how world and our allies and competitors are close as well followed our elections at home. He said the “strong rejection of election deniers” as well as political violence and voter intimidation mid-term proved that “democracy are we”.

“What these elections have shown is that there is a deep and unwavering commitment in America to preserve, protect and defend democracy,” Biden said.


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