CoinW 5th Anniversary-Global Partners Recruitment Officially Launched in India

CoinW 5th Anniversary-Global Partners Recruitment Officially Launched in India
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CoinW officially launched the online Global Partners Recruitment conference on November 10th , 2022, at 8 pm New Delhi time, to mark CoinW 5th anniversary. Some well-known Kols in the Indian blockchain industry, investors, and crypto enthusiasts were invited to participate in the conference, to discuss the future development  of the crypto industry and suggestions for the future development of CoinW.

India is becoming an essential market for crypto assets

Since its establishment in 2017, CoinW has been adhering to the original intention of “customer first”, sticking to “professionalism, compliance and steadiness”, and constantly maintaining that path. Today, CoinW has become a global leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, committed to providing global users with more secure and convenient crypto asset trading services. As of now, it has been 1 whole year since CoinW developed and served the India market. After a year of exploration and practice, India and Southeast Asia have become one of CoinW’s key development areas.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of India’s economic strength, industrialization, and urbanization, India has ushered in a golden age of development. According to gross domestic product (GDP) figures released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India has overtaken the UK and become the world’s fifth-largest economic entity. The government expects the domestic GDP to grow 9.2% to $3.1 trillion in 2022, while IMF expects the Indian GDP to grow 9 8.5% in 2022. India can claim the title of “world’s fastest growing economy entity in 2022”.

India is also becoming an essential market for crypto assets for rapid economic growth. The crypto asset and blockchain industries are booming in this country of 1.4 billion people. Statistics show that as of June 2022, there are about 115 million cryptocurrency investors in India (who have traded or owned crypto assets in the last six months).

With such a large user base, the demand for high-quality cryptocurrency trading platforms is also growing. To better serve its Indian users, CoinW-the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform has offered to Buy Bitcoin and other crypto assets in Indian rupees (INR), to lower the entry barrier for Indian users. So far, CoinW has partnered with Legend Trading, Mercury, Cabital, Coinify, Advanced Cash and other leading crypto payment service providers to enable Indian users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly via credit or debit cards.

Furthermore, CoinW set up its Indian Localization (online) Operation Center in New Delhi last October to provide quality and secure services such as spot, futures, OTC, ETF, CoinW Earn, and FansUp trading products to Indian users. CoinW also hired the Indian local experienced KOL as its global partner, to address the language barriers for better market operations. With one year of operation, CoinW has established a foothold in the Indian market, providing users with more convenient services.

CoinW Global Partner Recruitment Is Launched Again

This online event is to celebrate CoinW’s fifth anniversary of smooth operation, as well as the recruitment of partners in India. The head of CoinW India market sent an invitation to the Indian blockchain industry Kols, community owners, content bloggers, and outstanding traders, to develop the Indian market and win together, through the cooperation of both sides, and bring benefits to global users.

CoinW global partner will also receive 50%+10% rebates permanently, which is twice higher than the industry standard, in addition to the exclusive services, gifts, VIP rights and interests.

The participating users actively consulted the conditions, related rights and interests of the global partnership plan, and the conference lasted for two hours. At the end of the event, CoinW’s head of markets in India said, “With more than 300 WEB 3.0 startups and a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem, India has huge growth potential. In the future,CoinW will stay true to its original intention and continue to improve its global product and service system, to better serve its Indian users by one-stop crypto financial infrastructure.” For those who missed out on the online conference, please join the CoinW India community ( to learn more.

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