CEO Claims Clean of $1B Stablecoins to FTX

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  • FTX received like $1 Billion in stablecoins previously from
  • CEO claims to have retrieved all of the $1 Billion.
  • CEO further claims ETH sent to was indeed an accident.

A really tough time for the crypto exchanges all over the world. With numerous customers withdrawing their assets, exchanges are shutting down one by one. A major reason owes towards the collapse of FTX crypto exchange. 

In such terms, many exchanges are now targeted by the investors upon the safety of their assets. In an attempt to pacify the current situation, and to defend his firm, the CEO of, Kris Marszalek explains openly to his users via an interview. 

Claims of the CEO

Accordingly, to take things on track, courageously,’s CEO, Kris Marszalek put out a live interview session with his users. It was a complete Ask-Me-Anything (AMA), upon which the CEO defends against all the allegations put forth against his firm. 

With the first things first, in regards to the $1 Billion valued stablecoins sent to FTX, was the first question though. Furthermore, the CEO terms that they made the particular transfer to FTX more than a year ago. Moreover, he adds that this was done only in order to add liquidity to FTX. 

In addition, he adds that during the time of transfer FTX was completely functional, and also claims that most of the transfer has been retrieved. On the other hand, addressing the withdrawals issues, Kris terms that all withdrawals are now on function, except for three particular tokens. This includes the two FTX tokens, and one more token. 

The next in line is regarding the account of more than 20% of the exchange’s assets being Shina Inu (SHIB). For this, the CEO states that as DOGE, and SHIB have been the two outperforming memecoins of last year, people have left them all on hold, and points out that they have nothing to do with the reserves, as exchanges, and wallets are to keep them safe. 

Finally, coming towards the recent thrashing allegation of 320,000 ETH sent to, the CEO acknowledges that it was an accidental transfer. Furthermore, he points out that all of the ETH has been reversed back safely.  

google news
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