Ivanka Trump cuts Kimberly Guilfoyle – dressed in black – from Tiffany’s wedding photos

Ivanka Trump cuts Kimberly Guilfoyle - dressed in black - from Tiffany's wedding photos
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Ivanka Trump sparked some fun by cropping her brother’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in photos from the family’s wedding this weekend.

Ivanka, 41, was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her half-sister Tiffany Trump, 29, on Saturday. She married 25-year-old billionaire Michael Boulos, whom she met while vacationing with Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos in 2018.

Everyone in the family wore pastel or gold colored dresses, except Guilfoyle, 53, who stood out in black.

Ivanka’s light blue dress was a replica of the dress Grace Kelly wore in the 1955 film To Catch a Thief – a parallel that raised eyebrows, given Donald Trump’s current legal battles and his claims about the 2020 election flight.

Ivanka shared photos from Tiffany’s big day at Mar-a-Lago, with their dad Donald Trump walking his daughter down the aisle under a pastel-hued floral arch, and with the pastel-hued wedding party.

And one photo in particular caught the eye.

Tiffany, in her sparkling Elie Saab gown, was center stage with her mauve-clad mother Marla Maples to her right, next to her sister-in-law Lara Trump in a shimmering gold dress. To Tiffany’s left were her mother-in-law Melania Trump, in a gold dress, and Ivanka in her baby blue dress.

Next to Ivanka was Guilfoyle, all in black.

But in photos shared by Ivanka on social media, Guilfoyle had been cropped.

The Original Photo Showed Tiffany Trump Surrounded By Pastel-Clad Family Members — All But One.  Left To Right: Tiffany's Sister-In-Law, Lara Trump;  His Mother Marla Maples;  Tiffany Trump;  His Stepmother Melania Trump;  His Half-Sister Ivanka Trump;  Don Jr's Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle

The original photo showed Tiffany Trump surrounded by pastel-clad family members — all but one. Left to right: Tiffany’s sister-in-law, Lara Trump; his mother Marla Maples; Tiffany Trump; his stepmother Melania Trump; his half-sister Ivanka Trump; Don Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle

Ivanka Shared A Cropped Photo On Twitter, With The Cropped Black-Clad Guilfoyle

Ivanka shared a cropped photo on Twitter, with the cropped black-clad Guilfoyle

Ivanka Trump Cuts Kimberly Guilfoyle - Dressed In Black - From Tiffany's Wedding Photos

“In many cases, especially here in the United States, wearing black to a wedding has been seen as a fashion faux pas, as the color black is commonly associated with mourning,” said etiquette expert Elaine Swann. wedding, in an interview with Brides magazine. year.

But, she added, the color was gaining acceptance among modern brides.

“It’s completely acceptable for a woman to wear a black dress to a wedding,” Swann said.

“Always avoid wearing clothes that are too low-cut, too short or too tight.”

It is not known if Tiffany asked her guests to wear pastel colors.

Swann said if a bride makes such a request, it should be strictly respected.

The Whole Family Had Gathered To Watch Tiffany, 29, Say

The whole family had gathered to watch Tiffany, 29, say “yes” to billionaire Michael Boulos, 25. The happy couple are pictured here with Tiffany’s mother Marla Maples, who donned a lavender Elie Saab dress, and her father, former President Donald Trump

Trump Smiled As He Walked His Daughter Down The Aisle On Her Big Day, With Tiffany Beaming In Her Elie Saab Dress

Trump smiled as he walked his daughter down the aisle on her big day, with Tiffany beaming in her Elie Saab dress

Tiffany Is Seen Moments Before She Gets Married In Her Wedding Dress As Bridesmaid Ivanka Playfully Points Her Finger At Her

Tiffany is seen moments before she gets married in her wedding dress as bridesmaid Ivanka playfully points her finger at her

Exclusive Photos Show Tiffany Trump And Members Of Her Bridal Party Wearing Cornflower Blue Dresses For The Ceremony For The Former President's Daughter On Saturday

Exclusive photos show Tiffany Trump and members of her bridal party wearing cornflower blue dresses for the ceremony for the former president’s daughter on Saturday

Don Jr., 44, Brought His Longtime Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, 53, To His Younger Sister's Wedding, And Kimberly's Son Ronan, 16.  Guilfoyle Was Married To Ronan's Father, Eric Villency, From 2006 To 2009.

Don Jr., 44, brought his longtime girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, 53, to his younger sister’s wedding, and Kimberly’s son Ronan, 16. Guilfoyle was married to Ronan’s father, Eric Villency, from 2006 to 2009.

Don Jr Posted That His Five Children With Ex-Wife Vanessa Did Well In The Extravagant Wedding

Don Jr posted that his five children with ex-wife Vanessa did well in the extravagant wedding

Guilfoyle, 53, a former Fox News host, has been dating Don Jr, 44, since 2018.

The couple got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2020.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner and Guilfoyle and Trump Jr live in Florida, with their homes just 80 miles apart.

Ivanka and Kushner build a house in Indian Creek near Miami; Trump Jr and Guilfoyle bought a $9.7 million home in Jupiter, north of West Palm Beach.

But we don’t think they are close.

Ivanka and her husband are said to be “done” with Washington DC and have no plans to return to the White House if Trump runs again and wins.

Guilfoyle and Trump Jr, meanwhile, remain extremely active on the campaign scene and are said to be encouraging Trump to seek a second term.

The women also have a very different style: Ivanka is diplomatic and reserved, while Guilfoyle, famous for his frowning speeches, is flamboyant and outspoken.

It’s unclear if they were sitting next to each other at the wedding or spending time together.

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