Kerala Congress leader irkes Allied Muslim League with Nehru-RSS remark

Kerala Congress leader irkes Allied Muslim League with Nehru-RSS remark
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Senior IUML official MK Muneer criticized Mr Sudhakaran for his remarks.


Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) chief K Sudhakaran said on Monday that India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a great leader who showed “magnanimity” to include RSS leader Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. in his cabinet, drawing sharp criticism from the Muslim League, a key congressional partner. (IUML) and the current CPI(M). Mr Sudhakaran made the remarks while addressing a Children’s Day program organized by the Kannur DCC to celebrate the anniversary of Nehru’s birth, days after he revealed he had protected the shakhas RSS decades ago, irritating the Muslim League.

“The generous gesture he (Nehru) made to include Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, an RSS leader, in his cabinet; his magnanimity to align himself with communal fascism…the leader who showed the nation the great values ​​of democracy… We have to learn a lot from Nehru, we have to understand a lot from him, you have to read and learn about him to know his mind,” the KPCC leader said.

Mr Sudhakaran also said that Nehru had given responsibility for drafting the Constitution to Dr BR Ambedkar, who was not a Congress leader.

Nehru also made Ambedkar his government’s Minister of Justice. Mukherjee was enthroned Minister of Industry and Supply by Nehru in the caretaker government he had formed after independence. Mukherjee left the government in 1951 and founded Bharatiya Jana Sangh, the political wing of the RSS. He was the founding chairman of Jana Sangh, considered the prior avatar of the BJP.

While senior IUML official MK Muneer slammed Mr Sudhakaran for his remarks, accusing him of trying to ‘provoke a lot and please the fascists’, the ruling CPI(M) and Minister in leader Pinarayi Vijayan, in separate statements, criticized the KPCC leader, alleging that he was trying to take the Congress under the tent of the Sangh Parivar. “If Sudhakaran made such remarks, he definitely didn’t read the story completely,” Muneer told reporters in Kozhikode.

He said Nehru’s first election victory was against fascist forces like the Hindu Maha Sabha.

Mr Muneer, who had also served as a minister in previous Congress-led UDF governments, said a meeting of IUML leaders would be held on November 16 and issues raised by Mr Sudhakaran could also be discussed.

Angered by M.’s remarks, the IUML chief also claimed that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who participates in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, has made it clear that Congress members who have pro-SSR thinking should leave the left.

Accusing the KPCC chief of trying to ‘whitewash’ the RSS, that too on Children’s Day when the country remembers Jawaharlal Nehru, Mr Vijayan sought to know why he is making such efforts.

Hailing Nehru as a true secular leader, the veteran Marxist said Nehru, in a letter sent to chief ministers on December 7, 1947, explained the nature of the danger posed by the RSS. In another letter, he had warned against claims that the RSS was not a political organization, he said.

He alleged that Congress had always had communitarians and RSS supporters like that of Mr Sudhakaran’s mindset.

Mr. Vijayan claimed that Mukherjee had been appointed minister, succumbing to pressure from such people in Congress.

By comparing Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Dr Ambedkar, Mr Sudhakaran not only twisted the story but also insulted Dr Ambdekar, the CM said.

In a statement, the State Secretariat of the CPI(M) urged the national leadership of the Congress and the UDF to clarify their position on Mr. Sudhakaran’s remarks.

“The other day, he had also openly stated that he had protected the RSS shakhas. Instead of correcting these pro-RSS positions, Sudhakaran again tries to justify his position by even portraying Jawaharlal Nehru as a leader allied to the forces communal fascists”, alleged the IPC(M).

Earlier today, the Muslim League expressed reservations about Mr Sudhakaran’s revelation that he gave “protection” to the RSS shakhas decades ago.

Mr. Muneer said that in view of the differences of opinion within the Congress on various issues concerning the Left Front, a high-level meeting of the UDF should be organized to discuss these issues and then come up with a position. common.

Mr. Muneer said his party expects Congress to have an internal discussion on what Mr. Sudhakaran said and the reasons given by him for his actions.

“Therefore, any action on this (Mr. Sudhakaran’s statement) rests with Congress,” Muneer said.

He also clarified that there was “no doubt” that “there should be no attempt to legitimize RSS by words or actions”.

Mr Sudhakaran recently courted controversy by saying that when he was in the Congress (Organization) decades ago, he sent his men to “protect” some RSS shakhas in the state.

At a conference in Kannur, he said that the CPI(M) had tried to destroy the shakhas when they were launched in places like Edakkad, Thottada and Kizhunna here, and he had sent people to “protect it “to be destroyed by leftist cadres.

The Congress (Organization) came into being after the split in 1969 of the Congress party. The Congress (O) then merged with the Janata Party.

Mr. Sudhakaran also made it clear that his actions at the time were not due to affiliation with right-wing groups, but guided by his belief that all parties, including the RSS, have the right to operate in a country. democratic.

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