Pigeon killing pensioner hit-and-run is caught on CCTV [Video]

Pigeon killing pensioner hit-and-run is caught on CCTV [Video]
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Pensioner’s PIGEON hit and run caught on CCTV: ‘Animal lover’ moment runs over bird in mobility buggy then smashes it to death with his stick

  • Melville Shelders, 67, shot a pigeon on a street in Norwich last Monday
  • With his cane, he hit the bird and killed it before leaving
  • He has since claimed he is an ‘animal lover’ and puts him out of his misery



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A pensioner who knocked over a pigeon with his mobility scooter and then killed it with his stick has been caught on CCTV.

Melville Shalders, 67, claimed he was an ‘animal lover’ and was just putting him out of his misery.

On camera, he appeared to veer towards the bird, mowing it down with his blue buggy on a pedestrian street in Norwich last Monday.

He then continued at about 4 mph before stopping to inspect the bird, which is seen injured and flapping its wings.

Shalders said it was an accident and he was sorry: “I only did it because the pigeon was in a lot of pain.”

He added that he loved animals so much that he worked at an animal sanctuary, according to The Sun.

A second video also emerged showing the pensioner hitting the pigeon’s head with his cane until the bird died.

Melville Shelders Can Be Seen On Cctv Running Over A Pigeon In A Pedestrianized Street In Norwich Last Monday

Melville Shelders can be seen on CCTV running over a pigeon in a pedestrianized street in Norwich last Monday

The Pensioner Continues On His Buggy At About 4 Mph.  He Then Stops After Realizing He Has Hit Something

The pensioner continues on his buggy at about 4 mph. He then stops after realizing he has hit something

Shalders has since received backlash from a local pigeon protection group, Peck Savers.

One member posted on Facebook: ‘We are not asking anyone to like pigeons, just to have basic respect and decency towards their existence, as you should any sentient animal.

According to the group, Norwich Police have since registered the incident as the killing of a wild bird under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

The 67-Year-Old Is Seen Checking On The Pigeon And In A Second Video He Kills It With His Cane By Crushing Its Head

The 67-year-old is seen checking on the pigeon and in a second video he kills it with his cane by crushing its head

The Pigeon Protection Group Were Outraged By The Incident And Questioned Whether It Was An Accident

The pigeon protection group were outraged by the incident and questioned whether it was an accident


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