Courtney Clenney blew over a million dollars after stabbing Christian Obumseli

Courtney Clenney, who murdered her boyfriend, went to Texas and bought a $1.35 million house.
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She took the money and ran away.

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney bought a lavish Texas home down the street from her parents for $1.35 million shortly after she fatally stabbed her boyfriend in Miami, The Post has learned.

Clenney dipped into his $3 million in OnlyFans earnings to nab the 3,080-square-foot Austin hillside home with a pool and hot tub on June 17, records show.

The purchase came two and a half months after the social media star stabbed cryptocurrency trader Christian Obumseli on April 3, severing an artery and resulting in his death.

Her father, Kim Clenney, testified in court Thursday that his troubled daughter fled Miami — where she was doling out $10,000 a month for a luxury condo — to be near her family after the murder.

The beautiful suburban residence, featuring four bedrooms, four bathrooms, as well as media and games rooms, is just down the road from her mother and father’s house.

Courtney Clenney, who is charged with murdering her boyfriend, went to Texas and bought a $1.35 million house.
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Located in Lake Pointe, the spread also features “a view and three decks surrounded by incredible oak trees for endless outdoor fun!” according to the list.

The house was initially priced at $1,150,000 before Clenney made an overpriced purchase for $1,350,000 less than a month after it went on the market.

However, just two months after signing the deal, Clenney was arrested for the murder of Obumseli while in rehab in Hawaii in August.

An Inside Look At The Lavish Accused Austin Home The Onlyfans Killer Bought After Fleeing Miami.
The home, located just down the street from Courtney Clenney’s parents, is 3,080 square feet.
Keller Williams Real Estate Austin
The purchase of the house took place two and a half months after the assault.
Keller Williams Real Estate Austin

In a motion arguing against bail, the Miami State’s Attorney’s Office said Clenney earned $1,806,003 from OnlyFans in 2021 and $966,692 in 2020.

She brought in an additional $327,221 through August this year before the site closed her account.

Clenney claims she killed Obumseli in self-defense and that he had subjected her to abuse and mistreatment long before the fatal confrontation.

Austin's Abode Has Both A Swimming Pool And A Hot Tub.
Austin’s abode has both a swimming pool and a hot tub.
Keller Williams Real Estate Austin

But prosecutors dismissed that portrayal, saying Clenney was clearly the aggressor in their volatile relationship and killed Obumseli in a fit of rage.

The Miami State’s Attorney’s Office said Clenney stabbed Obumseli in the leg in a previous fight, called him the n-word during arguments and once threatened to kill him.

Clenney’s defense attorneys argue that further evidence will show she acted in self-defense and are pushing for her to be released on bail.

The Scene Of The Fatal Stabbing.

The scene of the fatal stabbing.

Clenney Scene After The Fatal Stabbing.

Clenney scene after the fatal stabbing.

The Knife Used For Stabbing.

The knife used for stabbing.

Footage Shows Courtney Clenney, 26, Attacking Christian Obumseli, 27, Two Months Before Killing Him In Miami.
Courtney Clenney fatally stabbed her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, on April 3.
Miami-Dade State’s Attorney’s Office

Citing his prior OnlyFans earnings and motive for leaking, prosecutors oppose a bond deal.

A Miami judge is expected to rule on the matter early next month after both sides presented their cases this week.

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