Home News Father rushes men accused of killing daughter on road

Father rushes men accused of killing daughter on road

Father rushes men accused of killing daughter on road
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A father rushed suspects charged in the 2020 murder of his daughter on Tuesday as they sat in a courtroom in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Caitlyn Kaufman, 26, a nurse, was fatally shot along Interstate 440 on her way to work, WSMV reported Tuesday.

Rick Kaufman, the young woman’s father, walked towards Davaunte Hill and James Cowan, the suspects who allegedly killed her on December 3, 2020.

Screams were heard inside the courtroom as Kaufman approached the men. However, a man in a blue jacket intercepted him.

Two other officials approached when Kaufman told them, “I’m calm, I’m calm.” One of the men escorting him out of the courtroom said to the others, “Sweet, sweet. Get out,” as they led him through the doors and down the hallway beyond.

According to the WSMV report, Kaufman remained outside the courtroom for the rest of the hearing while Diane Kaufman, the victim’s mother, kept her seat and was visibly moved.

Posted by Caitlyn Kaufman on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

During the hearing, Staff Sgt. Chris Dickerson explained what police found when they arrived at the scene from the highway, saying a parks officer saw what he initially believed to be wreckage and approached the car.

However, he saw bullet holes in the vehicle and a person collapsed on the steering wheel. The man parked in front of his car before calling for help. He noted that the vehicle was still rolling and the victim’s foot remained on the brake pedal, Dickerson said.

“The police also explained how they found out who killed Kaufman. They said a man traded guns with Hill, turned himself in to police for a cash reward, and Hill was arrested. This man was also a confidential informant for the Metropolitan Police, a position he no longer holds,” the WSMV report continued.

According to NewsChannel 5, police say the young woman was killed in a “road rage incident.”

Now the suspects involved face life sentences.

In the years since the incident, a crime wave has swept the country and murders will increase in President Joe Biden’s America (D) if the crime wave continues to grow at last year’s pace, according to a recent Just Facts study.

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