German producers warn of meat shortages – Die Welt – RT Business News

German producers warn of meat shortages – Die Welt – RT Business News
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Supply bottlenecks expected within four to six months, news outlet reports, citing industry group

Germany could face a meat shortage and soaring prices in the next four to six months, Die Welt reported this week, citing the German Meat Industry Association (VDF).

In four, five, six months we will have empty spaces on the shelvesHubert Kelliger, group sales manager at meat distributor Westfleisch and member of the VDF board, told the media.

According to Kelliger, the worst shortages are expected in the pork supply. He says Berlin insists on halving the number of cattle to protect the climate. However, experts say this would lead to mass closures of meat production companies, which in turn would lead to a 40% increase in the price of meat.

The reduction in livestock could also lead to a decrease in the supply of natural fertilizers, leading to lower vegetable yields or higher production costs due to high prices of artificial fertilizers. Either situation would aggravate the food crisis in Germany.

While meat industry representatives note that vegetarianism and veganism have become increasingly popular in the country in recent years, they say that more than 90% of people still buy and eat meat. .
Germany is increasingly relying on meat imports rather than domestic production. The share of beef and pork products from abroad has increased in recent months, and the country is currently the largest meat importer in Europe, according to VDF.

Inflation in Germany at highest since reunification

VDF experts say Berlin is making the same mistake turning to meat imports as it does with energy – growing import dependence could bring the risk of a food crisis at the same time as the crisis energy. Kelliger says the only way to avoid this is to be self-sufficient in meat production.

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