Moscow calls Warsaw ban on FM travel ‘unprecedented’ — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Moscow calls Warsaw ban on FM travel 'unprecedented' — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union
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By refusing entry to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Poland discredited itself, says Russia

Warsaw’s decision to bar Moscow’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov from attending an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) ministerial meeting in Lodz next month is unacceptable and provocative, said the Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

The statement came a day after Warsaw confirmed that it would deny entry to EU-sanctioned Russian officials, including Lavrov.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, through this “original and provocative” movement, Warsaw, which currently chairs the OSCE, has “not only discredited himself, but also caused irreparable damage to the authority of the entire Organization.”

Throughout its presidency, Poland has been “destroy with enthusiasm” the foundations of the OSCE, including “consensual culture” said the ministry, and the “Unacceptable attack on Russia” represents the culmination of this “anti-presidency”.

Russian Delegation Denied Visas

Pointing out that Poland has also refused entry to Russian officials for the organization’s autumn meeting, the ministry said that Warsaw and its Western allies “are pushing the OSCE into the abyss.

“We are confident that all sensible politicians share Russia’s view on the unacceptability of such actions and will evaluate them on a principled basis,” he added. he added.

Ahead of the July OSCE meeting in Birmingham, UK, British authorities, in line with sanctions imposed on Moscow over its military operation in Ukraine, also refused visas for members of the Russian delegation.

Moscow has participated in the OSCE since the Soviet Union signed the organization’s first agreement – ​​the Helsinki Accords – in 1975. Its monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine began in 2014, but has was withdrawn just before the start of the Russian offensive. Moscow had repeatedly accused the mission of ignoring violations committed by kyiv.

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