The CTA Holiday Train and Bus are back for the season. Here’s when and where to take a ride – NBC Chicago

The CTA Holiday Train and Bus are back for the season. Here's when and where to take a ride - NBC Chicago
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It’s officially Christmas time in Chicago, which also means the return of CTA’s beloved holiday train and bus on multiple routes across the city.

According to the CTA, the Allstate CTA vacation fleet takes off on November 25, with the 2022 debut of the CTA vacation train rushing through the snow.

A six-car train will appear, fully decorated with holiday scenes, countless twinkling lights and festive LED signs.

Nor will Santa Claus and his reindeer miss the occasion, who will roll outside alongside the train, waving to children and families from one train track to the next.

All eight CTA rail routes and 16 CTA bus routes will be served by the holiday fleet.

The holiday train will enter service on the green line on November 25 and will make its last journey on the yellow line on December 19.

The Holiday Bus will make its first run on Milwaukee Route #56 on Nov. 29-30, with a Dec. 23 run on #J14 Jeffery Jump acting as the final run in the 2022 Holiday fleet.

Here’s a look at when and where the CTA Holiday Train and Bus will be running during the holiday season:

CTA Holiday Train timetable:

  • November 25: Green line
  • November 26: Green line
  • November 29: Green line
  • November 30: Orange, brown lines
  • 1st December : Orange, brown lines
  • December 2: Orange, brown lines
  • December 3: Orange, brown lines
  • December 6: Red line
  • December 7: purple line
  • December 8: Red line
  • December 9: purple line
  • December 10: Red line
  • December 13: pink line
  • December 14: pink line
  • December 15: blue line
  • December 16: blue line
  • December 17: blue line
  • December 19: yellow line

CTA Party Bus timetable:

From November 29, the CTA Holiday Bus will travel these 16 routes:

  • #56 Milwaukee: 29, 30 Nov.
  • #91Austin: 1st December
  • #92 Favor: 1st December
  • #22Clark: December 2
  • #97 Skokie: December 3
  • #74 Fullerton: December 6
  • #66Chicago: December 7, December 8
  • #126 Jackson: December 9
  • #12Roosevelt: December 10
  • #62 Archer: December 13
  • #49 Western, #X49 Western Express: December 14, December 15
  • #3 King Drive: December 16, December 17
  • #79 79th: December 20
  • #28 Stony Island: December 21
  • #29 Status: December 22
  • #J14 Jump Jeffrey: December 23

Outside the bus, “Ralphie the Reindeer” will greet residents, and inside passengers will find a miniature village, Christmas lights and festive seating.

Finally, Mr. Claus himself will climb to the top of the bus, ready to deliver toys.

Here’s how to follow the holiday bus. Normal CTA rates apply.

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