Wayne Rooney calls Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘fantastic player’ in classy response to ex-Manchester United team-mate despite looking ‘rat’, but says he’s not coping well with aging

Wayne Rooney calls Cristiano Ronaldo a 'fantastic player' in classy response to ex-Manchester United team-mate despite looking 'rat', but says he's not coping well with aging
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Wayne Rooney said Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments in his interview were “strange”, but called his former team-mate “fantastic”.

The pair clashed last week after Ronaldo responded to Rooney telling him to ‘keep your head down’ and not be an ‘unwanted distraction’ on talkSPORT.

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Ronaldo made some stunning claims in his interview with Morgan – including a dig at former teammate Rooney

Now Rooney Has Given A Measured Response To Ronaldo's Remarks


Now Rooney has given a measured response to Ronaldo’s remarks

Clearly not taking Rooney’s remarks well, Ronaldo told Piers Morgan: “I don’t know why he criticizes me so badly…probably because he’s finished his career and I’m still playing at a high level.

“I’m not going to say that I look better than him. What is true…”

Now Rooney appears to have extinguished the spat with his former Manchester United team-mate, as he responded in class to Ronaldo’s fiery comments.

“Cristiano is a fantastic player and as I said before him and [Lionel] Messi are probably the two best players to ever play the game,” Rooney told CNN at the Dubai World Football Awards on Thursday.

“Again, that’s not a criticism, what I said is that age comes to all of us and Cristiano obviously feels that and he struggles to deal with that.

“Obviously he did an interview that went global.

Rooney And Ronaldo Formed A Key Partnership At United During Their Five Seasons Together, But Are No Longer


Rooney and Ronaldo formed a key partnership at United during their five seasons together but are no longer ‘friends’

“It’s strange some of the comments in there, but I’m sure Manchester United will deal with it once they’ve seen the full interview and take all necessary action.”

Further oil was added to the fire as Morgan’s full interview with Ronaldo was published Wednesday and Thursday on TalkTV.

When asked by Morgan if he has more Instagram followers or money in the bank in an effort to ‘make Rooney hate him even more’, Ronaldo replied: ‘Well, not only him, imagine the rest of the rats who will criticize him too!”

But after Rooney’s measured response on Thursday night, it appears for now that the white flag has been waved in the Red Devils legends’ public disagreement.

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Wayne Rooney Calls Cristiano Ronaldo A 'Fantastic Player' In Classy Response To Ex-Manchester United Team-Mate Despite Looking 'Rat', But Says He's Not Coping Well With Aging


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