A ‘surprising’ rise in ketamine is coming and it’s being used ‘in cocktail’ with fentanyl

A 'surprising' rise in ketamine is coming and it's being used 'in cocktail' with fentanyl
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During portions of an interview with Fox News broadcast on Friday’s “America’s Newsroom” program, John F. Kennedy International Airport Port Manager for Customs and Border Protection, Sal Ingrassia said there was a “surprising” increase in the amount of ketamine coming. and he’s worried not just about the large amount, but “that it’s being used in a cocktail-like format with other drugs like fentanyl.”

Ingrassia said: “The uptick has been surprising in how much ketamine is coming in. We know it’s used as a party drug. Ketamine was originally – the original purpose was a tranquilizer for horses. That’s what ketamine was for, and now they’ve found ways to use it as a drug. And it’s really concerning when you see a large amount like that and it’s concerning that it’s used in a cocktail type format with other drugs like fentanyl.

Ingrassia also said, “The problem is that it’s used as a cocktail with other drugs.” And “If it’s mixed with fentanyl, obviously it becomes deadly.”

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