ABC’s Hostin accuses Tucker Carlson of doxxing her – but featured a 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom mansion in People magazine years earlier

ABC's Hostin accuses Tucker Carlson of doxxing her - but featured a 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom mansion in People magazine years earlier
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To hear ABC View co-host Sunny Hostin says she’s the victim of Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

According to Hostin, Carlson threatened her personal safety by suggesting that Hostin was hypocritical, given her push for gun control while living in a 1920s Tudor mansion.

A review of Carlson’s broadcasts over the years showed his only mention of Hostin’s house came on his March 21, 2021 broadcast.

Carlson mocked the outspoken Hostin, who claimed to feel like a “hostage” days earlier for exercising the Second Amendment.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Democrats in Congress aren’t the only ones pushing for gun control, the women of “The View” agree. TV talk show host Sunny Hostin has no doubt been a bodyguard she lives in a 10 bedroom 10 bathroom mansion wants you to know owning a gun makes her feel like she’s taken Held hostage.


SUNNY HOSTIN, HOST, “THE VIEW”: It’s not freedom because I feel like a hostage right now. I feel like a hostage to selfish people who insist on owning these types of weapons. It’s not freedom in this country.

You are not a patriot because you think you have the right to possess this type of weapon. You are not a patriot. You should take care of your fellow Americans.


CARLSON: Okay, mansion lady, if you’re so worried about this, why don’t you disarm your bodyguards? Those who live with you, those who work and tell us how you like living in this country which, thanks to your ideas, is becoming more and more chaotic and dangerous without any guns around to protect you.

Oh, you don’t want to do that. You want to lecture the rest of us selfish gun owners who are holding you hostage. It’s quite fun.

Earlier this month, Hostin was a guest on the “Just Jenny” podcast (pertinent remarks at 4:00 a.m.) and claimed Carlson was the reason she needed extra security for her home.

“[I] have somehow overtaken Joy [Behar] as a right-wing target on Fox News,” Hostin said. “Tucker Carlson decided, in a way, to release my home address. I have security now. I have all these things. You know, I have doors and cameras and things, a kid like me from the Bronx who has her parents living with her and has a kid in college who comes home all the time because she misses her home, and a kid in high school – it’s pretty shocking, actually.

However, long before Carlson’s remarks in 2021, Hostin’s home was the subject of an April 11, 2018, People magazine article that included a video tour of the home.

The article, titled “Sunny Hostin of ‘The View’ Gives a Tour of His Historic Mansion Previously Owned by the Lehman Family,” offered specific details about the so-called “10-bedroom, 10-bathroom palatial estate” in Purchase, NEW YORK.

The house was originally built for the late Governor of New York State, Herbert H. Lehman. In Ana Calderone’s People story, Hostin brags about the high-profile nature of his home in the hamlet of Purchase in Westchester County, New York.

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