Biden officials ‘don’t want China to be the bad guy’ — Wray, Biden don’t act on Chinese police stations in US

Biden officials 'don't want China to be the bad guy' -- Wray, Biden don't act on Chinese police stations in US
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On Friday’s show of Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe slammed FBI Director Christopher Wray for “doing nothing” about Chinese police stations in the United States. and President Joe Biden for not raising the issue during his meeting with Xi Jinping. Ratcliffe also argued that many in the Biden administration don’t want China to be seen as bad.

Ratcliffe said: “What these transnational police stations are really about. It’s a way for the Chinese Communist Party to keep an eye on its own citizens, to influence them, to intimidate them, and sometimes to blackmail them. The real problem with that is that I heard FBI Director Wray asked about this in a hearing the other day, and he said, I’m very concerned about this. But he does nothing. This is a flagrant violation of international law. This is a flagrant violation of American sovereignty. With the testimony of Chinese nationals he might request, the Department of Justice should seek an injunction. Listen, do you think the Chinese Communist Party would let the United States set up a police station outside of Beijing? »

He added, “Why isn’t this administration doing so much when it comes to China? And so many in this administration see China, as they describe it, as a competitor or a threat rather than an adversary. They don’t want China to be the bad guy, Larry. It’s not just true in Washington, it’s true on Wall Street, it’s true in Silicon Valley, it’s true in Hollywood. But it’s episodes like this that really underscore just how sinister and persuasive China’s information warfare and influence campaign is against the United States.

Ratcliffe also noted the absence of the question from reading Biden’s meeting with Xi earlier in the week at the White House.

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