My kids bought their aunt dinner and my mom freaked out

She say she's my girl but she don't act like it
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DEAR ABBY: Recently my three grown children chipped in to send their aunt dinner for her birthday.

She is 79 years old and needs nothing; she doesn’t even come out. Financially, she is in good shape.

They placed the order, and it came to $95. Well, Abby, my elderly mother has gone crazy! She thought it was too little to spend on their aunt.

I think my children were very caring. They are all trying to build their lives. One has two children, a house and a mortgage. The other just got engaged and is saving up for the wedding. The third is to save for one’s future.

My mother thinks her grandchildren should give her gifts and money. I think she should expect money from her own children, not grandchildren.

I hung up on her when she attacked my kids. She still thinks she’s right. Your thoughts?


DEAR LIVING: Was Auntie satisfied with the meal?

Your mom may think she’s always right, but she was wrong to criticize the amount your kids spent on their aunt’s dinner. That she announces that she is expecting gifts and money from them is beyond presumption. The decision of what to give is up to the giver, not the receiver.

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