Pregnant dog beaten to death in Delhi, dragged through field

Pregnant dog beaten to death in Delhi, dragged through field
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The 15-minute video containing footage of the torture and murder went viral on Saturday.

New Delhi:

About 25 students and staff believed to belong to the Don Bosco Technical Institute in South East Delhi allegedly ganged up on a pregnant street dog and bludgeoned her to death after torturing her, police said on Saturday. responsible.

After video of the gruesome murder that happened in a park surfaced on social media, New Friends Colony police filed an FIR about it.

According to the complaint, two brothers from the institute were also present on the instructions of senior staff.

The disturbing video shows a group of all-male students cornering the frightened dog inside a tin shed on the institute’s campus which one student enters with a cane in hand, and the remaining students the encourage from outside, they said.

The 15-minute video containing gruesome footage of the animal’s torture and murder went viral on Saturday with activists and dog lovers seeking strict action against the defendants, believed to be students at the institute located in Ohla.

Later, one of the crowd could be seen dragging the dog through what was reported to be the college compound.

The gruesome act surfaced days after another video from Ghaziabad showed three people killing a dog by grotesquely hanging it. The defendants in this incident were held in a case by the police after a complaint.

“It’s horrible to see such brutality from young students that you can see laughing beating an expectant mother to death,” said Ambika Shukla, administrator, PFA.

Scientific studies have shown that animal cruelty is dangerous because it escalates into violence against women and children, she said.

“In time, the intoxication of abusing a helpless animal wears off and imposing its power, such abusers, then prey on women and children,” she said.

Shukla said there are many studies that show an overlap between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse.

“Today’s animal abusers are tomorrow’s serial killers. That’s why it’s so important for society to take every case of animal abuse seriously.

“These boys must be expelled from the university and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The institution must be severely penalized because not only its students but also its staff are implicated,” she said.

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