Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff reveal the gender of baby #2

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff reveal the gender of baby #2
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Sadie Robertson is pregnant with baby No. 2

sadie roberston adds another daughter to his family dynasty.

The duck dynasty star and husband christian huff shared on November 18, they are expecting a baby girl. In a video posted to both of their Instagrams, the couple reunites with friends and family for an outdoor gender reveal party.

“It’s definitely going to be a girl,” predicts Christian, wearing a pink shirt and pink sneakers, in the clip. “Everyone here is a team boy, but it will definitely be a girl.”

The 4.8 Men the podcast host soon discovers he’s right as Sadie throws a ball at him. He hits it with a baseball bat, causing it to explode into a pink cloud.

The couple captioned the video, “WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!”

Christian also shared a clip showing his grand slam from another angle, writing, “When you get so excited you have another girl but then you watch the video and realize you knocked her down and potentially hit a double 6-4-3 play.”


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